A Quick Guide to Setting up a Perfect Outdoor Area

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2020)

Moving into a house with a large private outdoor area is one idea that many of us dream for life. For those who are into design and aesthetics and love beautiful natural ambiances, this would be the most exciting opportunity to have the dreamiest garden possible. If you are one of those artsy souls who opted for a property just because it had an open space, you must be having flutters in your stomach to transform it into a magical space. You mark dozens of ideas on your Pinterest boards and you read more home improvement blogs and magazines to have an idea about what you can do. However, there is so much going on as far as the design trends are concerned. It is easy for a newbie to get confused about what to opt and what to drop.

This is indeed an important decision because firstly, there are budget constraints. Moreover, it would be super off to randomly utilize everything that you find in the market without following any theme or idea. If you are struggling with a similar situation, here is a quick guide regarding how to go about setting up your outdoor area, creating a perfect ambiance without blowing your budget out of proportion.


Generally, most properties have large patches of green in the lawns, and the landlords leave it to your discretion if you wish to keep it as it is or turn it into something else. Despite being green, an empty piece of land is simply boring. Add assorted trees and plantations and set them in a pattern to add a design element to your lawn. Bonsais are an excellent option to show your creativity with natural elements, Make generous use of flowering plants and dot your boundary and driveway. Use beautiful and creative planters for the plants.


Regardless of how well you have used other accessories and design elements, the entire look of space remains incomplete without good lighting. Making use of the bright lights enhances the ambiance and adds a mood to the aura. Make intelligent use of assorted lights such as hanging lanterns, fairy lights, driveway rights, mushroom lights, etc. to create an aesthetically appealing ambiance that anyone will fall in love with.

Water Body

Gardens are supposed to be natural spaces and no natural space is complete without a water body. Any element that has a water body adds a sense of freshness to your space. If you have an empty wall in your lawn, put up a small waterfall or a fountain. Another great idea is to put up an inflatable hot bath. These bath rubs not only add a water body to your lawn but can also be kept away when you do not feel like having them.

Fixtures and Furnishing

Your garden is pretty much ready by now for you to enjoy in solitude or throw a fun party for your friends. All you need is to add in a few necessary fixtures to make it a perfect space to spend time. Get some good patio furniture. A sofa or set of chairs and a coffee table, along with a hammock would be great additions. Get a misting fan to beat the heat and humidity and some basic outdoor kitchen equipment for parties.