Last modified on October 5th, 2021 at 3:31 am

Pet Adoption Made Easy: 5 Tips To Consider Before Getting A Pet

Pets are one of the best things you can have nowadays. Not only are these furry or even scaly friends good at keeping you company, but they also have a lot of quirks that are simply too good to resist. Essentially, having a pet is great therapy from the stress that life brings.  

However, even though having pets can offer a lot of joy, it’s not a walk in the park. Getting a new friend could also mean taking on the new responsibility of taking care of them. Likewise, different preparations will come with other pets – furry friends such as dogs will have different tastes and needs as pet fishes, birds, or reptiles. With this, you must consider these five tips before getting a new pet:

Determine Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will determine the perfect pet for you. With this, you need to reflect and decide whether you’re an active person or not. Do you want your pet to go on runs with you, or do you prefer quiet nights? By specifying your answer, you’ll also be able to point out how your pet will fit into your lifestyle.

Likewise, you should take into consideration your work time hours. Do you need to go out for more than six to eight hours a day? Or are you working from home? If you don’t have the luxury of time, it’s best to get an independent cat or a fish as these pets don’t require that much exercise like that of a dog.

Not only this, as your lifestyle should also include your number of family members. If you have children or teenagers, it’s essential to include them in the decision-making process. Although puppies and kittens are suitable for children, you should still be wary and mindful of their sharp teeth and pointy nails. You could even consider getting fish as they require less maintenance or even small mammals like guinea pigs.

Get An Allergy Test

If you’ve decided on your lifestyle and your preferred pet, it’s time to consider your allergies. For a novice pet owner, you won’t know whether you have allergies or not since you haven’t been around animals that much – so it’s best to be prepared. Here, you could always go to your allergist to get tested for allergies to cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, mice, and even horses.

If your skin reacts once exposed to the pet dander, it could mean a possible allergy. This isn’t the only method as your doctor could also look into your medical history and conduct other tests such as blood and antibody tests. If you have kids, it’s also best to get them tested as well. Getting tested ensures that you won’t jeopardize your health as you adopt a new pet. 

If you have light allergies, you could still adopt a pet – all through maintaining your home clean and free from pet dander. However, if you prove positive, your doctor may advise against the animal you’re allergic to. 

Create A Budget Plan

Before your pet arrives, you need to consider your budget as well. If you’re looking to get a cat or dog, you have to consider your finances since you’ll have to provide their food, leash, toys, litterbox, and tag. 

You’ll have to consider your aquarium, food, decor, filters, and even lighting for fish. If you’re getting a hamster, you’ll also have to think about what to buy for them as well. For dogs and cats, they might want treats after playing around. If you want some treats for your pets, try visiting the VitaPet Website for more info.

Prepare Your Home

Preparing your home entails doing your research and getting rid of items that may be harmful to your pet. These could be toxic plants like jade plants that are harmful to dogs, cats, and horses, as these plants cause vomiting and incoordination once ingested. 

Preparing your home could also mean getting rid of hanging cords that may get wrapped around your pet’s neck. Likewise, you should also consider where to place your aquarium if you’re interested in getting a pet fish.

Contact A Veterinarian

Contacting a veterinarian for your new pet doesn’t apply to dog or cat owners but fish owners as well. For a novice pet owner, contacting a veterinarian means getting professional help whenever you’re unsure about the health of your pet. If you’ve observed that your fish has massive growth in its body, or if it gets sick even though you’ve changed the water and its diet, it’s time to contact your trusted veterinarian. The same goes for dog or cat owners. 

Additionally, if your dog or cat hasn’t received their vaccination yet, it’s time to check in with your local veterinarian about such vaccines or boosters. Ultimately, your veterinarian is your most reliable source of information for your pet.


Although pet adoption may take time, effort, and money, it will indeed be worth it as you gain a new companion. Likewise, with your proper preparation from these five factors, you ensure that you and your pet go hand-in-hand in a long and happy life together.