Last modified on March 19th, 2020 at 11:43 am

Five Tips for Better Waste Management at Home

A lot of activities that we do generate waste. We need to have an effective waste management system at home, the workplace, and even on the streets. There are authorities who will cater for the waste at public places, but it is your sole responsibility to manage the waste in your home. If you do not put proper measures in place, your home will be filled with filth.

You may already have a way of managing your waste, but you are reading this article because you want a more effective system. Here are proven tips that can help you keep waste out of your home completely.

Segregate your waste

When you segregate your waste, it is easier to manage them. Your wet food waste can go into the compost bin. Your sanitary waste can be dumped into the hazardous waste bin. Dry and electronic waste, on the other hand, can be separated and collected for a week before discarding it. Usually, there are e-waste collection points in communities.


Composting is beneficial in many ways. It does not only keep food waste out of your home but also provides rich soil nutrients for your home garden or lawn. Paul’s Rubbish Removal elaborates the process and it is simple:

  • Separate all the degradable food waste in your home.
  • Identify a cool and shady area on the compound of your home.

Now, get a compost bin and decide if you should do a cold or hot compost. All you need to do is to dump the items into the compost bin. Leave it to decompose and turn it regularly. The waste will eventually harden. A perfect compost will not only harden, but it will also not smell bad. You can use it as fertilizer for your lawn or garden.

Avoid using plastics in your home

Plastics take a long time to degrade, but unfortunately, they make up a large portion of the waste we make in your home. Do away with disposable plates and cups in your home. Replace all of them with washable wares. You should also switch to reusable shopping bags. Keep these bags in your cars and easy to reach locations so that you can use them for shopping when you need to.

Recycle or reuse

Learn to donate items that you no longer use but are in good shape. Do not throw such items into the trash since they will only increase the volume of waste you have. You should also follow your city’s policies on waste recycle to get rid of recyclables. Also, use old food containers to store dry food items and leftovers.

Reduce the use of paper in your home

Cancel subscriptions for junk mails. This will not only reduce the amount of paper waste you have in your home, but it will also be reducing the amount of time you will use in sorting out your mails. You should also switch from paper towels to rags.

These things will reduce the amount of waste you create at home, thereby making waste management easier. You get a cleaner home even though you spend less time clearing it.