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Product Review: Moonbow by DubsLabs: Bedphones Sleep Headphones

If you have trouble falling asleep and need that extra something to give you an edge towards a good night’s sleep, the Moonbow by DubsLabs may be your answer.

Science states that our brains are wired to have a response to music that positively alters hormone levels and body chemistry.

Until now, technology had not developed a way to supply that music to an individual that was both personal and discreet.


All of us are subjected to noisy dogs, loud parties, and snoring partners.  During the good weather, windows should be able to be opened to welcome breezes.

I love having the windows in my bedroom open at night but am often disturbed by the noise from the nearby expressway.  The sound of neighborhood kids playing basketball late at night will make it impossible to fall asleep.

While I could turn on a radio that too, it can be a nuisance for those around me. It also is not as useful as a sleep aid, as I am still able to hear all of the other sounds.

The goal of having music help lull you to sleep is negated if the headphones themselves are uncomfortable to wear.  That creates another problem rather than solving one.

How the Moonbow Bedphones Fit

Until now, there has not been a comfortable way to use headphones at night. Some headphones use a type of headband to hold the earphones in place, and those are cumbersome and hot.

The beauty of the DubsLabs bedphones is that they can be bent and molded to fit your ears personally.  They are such an improvement over other sleep headphones that require a headband to fix them over your ears.

DubsLabs has created an extremely small, compact on-ear headphones that are advertised as bedphones.  The Moonbow by DubsLabs is a mere ¾ of an ounce. These slim bedphone speakers are less than ¼ inch thick.

The Moonbows come in two types; Wired and Wireless.  Whether you choose wired or wireless, both are designed to be portable, lightweight, and durable. 

The bedphones come with a 3.5mm sized audio jack that is standard and makes it compatible with most devices.  

The bedphones have an inline microphone with a single button that allows you handsfree usage during a phone call and also allows you to manage the music too. 

Using the single button, you can pause, skip, or play the songs that are on your playlist.

The Moonbows are designed to fit most ear sizes and shapes. They are easy to use, and the adjustable quality adds to their appeal.

How To Wear Bedphones by DubsLabs

Made of PVC and coated with rubber, the bedphones have flexible wire ear hooks made of memory wire. For a customized fit, the adjustable cable slider further enables you to achieve a comfortable fit.

The material that is used to encase the earpieces is made of a comfortable foam that is soft enough to allow you to sleep with your head on the pillow without discomfort.

The magazine, Popular Mechanics, has said that "these comfy, flat, pillow-safe earbuds are a small invention, sure, but also a wonderful one."


These are going to be one of the smallest sets of headphones on the market today.  The sound will not be the same quality that a full-size headset can provide, but that is not the purpose of the Moonbows.

They are designed and work great to aid in sleep onset.  They can mask the sound of snoring from your partner. 

And you could watch and listen to a movie in bed without disturbing anyone else.  If you suffer from tinnitus, music can mask the ringing and help you to fall asleep in peace.


Being lightweight, portable, the Moonbows are also ideal for meditation.  They will not inhibit or prevent any of the postures used during meditation and will be unobtrusive.

Perfect for jogging, the bedphones maintain a small profile that will mask, but not cancel the important noises (car horns and sirens) that you might encounter on your run. 

Being lightweight, you are not going to experience discomfort and irritation while using the Moonbows.

Small and compact, these bedphones are the perfect size for the traveler.  On an airplane, train, or even hiking and biking, these lightweight bedphones are a must-have for convenience and ease of use.


Bedphones have an impedance of 32 Ω ±15% and a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz. 

For those, like me, who have no idea what that means, I have learned that it means that low impedance headphones require much less power for higher audio levels.  This is best for battery-powered and portable gear like smartphones and small music players.

Bedphones have an impedance that’s just a little above what is considered low—less than 25 Ω.  This means that the Moonbows will demand a little bit more power. 

However,  they're also less likely to be damaged from overloading. Not only that, they can be used with a broader range of compatible devices.

The battery will last an impressive 13 hours before needing recharging.


Moonbows get you off to a good start.  The box will contain the bedphone itself, along with two extra pairs of speaker foams.

A satin eye mask and a compact case for both storing and carrying your bedphones make it a breeze to take them wherever you go.

Most importantly, the Moonbow by DubsLabs comes with a 30 trial period and a straightforward return policy.  There is no restocking fee. In addition, the bedphones have a one year manufacturer's warranty if they were purchased from the DubsLabs store.


We live in a world where there is a lot of external noise, and life is lived at a fast pace.  To navigate our busy daily lives, we need a good night's sleep to recharge and refresh us.

Trying to drag through a day after a night of broken sleep can be gruesome.  This lightweight, portable bedphones can mean the difference between struggling through the day or having a productive, enjoyable day.

If external noises keep you from falling to sleep, if you are on a different sleep pattern than your partner or if you want a lightweight solution for your exercise routine, these bedphones will be the perfect solution.