Last modified on March 12th, 2022 at 10:18 am

The 5 Ways in Which Proper Cycling Kit Can Boost Your Riding

All activities have specialized kits and cycling is not an exception. Nothing can ruin a nice cycling experience faster than improper dressing. Having the right cycling cloth is essential for a better riding experience. Right cycling clothing enhances comfort, especially when you are riding for a longer distance. They are expertly designed to ease your movement and prevent you from using a lot of energy when cycling.

Here are some of the proper ways in which cycling gear can boost your riding.

1. Ease Movement

Cycling involves a lot of movement, especially in the leg region. Cycling gear drives with you as you ride. This is why cycling shorts made from quality material are important during any bike ride. The bike shorts have a built-in stretch that does not bunch up or chafe. The shorts also protect your most sensitive region from the pain of friction and long contact with a bike seat. The rubbing action in your inner thighs is offset by the smooth face of the cycling short.

2. Easy to Fit

All cycling apparel is made to properly fit your body when you are leaning forward or when upright. This ensures your back is always covered. To prevent exposing your wrists, the sleeves of cycling shirts and jackets are a bit longer. Besides, the close-fitting maximizes aerodynamics and gives the rider a full range of motion. 

The mild compression due to tight-fitting also increases blood flow in the whole body and helping in muscular functionality to help the rider with a bit of more sustained power.

3. Sweat-handling

When you are riding, you will sweat. Also, when you wear cotton t-shirt for riding, the sweat soaks in the shirt and you get wet and then cold, which is not good for your health. Cycling gear is made from materials that can wick water away from your skin. The outer layers are also made with breathable materials that shift sweat during wet weather. Such fabric keeps the rain out but allows water vapor out. However, no breathable fabric can transmit the amount of sweat produced when cycling, so they have vents in the underarms and underlaps to let out warm, and moist air.

4. Shock Absorption

Padding in cycling shorts provides an extra layer of shock absorption. Modern cycling shorts have more than one layer of foam inside to provide protection and reduce the shock that gets through your bum. The foam adds an extra layer of fabric against your skin that helps in distributing pressure off the sensitive tissues between your legs, preventing chafing. That prevents you from taking so long rides thus becoming conceivable without you strolling like a cowhand.

Cycling gloves also have a thin layer of patting to deal with the vibration from the handlebars. The palm is typically produced using cowhide or an intense manufactured to secure your hands in case you fall.

5. Efficiency

Proper gear makes you go faster and ensures you maximize your energy. They provide more aerodynamics than regular clothing because it closely fits leaving no spare fabric flapping in the wind. Cycling shoes also have stiff soles to ensure you don’t waste energy and improves comfort when your pedaling is evenly spread through the whole foot.

A power meter is a good gear to attach to your bike to monitor the power you exert while cycling and maximize your training time. Knowing how much power you exert helps you to pace yourself and improve your cycling in the most efficient way.


The right cycling apparel will benefit your body by providing you with comfort while cycling. The clothing is designed to include padding at the right places to absorb shock and vibrations. They are also breathable to help with wicking away sweat. Cycling clothing is vital for safety and in enjoying your ride. Hence, choose the proper cycling kit and gear with caution.