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Loch Ness Monster – New Photo Emerges

Last month we posted an article of seemingly bogus remains of the Loch Ness Monster that were found by an animal adoption agency in Scotland. After reviewing the evidence, we came to the conclusion that this was just another hoax. The condition of the corpse was not likely to be the condition of remains that had actually washed ashore. On top of that, the placement of the remains were almost perfect…almost as if someone placed it there. (Makes sense, doesn’t it)

Now normally we would just leave it at that, call it a day, if its bogus, it’s bogus, right? Well, not exactly. New photographic evidence may open a few doors that would have otherwise been left shut.

The Tourist’s Photo of Nessie

This past week there has been another photograph of Nessie taken that raises even more questions than the famous 1934 surgeons photo. 24 year old London native, Jolene Lin snapped the long distance picture below, where you can clearly see a “snake like head” peeking up above the water.

This is what Lin had to say when being interviewed by the Sunday Post.

About midway through the journey, I looked to the right of where I was standing and I saw a thin snake-like head emerging from the waters and moving a little before submerging back into the waters again after a few seconds.

Thankfully, I was constantly taking pictures while on the boat ride so I managed to capture what I saw then, and took two pictures of the encounter. I was a non-believer of Nessie at first but after I saw what I saw, I am convinced that there is something relatively large living under the waters of the Loch, and it’s not something which I have seen before”

What does this mean for Nessie?

Alright, so its another grainy photo of Nessie taken by a tourist. Woop-de-doo. Something about this photo is special though, at least special enough to impress Gary Campbell, president of the official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club.

There hasn’t been another photo of the Loch Ness Monster that was taken as seriously as this one since the surgeon’s photo in 1934. The 1934 photo turned out to be fake, and with some serious technological advancements, there’s a good chance that this one could be just another photoshop wonder too. However, maybe there is some truth to all of this. The general public simply won’t know until researchers scrutinize the photo.

Does this once again open the door to the possibility that Nessie is real? Only time will tell.


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