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How to Take Great Outdoor Family Pictures in Fall

You can take family pictures literally anywhere and at any time. After all, the majority of us have cell phones, but let’s face it: some cell phone cameras are better than others.  To get a quality finished product, your phone isn’t always the best device to use.  You might find that you like a digital camera to take that family photo, especially outdoors during fall, which happens to be one of the best times of the year for photos. Read on to figure out how to get that perfect shot before you gather your family with camera in hand!


Great Pictures During Fall

Photos are all about capturing both the season and your family’s amazing personalities. In this website, you'll find the best places to go to when taking Instagram-worthy photos with your loves ones. Fall is all about those beautiful leaves, lots of sports, and running over to the pumpkin patch for a little fun in the out of doors.

The real question is how to turn all of that into an amazing family photo that you’ll have forever.


Natural lighting really does make all the difference. With the change in the season, fall lighting can provide you with some perfect angles, as the sun sets earlier and all of angles change. There’s an earlier, golden hour, if you want to get outside and capture the warm glow of the setting sun.

To capture this image, head outside about an hour before the sun sets in your area. Enjoy spending time with your children out of doors,  just taking random shots of what they’re doing. Live shots are the best type.

Fall Colors

Family pictures in the fall is such a great idea, not just because of the weather, but also because of the colors. There’s no season that has such a wonderful mix of color with orange pumpkins, mix of green, yellow, and red leaves, and the blue sky above you. The best part is that it’s easy to take advantage of all these colors.

Dress your family in a good contrast color, one that will really make those background colors pop. Use a camera that will let you increase the saturation or vibrancy settings. You can even add in some saturation when you edit your images.

Seasonal Opportunities

The colors are a big part of the season, but don’t forget that fall is a time when there are lots of animals around too. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to include them in your pictures, although make sure to prioritize your safety when it comes to wildlife.

While you’re at it, do make sure that you remember to protect your equipment. It can begin to rain suddenly in the fall, so always be prepared to cover your camera.

Speaking of seasonal opportunities, don’t forget to do the classic leaf pile in your images. Think about using the leaves in a new way, like crumbling them in front of the camera or tossing them up in the air.


Perfect Shot

It can be difficult to get the absolute perfect shot, but there are a few shots that will provide you with a wonderful picture. Think about doing an overhead shot where you take the picture from above while your child or family member lies on the ground below. Colorful leaves underneath them will add some great texture and color.

Before you take your shot though, walk around to find just the right place. Look at the scene from every perspective to find the point of view that works for you. Use your subject to enhance the scene, and get close to the scenery and colors that you’re looking for. Don’t limit yourself: experiment with what’s around you.

Working with your Camera

You can set the scene and have everyone dressed up perfectly, but that won’t matter much if you are not familiar with how to use your camera. Knowing your camera and a few of it’s settings will help you take a much better shot.

First off, know that the aperture will set the depth of the field. The camera will work automatically to set the shutter speed for you, and you can also use a tripod to help the set the focus and provide stability. If you then set a shallow depth, it will help you focus on the main subject a little better.

Don’t be afraid to experiment either. When you’re taking photos, check the white balance, and adjust it depending on what you think looks better and what the weather is doing that day.

On sunny days, you might see softer colors. But depending on the weather, you’ll likely see some different results. The same is true with the ISO settings. On dark days, try a higher setting if you would like a bit of a grainier look.

Think about adding a few filters too. You can cut out morning mist or reflective glares with a polarizing filter. This filter will  deepen the blue of the sky too. If the sky is too bright, a graduated neutral density filter will help with the exposure and enable those fall colors stand out.

Why Fall is the Best Time to Take Family Pictures?

We’ve already established why fall might be the best possible time for you to take your photos. But if you’re not convinced, there are even more reasons why this season is the best season for outdoor pictures.

Fall Tones

Yes, there are lots of colors in the fall. That’s part of what makes this season so great to take your photos. not only are the colors spectacular, you can also make great use of those earthy tones.  Once you get a photo worth printing, there are many online options for having it turned into a work of art that will showcase the colors of your home.

Comfort Level

Fall clothing is a bonus for pictures that will not only look great, but is conducive to being outside for the picture taking process.  Temperatures are on the mild side, not too hot nor too cold.  usually perfect for spending the time out of doors that it might take to get that perfect shot.

Color Scheme

It’s easy to match your clothing to the fall colors, and to each other. If you’re taking a family photo, you’ll probably want everyone to have one similar accessory that matches, or one color that runs through the photo. It’s a good thing that there are so many layers and accessories that are available in the fall, which will help you to match while showing your individual style.

Outdoor Fun

Especially if you have kids, the fun part of taking photos is a bonus and fall is just fun! There are leaves to play around in, the weather is nice, and lots of opportunities for you to snap candid photos.

Outfits to Wear

There are so many amazing options when it comes to fall outfits. Start small, like with colors. Pick out a coordinating color that you can match up between everyone without making everyone wear the same outfit. Everyone should still have their own personalities shining through, after all.

You can help pick out those colors by thinking about the colors in your home and turning those photos into framed art on your walls. Maybe you’d like a little pop of color in your photos, or you want it to match the more neutral tones that you already have set up. Just try not to use too many patterns, which can end up being very distracting in your final images.

Think about the theme you’d like. For example, everyone might wear formal outfits or flannel, or some kind of similar accessory. You can easily go to a department store to find collections of clothing that are certainly all different, but that have something coordinating between them. This will pull large family photos together perfectly.





Shot stabilization is good and convenient for group shots

Fujifilm X100F
24.3MP APS-C

Classic, stylish design, has expanded focus lever



There’s a reason why Sony is such a well-known name when it comes to technology. Their RX100 is no exception. It has an optical zoom that you can use even during recording, and censors to help you get the perfect shot. You can continuously shoot up to 10 FPS. Make use of that pop-up electronic OLED viewfinder to get your family in the shot perfectly. Take it outside with you to take pictures all afternoon before you plug it in to charge at home. It’ll take about 230 minutes, but once it’s charged, it’ll be worth it.

You really do just point and shoot with this camera. It’s made with a steady shot stabilization to keep your fall outdoor shot perfect, with a rear control dial to help you along. Use the built-in Wifi and NFC to share your photos once you’re done. Enjoy the convenience of a remote camera control no matter where you are.


  • Faster lens, which means more light and better images
  • The stabilization function works very well
  • It’s not too big or bulky


  • Slightly heavier than some other options



Pick out your Canon PowerShot in either silver or black. There’s a good reason why this brand is so well-known in the camera world, especially with the 20.1 Megapixel High sensitivity CMOS sensor that provides you with all the detail you need to capture everyone’s smile. Check out that Digic 7 image processor, which is completely compatible with iOS and both Android smartphone and tablet versions from 4 to 7.

If you’re upgrading from a phone, it probably means that you don’t want something that’s too large or heavy to carry around. That’s part of what makes the Canon PowerShot so great: it’s slim, lightweight, and pocket-sized. It even has a touch screen panel that will help you navigate through the controls with ease so that those outdoor family pictures don’t take too long.


  • You can manually control the settings, or set it to auto
  • The CMOS produces better images than phones
  • Faster processing and continuous shooting times


  • Doesn’t connect well to the Wifi on a Mac



If you’re looking for that mix between classic camera and amazing image quality, you’ll find it in the Fijufilm X100F. This camera has all the style and all the features to make those photos great with the no low pass filter and X Processor Pro. You also have an 8-way focus lever with this camera, which will increase the number of focusing points to help you get the best image possible. Then there’s the built-in Iso dial incorporated right into the shutter speed dial to make it that much easier to actually use the camera.

Adjust the AF mode to what kind of photo you need, whether it’s a single, zone, of wide-tracking photo. Focus the lens and take your photos. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to plug in that lithium battery to get a good charge. This will mean that you’re able to use your camera for that much longer so that you can get the perfect shot.


  • Very small and easy to carry around with you
  • Works for multiple types of photography
  • The actual design is sleek and perfect for tourists


  • There’s a lack of weather sealing or resistance with this camera


Having an amazing camera will help you to create lasting memories of your family.  Bring your family outdoors and stand amongst the fall leaves to get just the right amount of light. Enjoy all those cute falls clothes that are perfect at that time of the year. Fall is the perfect time to get that perfect shot that you’ll remember.