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Tips For Traveling With Small Dogs

Traveling with small dogs can be pretty daunting. Whether you are going to fly or traveling on the ground with your puppy, it is not a 100% pleasure business to your liking.

Meanwhile, you might be one of the folks who can’t just leave their dogs behind. You won’t probably have peace of mind knowing your dogs are left at the dog’s hotels, treated by strangers, and others. You can’t just be calm when handing over your small dogs with other people.

Your only choice is to travel with dogs with you the next time you travel. Here we’re about to share our useful tips that you can consider when traveling with your lovely dogs.

Make Your Destination Pet-Friendly

So, the holidays are around the corner. You will also want to spend the quality time with your furry buddies. There is no point if you visit the destination wherein you can’t tag along with your pets in the process. Make sure that your destination is pet-friendly. Make sure you do your research to find the places that are pet-friendly in hotels, restaurants, cafes, parks, hiking trails, and other places.

The Stuff to Bring

When you are traveling with small dogs, you will need to make a list of stuff that you need to bring with you. Keep in mind that the list of every owner can be different depending on the scenario. So, it can go like this:

  • Dog food
  • Snacks
  • Treats
  • Water and food bowls
  • Dog tags
  • Leash, harness, or collar
  • Dog vaccination documentation
  • Toys for dogs
  • Portable dog daybed
  • Medications
  • Dog waste bags
  • And many more.

When You Hit the Road with Your Small Dogs

Before hitting the road for the long trip with your small dog, make a trial. Take some shorter drives and see how your small dog responds. Does he get sick, anxious, or excited? Here are the tips you could consider when hitting the roads with your puppy.

Has Your Dog Seated Safely and Well?

You and your dog need to buckle up. In the US itself, there were 30,000 reportedly accidents involving the dog in the front seat. We can’t overlook the fact that this number has been pretty concerning. Ensure that you and your little dog will have such a safe trip. Check all the safety equipment including your dog’s seat belt, pet seat, travel crate, and many more.

Keep Your Cute Dog Inside

Did you know that letting your dog head out the window can expose it to the risks of lung infections and ear damage? There have been many cases of the specified condition. Always keep your small dog inside to protect him from the outer environment.

Dog Tag

You can’t neglect the possibility that your dog could slip away from your supervision. You need to prepare for the worst. It can be his anxiety or nervousness that triggers him to run away from you and your vehicle. Here is when the dog tag in your pet’s collar can come in handy. Make sure you write down your active phone number and address.

Make Frequent Stops

When traveling with small dogs, you can’t expect them to follow your own pace. You need to stop every three or four hours to use the bathroom or exercise to keep your pet motivated.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Inside the Car

On a sunny day, the temperature inside the car can multiply to reach 110 degrees in 10 minutes. You know, this heat can be very deadly for a small dog. Instead of your car, leave your pet in a pet-friendly hotel room.

When You Fly with Your Dogs

Do you plan to travel with dogs while flying as well? Then you will really need to consider these tips too.

Cabin vs. Cargo

If you’re an old-fashioned dog owner, you might bring critters and put your dogs in the cargo. Well, many major airlines no longer allow such small breeds to fly in the cargo hold anymore. Instead, many airlines allow the owners to take their small breeds to the airplane cabin. That’s luck for you. Keep in mind to stick to the airlines which allow you to bring your pet into the cabin. You will be fine then.

The Airline’s Regulations

As a good passenger, you need to be compliant with the airline’s rules. If you can choose, avoid any airlines that consider the pet flies as the checked baggage. Well, it is just the same to put your pet in the cargo. Did you know that many pets are having breathing problems when putting in the cargo? Not to mention that you’ll be separated from him. It is not good at all.

Pet Airlines

If you are traveling around the US, you are in luck. The major airlines for a pet like Pet Airways can ensure the safety of your small dog. It is the pets-only airline that you need to consider. There’s a good reason why you should consider this option. The air vehicle is designed specifically for pets. The cabins are equipped with the individual crates that the flight attendant will check on the animals every 15 minutes. The moment they are landing, the Airways will bath the pets and treat them well. The owners then will pick their pets up at the airline’s Pet Lounge. Consider researching the airports that are participating in the Pet Airlines program.

The Carrier

When it comes to travel with your small dog, you will want to make sure that you bring the top quality carrier. Although it is the small dog that you are carrying, make sure that the carrier is big enough so that your pet has such space to make him convenient.


Both on the ground, and when your pet flies, the ID tags can be the real savior for you and your pet.

Consult with the Vet

Know that your pet is nervous, you could consult with the vet about the problem. The vet will give you the prescribed sedative that can make your pet calmer. However, this practice is not the most recommended one because it comes with the side effects. You should have to be prepared and train your dog to be adaptable to various circumstances.


Consider these tips when you have a good vacation plan with your furry friend. You know, when traveling with small dogs, any incident can happen. Doing this stuff properly will keep you and your pet happy and safe in the process.

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