Last modified on March 12th, 2020 at 12:23 am

Tips To Choose The Best Money Transfer Partner For Your Sports Team

Money transfers are a big part of the financial world, and these transfers help you send money to friends the world over. You also want to work with a money transfer partner who will make life simpler for your basketball team or soccer team. Consider all the things that you need to do when working with a traveling baseball team. You should also think about how to simplify trips to see your favorite team. The tips listed below will guide you when you want to make educated decisions.

Where Do You Find A Quality Money Transfer Partner?

You must fund a company that works in your community. The transfer company should have offices in the area, and they must have a customer support team that can assist you when you need it.Sending money to the Philippines from the United States should be easy if you are preparing for a trip to play baseball or basketball teams in Southeast Asia.

Plus, the transfer company should make it easy to send money to the Philippines if fans are traveling to your games. Your fans can use the transfer company to handle many different parts of each trip, or the customers can have friends in the States send money over to make their trip more memorable. You do not want to regret missing out on activities, and team managers need to hand money to players during trips.

Cash Transfers

Cash transfers are helpful when you are paying players, sending transfers to their bank accounts, or sending money to their families. Your players might ask you to set up several different transfers, and each transfer will happen seamlessly. If your baseball or soccer team is already traveling to another part of the world, you can send extra cash to the support staff or coaches.

Cash transfers are helpful when travelers want to pay for their accommodations, travel, or activities in advance. Cash can be sent to a hotel, a villa owner, or the tour guide who manages your activities. Someone who is back home can send you money, and the transfer office could give you American dollars or Philippine pesos.

Special Deals For Fans

If you are managing a soccer team, basketball team, or rugby team, your money transfer partner could offer deals to your fans. The deals that you create with your money transfer partner will be advertised to your fans, and you can share advertising space with your partner. When both parties are advertising together, you can grow both brands. Plus, your money transfer partner might have a larger customer base than your team. You want their fans to see you.

Sending money to the Philippines from the United States is cheaper if you use a discount code from the money transfer partner. There are even instances in which the transfer office may be located at or inside the soccer or baseball team’s stadium. The deals will change throughout the season, and you may offer special contests that give a lucky winner a big prize when they send a transfer through the team’s partner.

Increasing Tourism

Sending money to the Philippines from the United States helps with tourism. Tourism includes traveling throughout the Philippines to see multiple soccer matches featuring your team, and you might send cash to different offices around the country during your travels. Money transfers are a quick way to get cash instead of paying the exorbitant fees that an ATM would charge.

The same is true if you are managing a youth basketball team during their tour of the country. You can go to transfer offices to pick up extra cash, and you can spend that money on activities for the team, meals for the team, or accommodations for the team. The same is true when you are traveling to see games. You can get money from the team’s partner, and you will get a special discount on fees or exchange rates.


A money transfer partner for your basketball team, soccer team, baseball team, or rugby team will help you with advertising, attracting more fans, and creating a partnership that benefits both parties. You can send money transfers to the Philippines if you are traveling there for a big youth tournament, and someone back home can send you more money to you if you need it. Money transfers are a financial tool that helps you pay the players who play for your team, send money to family, or pay for travel.