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7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

Description: Your indoor cat can be no less happy and entertained than outdoor representatives of this species. You should just know some tricks to help your pet.

When they get a kitty, many owners know that they will keep it only indoors to avoid dangerous situations their cat may run into outdoors. Someone may say that it is a pretty selfish and cruel attitude, and it is wrong to limit a cat’s freedom. But it seems these people don’t have pets or, fortunately, their cats have neither got into an accident nor become victims of contagious diseases. Such situations change an attitude dramatically, making people review their position in this regard. Thus, even though you may believe that your pet is smart enough to avoid all the dangers, it can be far from the case. Your furry friend can be streetwise (until a dog starts chasing it), but one should remember that it is not the only danger outdoors. Many cruel people will not miss a chance to torture a weaker creature, poison it, or shoot with a BB gun just for fun. So, the decision to keep a kitty indoors doesn’t look that bad, especially if you know some ways to make it happy, create the most comfortable conditions possible and feed it with top-quality cat food, like the one mentioned in this purina cat food review

Let It Climb A Tree

Everyone knows that cats adore various heights if they are not couch potatoes, of course. The fact that your cat has to live indoors doesn’t mean that it cannot climb a tree. Let it do it! The modern market offers a huge variety of appliances to make indoor cats stay happy. Just pay attention to cats’ condos made in the form of a tree. And it doesn’t really matter what size your cat is. Everything you need to do is to choose a suitable option. They have multiple shelves and accessories and don’t take much space, so both of you will be happy with such a purchase.

Arrange A Safe Zone

Families with small kids or students who like to arrange noise parties should think about their fluffy family members and provide their cats with personal space. Cats get tired of noisy companies too fast, not to mention kids who like to “play” with them. So, your cat should have a safe zone where it can hide from everyone and get rest. And everyone in the apartment should know that they cannot bother a cat if it is in their “safe zone,” so you should wait when it comes back to you itself. The chances are high that you wouldn’t mind having such a place yourself, would you?

Let It Watch The Street

Even outdoor cats that decide to stay at home like to climb a windowsill and watch the street. And it is just a double pleasure for an indoor cat. They adore taking sunbathes there on a sunny day and watching what’s going on outdoors, so make sure your cat has free access to a windowsill. If you want to please your fluffy friend with some additional watching opportunities, you can hang on a birdhouse near the window, so your cat will be double interested in the window.

Ensure The Safety Of The Windows

Besides watching the street, your cat needs fresh air, so it is worth opening windows if there is wonderful weather outside. However, before you open a window to air out, make sure your windows are safely screened, so your cat cannot fall out of the window even if it jumps on it. Besides, it is worth opening the window completely than leaving it half-opened since there were many accidents when cats got stuck. Thus, don’t neglect safety rules, believing your pet is too smart to do such “nonsense.”

Provide Your Cat With A Pot With Grass

If you want to make your fluffy friend happy indoors, you should do your best to satisfy its natural needs. Chewing on grass is on the list of your pet’s needs, so it is time to go to a pet store and grab a pot with wheatgrass planted specifically for such occasions. Otherwise, don’t get surprised or confused that your cat strives to take a bite of your flowers or other pot plants. Besides, talking about the latter, it is worth removing the plants that have toxic juice in their leaves because your cat may get seriously poisoned.  

Get A Scratching Post

Cats are cute creatures till they extend their claws and start destroying your furniture or carpets. They need to scratch to stay healthy, so it is one of their instincts you can hardly cope with. However, if you provide your cat with a scratching post, the chances are high, you will be able to save your property and nerves. You shouldn’t wait when your kitty starts showing this destructive behavior. Look for a suitable scratching post in advance. The Internet can provide you with various options for different budgets and preferences.

Buy Interactive Toys

If you worry that your cat feels bored and needs entertainment, you should get some cat toys. Besides, if you want your furry friend to stay fit and healthy, it should get enough physical load, and it is when interactive toys may come to the rescue as well. The modern market offers a huge number of various options for different budgets and aims, so it will not be hard to find something that will meet your requirements. Pay attention to a laser, boxes, and devices your cat can chase for.