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Make Your Weekend Awesome and Healthy with a Paintball Game

After a hectic week, the weekend is the light at the end of the tunnel, a chance for you to relax and enjoy the best ways possible. But these two days end up feeling too short, and it seems that you didn’t use it optimally and you’re back to Monday once more. What you need is a guide to show you how to make the most out of your weekend making sure that the 48 hours you have will be stretched and used as much as possible making you ready for another Monday and something to look forward to at the end of the week.

Paintball offers all the fun you will need for your weekends, it’s a fun filled team work activity that is also an exercise activity; all what you need for a perfect weekend.

Have you been looking for any activity that can take you off the treadmill but still gives you the same stress free exercise effect? Paintball is just what you need, it enables players encounter the full scope of developments like running, climbing, jumping, etc. 

The paintball gun is packed full with gelatin shells loaded with a special kind of paint that marks anyone that has been hit so, it’s an activity that gives you the thrill for survival and the glory of being a winner.

Weekends are instrumental in keeping fit, especially for workers that don’t have time during the week; the weekend is the only time to do all the healthy things they want to.

Health benefits of paintball

       1. Paintball adds a special touch to your weekend:

               Paintball is a type of exercise that isn’t too rigorous; it’s the perfect activity for you to keep fit. It provides an elective activity that gets you away from the dreary movements of a treadmill, paintball gives its users a full scope activities like running, dodging, squatting and climbing in a fun way. 

      2. It exercises the whole body:

              While playing paintball, the whole body is exercised. A whole lot of activities are critical for your survival; you must run, jump, evade and shoot to win. Paintball offers a progressive friendly approach to building their body in a manner that isn’t essentially workout. This is very important for its members that weren’t exercising previously; it gives them an easy way to catch up.

       3. It builds endurance:

While playing paintball, your body undergoes cardiovascular exercise which helps your perseverance levels which is a result of the time you spend on the field playing.

       4. Paintball increases all round body strength:

              Your arm, legs and center muscles are worked on when playing paintball. Paintball is created in a way that players have so much fun they don’t notice that they are working out. Whenever you go to the gym to work out, you can only focus on one muscle at a time, it’s either you’re running lifting weights etc all of these activities focuses on just one muscle section unlike paintball. Paintball and everyday life is similar, in our everyday life we work on all our muscles as they don’t work in seclusion so all your muscles are used the same way paintball affects the body.

Few ways paintball works on your muscles:

  • Your biceps, triceps and shoulders are all worked on when you hold up a marker for a while.
  • Paintball involves a lot of leg activities, climbing jumping crouching slithering are required which will work on your on your leg muscles
  • Your center muscles are worked on as a result of your whole body being worked out, it helps balance the entire body during all the running and climbing. Your center muscles are important in lifting, bowing bending or carrying things.

       5. Paintball creates the perfect social environment:

              Paintball improves cooperation and social interactions which can enhance administrative aptitudes. Team mates learn how to keep calm and think properly under tense situations bringing out the best in every player. Paintball makes it important for every player to interact with another which goes a long way in building self confidence and the ability to delegate roles.

        6. Paintball is good for weight loss and overall health:

               Paintball is well all rounded in the sense that it doesn’t just serve as an exercise but it also improves the rest circle and digestion. The intense activities performed in paintball result in the secretion of endorphins which raise your disposition, paintball reduces the risk of having heart ailments, circulatory strain, depression and it burn calories.

         7. It’s a major stress reliever:

               Playing a game of paintball is preferred when you want to vent out your anger or stress.

               The endorphins secreted during exercise also takes out mental pressure and brings a feeling of calmness and peace.

         8. Paintball builds your stamina:

              Paintball gun helps in adrenaline pumping and heart beating. Each time you exercise your heart  pumps blood faster which builds your stamina and burns fat.  With more stamina your body is able to perform longer which means you will be able to do more work without getting tired or the need for break.

          9. It builds teamwork and trust:

              Delegating duties to others may not be as easy as it sounds to some people but paintball helps with this. When playing paintball, members need to learn to trust their teammates to have their back and protect them and this will also be carried to other places like the office.

              Excellent cooperation is needed to play paintball; your team must put heads together and come up with strategies and a way to execute them that guarantee winning.