Last modified on March 16th, 2022 at 3:43 pm

A Quick Guide to Setting up a Perfect Outdoor Area

Decide What The Area Will Be Used For First 

This should be first and foremost on your mind when you set up an outdoor area. What will you use the area for? Will you be hosting outdoor dinner parties? And will the parties be for four or forty? Do you want the space to be a private sanctuary where you can take your cup of tea and a good book? 

Maybe this space is going to be where the family congregates to throw a ball or play outdoor games. Each of these objectives would require a very different setting for it to be conducive to the activity. Maybe you will be doing a bit of each, and so will have a designated area of your outdoor area for various activities. It will save you time, money, and aggravation if you decide beforehand what the space will be used for and plan accordingly.

Pick An Overall Theme

Your sense of style should be reflected in your outdoor space. Pick your favorite theme and run with it. There are so many options on the market to help you create the atmosphere you want. If you choose a Japanese garden theme, you can use bamboo fencing and smaller evergreens. Throw in a stone footpath and a small trickling fountain and your area is transformed. 

A firepit and ring of chairs can create an inviting area for friends to gather in the evenings. Use wildflowers along the path to the firepit to a homey atmosphere. Rustic chairs or wooden benches will complete the look and be a place where good conversation can take place.

Use Outdoor Lighting 

The right lighting can enhance or create the atmosphere that you want. It can be cozy or well-lit. The ambiance can be whatever you want it to be with Outdoor Solar Lights. Small lights along a path will direct your guests to seating areas. 

Overhead solar lights can be hung across large areas or strung along the sides of your house or any outdoor structure. You can use various wattages to create a bright area or one that is subdued and private. Lighting will enhance your area and make it work for you both during the day and into the night. 

Consider What you Have To Work With 

Not everyone has acres to work with, some will have a balcony or patio. Whatever outdoor space you have, there is the ability to use that space to enhance your time outdoors. A smaller space can use plants to add greenery and a focal point. 

Even a balcony can have a wall that you Hang Plants from or use a trellis against a wall. Hanging plants will add greenery without taking up valuable walk space. Those plants will bring a bit of nature to your area and it can become your favorite place to be in.

Position Wisely 

Take the time to lay out with pencil and paper where you would like things to be in your outdoor area. This will be especially important if the area you have to work with is on the smaller side. Look for shady areas to position outdoor furniture. If you have no shady areas, then incorporate an umbrella and make space for it on your plan. 

Decide where you will put bushes and flowers. Knowing the types of flowers you want will also be important as some require full sun and others partial shade. You would not want tall bushes to shadow flowers that need the sun.

When you lay out your plan, you will be able to see exactly how much room you will need in your area for plants, furniture, and other activities. This will also help you to purchase accordingly. If you purchase first and then try to fit it into your outdoor area, you may end up with an area that does not suit your purpose at all.

In Conclusion 

Planning ahead is going to be your best move when setting up an outdoor area. Knowing how you want the space to work for you and what you will use it for, will help you to make the right choices when it comes to purchasing items for your outdoor area. Whether it is a big area, or a small one, having an outdoor area can refresh your spirit, be a place for friends to gather, and be one of the best investments you make!