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Essential Steps to Cleaning Clogged Gutters in Summer

Gutter Cleaning Is Necessary But Not Fun!

If anyone asked you what your favorite activity was, I would rather doubt that you would answer: "I just love cleaning gutters!" 

I am not sure I know anyone who would. And while it might not be anyone's preferred activity, it is an essential and important task that needs to be done. 

Summer Is The Time To Prepare Your Gutters For Fall

Summer is the time of year when we are thinking about doing a lot of things like going on vacation, camping, swimming and barbecuing in the backyard. 

Summer is not the time you get excited about cleaning the gutters. But clogged gutters are a fact of life, even in the summer. 

Most people think fall is the time when gutters need attention because the leaves are falling. 

And while that is true, summer is windy and lots of debris and dirt is getting into your gutters. 

Summer is the best time to prepare your gutters for the leaves to come in the fall by getting any sticks, twigs, bird nests and any other foreing objects out of the gutters. 

Gutter Cleaning Is a Priority

Gutter cleaning is a vital and necessary duty to ensure the health of your house. 

There is now a tool to help you do this necessary task: Gutter Fingers - Gutter Cleaning Tool.

While you know that houses have gutters, not all of us think about the consequences of not keeping them clean and free-flowing. 

When thinking of preventing water damage to your home, the shingles on your roof are probably the first thing that comes to your mind. 

They are, of course, essential. You would know right away during a rainstorm if your shingles failed to do their job. 

Gutters work in tandem with your shingles and your assistance in their proper functioning should not be taken lightly. 

Gutters Get No Respect

Gutters have just one job to do, and that is to divert water away from your home. Their importance is vastly understated. 

Gutters protect your landscaping, prevent staining to the exterior siding, reduce paint damage and stop mold and mildew from growing.

When your gutters function correctly, they prevent damage to your roof, prevent rot, deterioration, and mold on the shingles. 

They keep moisture from windows that can create condensation and damage sills.

Gutters Protect Your House From The Ground Up 

By keeping water away from your foundation, gutters keep your basement from flooding and damage your foundation by erosion.

Gutters protect your house from water damage that is more insidious in its impact than what is immediately seen. 

Once it does make its appearance, it is usually costly to put right. 

Gutters protect the foundation of your home and prevent erosion. If you have a basement, gutters will move the water away from your basement. 

If you are on a slab, gutters will prevent the foundation from being compromised from erosion. 

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

I had interior water damage from a clogged gutter that allowed water under the shingles and down the backside of an interior wall. 

The evidence of that invasion was not readily apparent as it took time, through a couple of rainstorms, to soak through insulation and then the wall. 

Imagine my utter astonishment to behold a four foot by four-foot section of the wall that was bowed and cracked in the shape of a huge spider web. 

That was bad enough, but to add insult to injury, the walls in my home are plaster. There was no cutting out and replacement of sheetrock. 

This was lath and plaster that was compromised and a professional was needed to make it right. 

Worst of all, it was my fault. 

I knew that the gutters needed attending to. But the thought of wrestling a ladder, climbing it, and scooping the ooze from the gutters made it a chore I simply never found the time for.

Don’t Put Off Cleaning Gutters

No one wants to have to pay for water damage caused by faulty gutters. So just what the essential steps to cleaning clogged gutters in the summer?

Not only is gutter cleaning a mundane and messy chore, but it can also be a hassle moving a ladder all the way around the house. 

Heavy and treacherous, lugging a ladder is not high on the list of fun things to do when you would rather be doing almost anything else.

Essential Steps To Cleaning Clogged Gutters

If you are going the traditional method, the steps to cleaning clogged gutters, you will need:

  • A ladder

  • A bucket

  • A gardening trowel

  • Gloves for hand protection

  • Safety glasses for eye protection

  • A friend who knows you are on the ladder/roof

The method most homeowners use to clean clogged gutters in the summer is to DIY. This saves money for sure. 

But it can be a real mess too. You will need a ladder to be able to reach the height of the gutters. 

Ensure that your ladder is in good condition and that the ground you place it on is level and stable. 

The last thing you want is to be eight feet up and take a tumble. 

This brings us to why your need to let a friend or neighbor know that you are up in the air just in case you need assistance.

Place your ladder against the side of the house in the area you want to start in. You will also need to take up your bucket with you. 

It is handy if you have your bucket attached to the ladder with a rope in case you lose grip on the bucket it won't slash its contents all over your siding.

Wear sturdy boots or shoes with non-slip soles when climbing the ladder.

With your gloves and eye protection on, scoop the debris out of the gutter.

Remember that there could be sharp objects in the gutter such as broken twigs and even metal fragments. 

There could also be dropping from birds or squirrels. Bees, wasps, and worms will often inhabit the gutter because of the trapped water, so proceed with caution.

Once you have scooped up the gunk, place it in the bucket.

When the bucket is full, lower it carefully to the ground.

Empty the bucket into a garbage bag for disposal. Move the ladder to be able to access the next stretch of gutter.

Continue this process until you have made it to all the gutters on your house.

Repeat as needed, but at least twice a year, and more in the fall with the falling leaves.

Essential Steps To Gutter Cleaning Using Gutter Fingers

Gutter Fingers

Not only can Gutter Fingers clean out your gutters, but it can also retrieve objects from the roof of your house, like frisbees or the errant ball in the gutter.

Here is another, simple and easy way to do the same process.

  • Get your Gutter Fingers tool and place it on your extension pole.

  • Grab your debris bucket

  • Operate the Gutter Fingers tool from the ground, placing debris in the bucket.

Your last step is to celebrate the ease of doing a necessary chore in less than half the time!

In Conclusion 

Unclogged gutters are essential to the health of the most significant investment you have - your home.

Now that there is a product that can help you keep your gutters unclogged and free of debris, it is easy to maintain this critical protection for your home.

Gutter Fingers saves you time and money while letting you get back to enjoying all the fun summer activities!