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Product Review: Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Jacket

A sustainable and worthwhile splurge

Patagonia is well known for its high-quality products and environmentally friendly business practices. This makes it a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, what started out as a small climbing supply business, transformed into the popular outdoors wear company that still thrives today.

Now for the novice adventurer, figuring out what gear and products to splurge on and where to save can be quite the ordeal, considering all the available options on the market. But one jacket that is worth the splurge is the ‘Men’s Down Sweater Jacket’ from Patagonia. (It also is available in Women’s and Children’s styles as well.) Commonly referred to as a “classic”, and a “champion” of lightweight jackets by many fans, it certainly lives up to the hype.



Available in sizes form XS to XXL (and available in multiple color options) this iconic jackets fit has been described as” boxy”, but for this lightweight jacket that is deemed a positive adjective. Since it is a sweater jacket, it’s not designed to keep you warm in the lowest arctic temps and withstand a blizzard, but it is very good at keeping the warmth in and the wind out, and is also the perfect piece for layering. The ‘Men’s Down Sweater Jacket’ can be used and an outer or middle layering piece, and since it isn’t tailored or fitted, it provides plenty of space so the wearer doesn’t feel constricted.

This jacket also contains drawstrings at the wrists and hem, which are used to trap in heat. It also has plenty of storage, with two exterior pockets ad one interior, and the jacket can even be stored by being folded into one of the outer pockets for easy packing.

Many reviews claimed the jacket was best for Alpine situations, so it’s a choice great for skiers or hikers alike. It is also very durable and lasts for years so it is also raved about as a good investment in multiple reviews. But many fans of this piece also say it is a great everyday staple as well, and even works well just running errands around town.

Another great quality of this jacket is that even though its warmth is supplied by down, which tend to be ‘poofy’ and overbearing in similar models, this 800 Fill down jacket has less bulk than other models, which not only makes it easy to get around in, but is seen as an added style bonus. It’s also been mentioned that unlike a lot of other brands of down filled jackets, this particular model by Patagonia doesn’t shed the feathers as much, and the down is evenly spread and reinforced with the stitching of this jacket, which increases is durability and keeps the warmth in better and longer.


Patagonia is known for its strong stance on sustainability and its ethical environmental business practices, which shows in the materials used to create the Men’s Down Sweater Jacket. While this specific style of jacket has been in Patagonia’s selection for years, the newest model shows the effort they put into keeping their products sustainable. Beginning in 2014 The 800 down filling used in the jacket is now only sourced from Traceable Down, which is only harvested from geese and ducks that were killed for meat production and were not force fed or treated inhumanely, including animals raised for the production of foie Gras.

Continuing with their constant improvements towards more eco-friendly products, the current model of the ‘Men’s Down Sweater Jacket’ is made form 100% recycled polyester.
The latest model is also coated in a light layer of DWR (Durable Water Repellant) finish, which not only makes the coat windproof but also protects against the unexpected rainfall.
The jacket also has reinforced stitching throughout the out and inner coat, to keep the down in place and evenly distributed for maximum durability and comfort.


When bought directly form Patagonia the ‘Men’s Down Sweater Jacket’ is a splurge at $299 regular price (the women’s version is also $299 on the Patagonia website, and the child’s version retails at $119 online.) but many other outdoor retailers including, and REI, also sell the jacket at varying, often times lower prices. While that does seem like a large sum of money to put down for a lightweight jacket, time and time again the ‘Men’s Down Sweater Jacket’ has proven to be well worth the money spent.

Patagonia even has created a new reuse and recycle program for its pieces as well, so you can even purchase the Jacket used and in good condition through their Worn Wear Program.

This program now allows consumers to donate their used Patagonia clothing to be given a new life and new home to prevent their products from filling up landfills and they also allow customers to send in old and worn out pieces to be recycled and made into new products to reduce their carbon footprint.


With outstanding reviews and longtime fans, it is rare to see this down jacket with a less than four-star review online. For anyone who needs a lightweight jacket that keeps you warm on your adventures, and last for years, the ‘Men’s Down Sweater Jacket’ is a great piece to invest in.

And if you are concerned about environmental protection and conservation, this Patagonia ‘Men’s Down Sweater Jacket’ is a must have.

If you decide to go with a new model or want to try a new look, or it just doesn’t fit how it used to a few years down the road, don’t forget to recycle it so Patagonia can keep on creating these timeless pieces.


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