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Here’s How To Travel Without Breaking Your Health Regime

Most Fitness experts and travellers share tips to manage a healthy regime while on the road. You can not discard fitness and a healthy lifestyle just because you are travelling.

Not only ordinary people, business travellers also face the same issue and keep health first. 83% of travellers consider fitness options, according to The Global Business Travel Association.

It’s not surprising that most hotels care for health-conscious travellers. Long flights and uncomfortable hotel rooms are common barriers to maintaining a healthy routine. Improper sleep, unhealthy food, stress hurts travellers. This is far more common in the care of broke student travellers who just need a break and in turn end up paying a lot more than they bargained for. 

Most students go on trips to relax and get over academic pressure for a few days. But what about college assignments? When students plan for a trip or a vacation, most times, your submission deadlines go haywire. 

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So, with the stress out of the way, here are some tips for young students who want to travel the world and stay healthy.   

  1. Research on food facility available at your destination

 Ensure your research and examine before the trip for an easier healthy lifestyle. To be on track with your food, look up a nearby grocery store or health food store. You can also look for well-rated restaurants that provide great healthy choices. Any traveller needs to look at restaurants that are nearby their destination place. It helps them to avoid risking themselves by having unhealthy food. Many times it happens in excitement we forget to research the food culture of the area. Later we end up having unhealthy food and risk our health.

  1. You can look for a local fitness gym.

 Look for healthy activities that excite you at your destination place. If you love crossfitter look for a local box. If you like yoga, look for a nearby yoga studio. There are fitness places which allow free drop-ins/promotional events for out comers. You can even make use of a local gym available in your hotel. There are many hotels with the option of the gym. Within their hotel, they have workout places for travellers; some are free of cost some are paid. Well, it depends on hotel status. It is not only a great way to manage your exercise regime, but also you can connect with local people. You may make some good friends and learn something new.

  1. Know how to deal with stress

 Stress is part of life. Practising skills like One-minute stress strategies, exercise, walking or playing with pets. Remember to smile and see the fun in life. Many research has shown that laughter can boost your immune system. It also reduces pain, decreases stress and relaxes your body.

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  1. Get enough sleep

 While travelling and once you reach, try to get enough sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every night. Most time work and excitement get in the way of sleep, but if you can prioritize, you can quickly achieve sleep goals. If you are experiencing a new time zone, try to stay awake on the first day till your usual bedtime in your new place. Later you can easily sleep for a whole night. Adequate sleep helps your immune system to stay healthy. It also improves recovery, so plan to sleep correctly.

  1. Have breakfast and lunch as healthy as possible.

 Planning your days as making breakfast, lunch and out for dinner helps you to explore the local food. And also while getting some good nutrition throughout your days away. If you can make your meals, you can have control over the food choices you make. It helps you to be on track while on vacation. Even if you do not have access to a fridge or kitchen, you can still get some good packaged options that can make meals—exploring new places means-testing fresh and fabulous new food that you do not entirely deny in traversing. Look for some new good restaurants and ensure to try different and unique. Do not just eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out always. It can damage your waistline and your wallet.

  1. Keep your body hydrated.

 Staying hydrated is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Take an empty water bottle while travelling. So that you can fill water once you have done with security checks. Having plenty of liquids can help you to stay away from dehydration. If you have a habit of working out even while travelling or heading to a hotter climatic place, then this can benefit you. Keeping yourself hydrated can prevent your body from being thirsty and starving.

  1. Do your workout.

 If you want to sweat and do not want to spend money, you can create your workout plan. If you are staying in a fitness amenity, you can make yourself a hotel workout using their tools. You can use weights or cardio equipment and sweat to the core. If you have an extra charge for using their equipment and gym area you can create your list of workouts.

  1. Keep moving

Finding places on foot is a great way to hide in some exercise while travelling. You can take a map and get lost in the place where you are. This is the best way to look for hidden places that aren’t there in travel guides. Depending on the area you may have some restriction of walking and exploring in the daytime. You can always have a travel partner like a walking buddy to be on the safer side.

  1. Have snacks packed

 Try avoiding unhealthy and processed food like fried foods, sweets etc while travelling. Ensure you pack healthy foods like nuts, dates, fruits etc.

Getting healthy food assures you to understand what goes to your tummy. It also limits you from spending money that doesn’t taste good, and that is unhealthy. Here you trek in extremely dangerous trails so ensure to check rules and government regulations and do not get bothered at airport security. Be careful about carrying fresh fruits etc. Ensure to disclose any food products upon arrival.

  1. If you need dietary products to ensure you plan well before

 If you have any food allergies, try printing a card that lists your dietary needs in the local language. This way, you can tell your necessities to the staff so that they understand and get what you like to stay healthy. Most time in the service field staff is much eager to impress customers. They will ensure that something is possible without fully knowing the complications. So if you have to avoid risking your health, this can be a low fuss solution.

  1. Pack up your gym wear and supplements if required

 It is challenging to get the motivation to work out when you are travelling if you do not have the things you need. Ensure to pack gym clothes so that you do not have an excuse not to sweat. Try taking some lite weight equipment like skipping rope to boost your workout on the road. If you are a fitness freak and take supplements to ensure you pack all the necessary things. It helps you to maintain a healthy regime. Having a healthy habit can have compound effects to support restorative phases routine.

You will be happy to make healthy selections concerning food and workout while on vacation.

Health not only concerns the body, but it also includes mental fitness. Anything you want to achieve in life, you need a healthy mind.

So Here Are Few Tips To Balance Your Mental Health:

Stress is a huge reason why most students don’t opt for vacations. The sheer academic pressure of losing out on lectures and missing assignment deadlines can get to the best of us. For instance, students pursuing exhaustive careers like law often have jam packed schedules where they don’t even have a minute to spare. 

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1. Value Yourself

 Treating yourself with kindness and respect is essential. Ensure you invest time in developing your hobbies and broadening your limits. Play crossword puzzles, grow a garden, try to learn a new language or instrument.

2. Give Yourself Time To Know Your Mind Better

 Spend adequate time and energy on self-help. You should also help someone in need, and it is a great way to meet new people and make good friends.

3. Understand Your Loved One

 Human beings with strong family or social connections are often healthier. Ensure to have strong relationships with family and friends. Try meeting new people in clubs, classes or support groups.

4. Relax Your Mind

 Try meditating, or do prayer. Relaxation exercises and prayer can enhance the state of mind and viewpoint of life. Many research has shown meditation keeps the mind calm. It also improves the effect of therapy.


Travelling is challenging physically and mentally. You will be experiencing a different level of environment, culture and people. But it is very much exciting if you know how to handle and balance things.

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