Last modified on September 21st, 2023 at 7:48 pm

8 Must Have Mountain Bike Accessories To Make Your Trip Exciting

The cycling industry is in constant growth that also turns out to be extremely fast considering that it is one of the preferred transportation systems for more and more people. There are many benefits that bicycles offer for the environment, health and clearly the pocket.

Many of the experienced cyclists know that during the adventurous journey only having the best mountain bike is not enough to make the most of the routes.

So, get to know the variety of bicycle accessories and discover which one is right for your planned route. 

Even though it is certainly desirable to keep your bike as lightweight as possible, there are accessories that are useful in certain situations. Basically, it is good if it can be attached and removed quickly.

While planning for an adventurous tour, it is not only the bike itself that is important but also the right mountain bike accessories. Of course, you shouldn’t buy everything at once, but the necessary basic equipment should always be included. We’ll tell you which investments are useful – not just for safety reasons, but also for convenience.

Safety first!

Always think about your own health first and make safety a top priority. If you buy a mountain bike, you should also take money for the following accessories:

1. Helmet

A helmet is undoubtedly the most valuable safety equipment of a cyclist and therefore must be worn by every rider. The bicycle helmet not only has to comply with the latest safety standards but above all, it should fit well too.

Also, it should be lightweight and should offer good ventilation. Statements like “too warm” or “looks stupid” are a thing of the past, because helmets nowadays are combined with comfort and aesthetics.

Always keep in mind that a helmet can save your life, and that is what counts!

2. Glasses

Safety glasses are generally a must when mountain biking and cycling. Good cycling glasses not only offer protection from sunlight, but also from dirt and annoying insects that usually get into the eyes. Make absolutely sure that the glasses fit well and that the glasses do not fog up.

3. Bike Lock

With just a little money you can increase your security and make other people aware of you. With a bike lock, you protect your bike against long fingers.

4. Gloves

The weatherproof gloves are usually used while riding. Biking gloves should be worn at the latest when it gets cold and rainy. When it’s fresh outside, the wind can freeze your fingers pretty quickly.

5. Shorts

Another aspect of the right clothing while biking is shorts. You can choose from extremely tight cycling shorts or a little long biking pants.

6. Bike Shoes

The bike shoes should be robust and should be able to tolerate a lot of mud, but at the same time be breathable and light on the foot. Shoes that offer the option to connect them with click pedals in addition to their normal use are ideal.

With the shoes, you should put on a pair of bike socks that are suitable for the special requirements. Ordinary socks do not provide enough resistance to provide optimal comfort while riding.

7. Backpack

The bike backpack as a mountain bike accessory can’t be ignored from the list. As a central component of the equipment, it houses the hydration bladder, clothes and all other items that you need while riding.

8. Hydration Backpack

The drinking water supply on the go is definitely a must have. For this purpose, drinking bottles/bladders are used, which are housed in the backpack and brought to the mouth with a tube while driving.

What else can it be?

If you have these MTB accessories, you can safely go on the upcoming tour. If you still want to add some more, then there are many other gears for mountain bikers, including seat cushions, bike computers, heart rate monitors, GPS systems, bike stands, smartwatches, cameras, and care products.