Last modified on July 20th, 2020 at 5:45 am

Some Instagram Health Accounts & Fitness Challenges That Are Just Right to Stay Fit While on Quarantine

We know that an image speaks volumes on Instagram, it communicates with millions of followers. Instagram is the hottest destination, the go-to social networking platform for everything relating to fitness and healthy living. From dieticians and fitness fanatics to part-time foodies and wellness experts, your fascinating Instagram feed is flooded with accounts that are dedicated to everything healthy right from planning probiotic-rich diets to making workouts easy and simple. Get your daily dose of fitness inspiration from some fitness and health influencers so that you could take a few steps closer to achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

As per, experts feel that it is getting slightly exasperating as people need to constantly stay vigilant about remembering to use paper towels while opening doors and wipe their phones and computers with bleach just before using. It is equally important to remember to avoid touching the face. In these times of health crisis, you may come across a number of fitness challenges and accounts on Instagram that are enough to keep you motivated even during the lockdown.  

Shaun T, a fitness trainer based in the United States, motivator, and a popular television personality came up with some motivation and inspiration for all those people who are self-isolated because of the coronavirus pandemic. He says that most of the quarantined people must be feeling frustrated, sluggish, and stressed. He often feels the same but he keeps reminding himself that he needs to keep going as he is just getting started. Fitness experts and health influencers on Instagram are playing a key role in helping people stay motivated and healthy. In this context, you may browse for perfect solutions on boosting your likes and followers.

Some Health Influencers to Follow on Instagram
JSHealth – Jessica Sepel

You could join this page that boasts of almost 240,000 followers who are getting their daily dose of health and wellness from Jessica Sepel, a well-known nutrition expert and also an author. She has compiled several healthy recipes and she has designed an eight-week-long online program for changing your life and helping you find in her own words “freedom with food, weight & body!” You could get some invaluable health and nutrition tips here. @jshealth could be great for giving you the mental, health, and nutritional boost you need.

Purely Twins – Lori & Michelle

Twin sisters Michelle and Lori flaunt their out-of-the-world abs to entice you to get there. You could be getting certain expert tips and advice on ways to eat mindfully and exercise smarter. You could get the perfect motivation to develop body positivity. Purely Twins put a lot of emphasis on your wellness and fitness along with your emotional and spiritual health for enjoying an all-round holistic lifestyle.

MeowMeix – Amanda Meixner

Blogger and nutrition guru Amanda Meixner has an Instagram account that is loaded with meal preparation tricks and tips. From customized meal plans to simple recipes, she provides you with tools and hard facts for making meal prep manageable and really easy. You must follow her on Instagram provided you are looking for some tips on weight-loss swaps, healthy substitutes, and some guilt-free yet innovative snack options.

Lockdown Fitness Challenges
10 Pushups

You must focus on completing 10 pushups and then go on to nominating some of your pals to do so. Pushups are certainly great exercises for your body and also, your core strength. The challenge’s competitiveness should surely be pushing you to go beyond your comfort zone.

The Plank Challenge

This is an interesting fitness challenge since you need to keep following the beats of the music for performing a plank. The number of workouts involved should be making this challenge the right one for your abs.

100 Skipping Challenge

Even though things seem pretty easy, most of you would be fumbling after a few skips on the skipping rope. The fitness challenge is all about performing 100 skips at a go without stopping.  This challenge could be done by everybody and you do not necessarily have to be a fitness freak.

Upside-Down T-Shirt Challenge

This is a hot-favorite challenge among celebs and the title is quite suggestive. This challenge is all about putting on your t-shirt while you are performing a handstand. Even though it may sound pretty easy, it could be quite tricky.

Flex Challenge

This is just the right challenge for testing your flexibility. This challenge is all about lying on the floor on your stomach and holding both your hands together tightly at your back. You need to then try getting up without any kind of support.

Bring Sally up Challenge

This challenge seems pretty simple. You simply need to focus on using the cues in this song while performing squats. You need to squat down when you hear the phrase ‘Bring Sally Down’ in the song and keep holding it until the song says ‘Bring Sally up’.


Sometimes you simply require a wee bit of inspiration and motivation for jumpstarting your quest for health, fitness, better self-care, and overall spiritual well-being. If you follow these inspiring health influencers on Instagram and participate in the Instagram fitness challenges, you could fulfill all your fitness goals and aspirations even during lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.