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The Best Natural Health Food: 180 Nutrition Superfood Protein Blend

You want to live your best life and give yourself the most optimum advantage healthwise. One of the most effective ways to do this is to get adequate protein every day.

This can sometimes be a difficult proposition with our busy and hectic lifestyles. It can be a challenge to find natural health food that is actually healthy.

That does not diminish the need your body has for daily protein, rather it makes it even more important.

Protein supplies the building blocks needed for bone, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

Protein is key to the body’s ability to build and repair muscle tissue.

Protein is soluble, and because of this, it is not stored in our bodies, but must be replenished daily.

The body uses what it receives, but is not able to create or store protein. This is why you must provide yourself with enough protein each day.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

It can be confusing to know exactly how much protein you need each day, as you will get conflicting information.

Most health experts agree that:

  • A baby will need about 10 grams per day
  • School-age children need 19 – 34 grams per day
  • Teenage boy will need up to 52 grams per day
  • Adult men will need 56 grams per day
  • Adult women and teenage girls will need 46 grams per day
  • If a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, she will need 71 grams per day

As a general rule, you should get 10% of your daily calories, but not more than 35%, from protein, according to the Institute of Medicine.

How Do You Get The Protein You Need?

Now that you know how essential daily intake of protein is, how do you go about achieving this daily level with all of your other obligations and challenges that life brings each day?

Using the 180 Nutrition Superfood Protein Powder Blend will give you all the protein you need daily in an easy to use, delicious powder blend.

How To Do A “180” To Better Health

The Australian-based health and wellness company, 180 Nutrition, will help you do a “180” towards better health.

Not only will the 180 Protein Superfood protein blend give you all the protein you need daily, but it also does not contain any fillers, it is a natural health food.

The 180 blend contains just fiber, proteins, and good fats, which are made without sugar, thickeners, preservatives, or processed ingredients.

No Chemicals, No Fillers

Unlike other protein mixes, the 180 mix contains just 12 ingredients.

They include flaxseed, grass-fed whey protein isolate, sunflower kernels, almond meal, cocoa (in the chocolate flavor) coconut flour/shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, psyllium husks, stevia, and inactive brewer’s yeast.

If you prefer, 180 has a vegan-friendly blend that uses pea protein isolate instead of whey. Both protein mixes come in chocolate and coconut.

Combining nutritious wholefood ingredients with grass-fed whey protein, 180 Superfood protein blend is a delicious real food blend that is suitable for the whole family.

The protein blend will provide energy and nourishment without adding chemicals to your diet, making it a natural health food.

Easy To Use

It is fantastic for those busy mornings or as a quick and healthy meal when you are on the run.

Mix a serving of superfood with either milk or water and drink that way. Make a smoothie by adding fruit or vegetables and blending.

180 superfood protein mix can also be used in place of flour when baking, to make nutritious snacks.

Add protein, healthy fats, and fiber to your breakfast bowl by putting 180 into your muesli or oats.

It is also great in yogurt or sprinkled over fruit. 180 Superfood protein blends will help to fill you up and not feel hungry an hour later.

Using this protein blend will help you maintain or lose weight. If wanting to lose weight, use the mix as a meal replacement.

If you get hungry during the day, use it as a delicious snack. Use 180 after your workout as a great recovery aid and for lean muscle development.

Because the 180 Superfood protein blend is 100% natural and has no sugar or colors, the blend is safe for children and will provide the protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals that growing children need.

It is not like the chemical-laden snacks that are on the grocery shelves today. 180 Nutrition uses grass-fed whey protein isolate without any milk solids.

Whey And Vegan Powders

Proteins are isolated from the rest of the dairy. There are some traces of lactose in the blend, although many lactose-intolerant customers have enjoyed the 180 whey protein without incident.

However, if you prefer, or if you have anyone in your family that cannot tolerate dairy or whey protein, use the vegan version. The vegan version is 100% dairy-free.

Here are some of the benefits of 180 Nutrition Superfood Protein Blend.

The 180 Nutrition Company

Founded in January of 2010, 180 Nutrition was created by two men, Guy and Stu. Guy was a fitness trainer working at the University of Technology in Sydney.

As with many of us, Guy was frustrated by the conflicting and contradictory nutritional information he was given.

Stu comes from a creative background, and it was not long after meeting that the two men realized they had “an equal passion for true health and fitness.”

Guy and Stu’s journey began when a small charity that helped people with chronic diseases decided to use whole food nutrition and weight bearing exercise as their therapy.

When asked to help with supplementing after exercise recovery, they found that it was almost impossible to find a product that did not have chemicals, sweeteners and artificial flavoring.

Guy and Stu set out on a mission to make whole food health supplements, and to provide the best health information available.

Combining their knowledge and experience, they created 180 Nutrition.

Guy and Stu determined that they would reject the premise that it was alright to pack cheap fillers, synthetic additives, and artificial ingredients into products that were supposed to enhance health.

To this day, 180 Nutrition uses no filler ingredients. All of their ingredients are high-quality and nutritious and straight from nature.

When you visit the 180 Nutrition website, you will find their products, along with hundreds of podcasts that connect the world’s experts in health and nutrition via podcasting.

Their podcast,  The Health Sessions, is regularly in the top 10 iTunes charts and has over 2.5 million downloads.

The site also includes recipes using their Superfood Protein Blend in a variety of ways. Breads, breakfast, dessert, dinner, plant-based recipes, smoothies and snacks.

Here is one of their basic recipes from the 180 Nutrition website. It is from one of the founders, Stu and is The ONLY Smoothie I Make For Breakfast:

Stu:People often ask me what I throw into my morning smoothie and why I choose the ingredients I do. My answer is simple; breakfast needs to be quick, hassle-free, and more importantly, has to meet these 3 objectives:

1.    Keep me full from 7 am until lunchtime

2.    Nourish my gut while being easy on the digestive system

3.    Taste so delicious that I want it every single day

Ingredients (makes 1 BIG serve)


1.    Combine all the ingredients together in a blender and blend until smooth.

2.    Depending on the amount of water you use, you’ll either get a smoothie or a mousse. I like mine to be a little thicker and usually eat it with a spoon.

3.    Enjoy

Why These Ingredients?

The key to a filling and nourishing meal is to include protein, fat, and fiber and reduce the sugar content, this smoothie ticks all of those boxes. Think about these rules next time you are considering buying smoothie when out and about as many of them are simply loaded with sugar.

  • Coconut milk (full fat) – Healthy fats
  • Organic Plant Protein – Easily digestible & very tasty
  • Collagen Powder – Great for joints, bones, and gut
  • L-Glutamine Powder – Assists the healing of the gut
  • Banana – Tasty & source of fiber (if not too ripe)
  • Avocado – Healthy fats + makes the smoothie creamy
  • Raspberries – Good source of antioxidants
  • Turmeric – Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Cinnamon – Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Slippery Elm Powder – Soothes the gut
In Conclusion

You only have one life to live, and you should live it to the fullest. The way to do that is by living the healthiest life you possibly can. 

180 Nutrition Superfood Protein Blend will help you do just that.