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5 Workouts To Get Your Blood Flowing And Improve Your Mental Health

You may never think about blood circulation; however, it’s vital for your well-being and good health.

Every minute, your heart pumps around five quarts of blood through your body’s blood vessels. If your blood circulation is working correctly, it will deliver oxygen to the rest of your body, eliminating waste.

On the other hand, if your circulation isn’t functioning correctly, there can be several symptoms. These include bloating, fluid retention, and numbness in the extremities as well as fatigue. If you’re already suffering from mental health problems, poor blood circulation won’t help.

Anxiety and depression are prevalent conditions these days, and improving your blood circulation will help to give your mental health a boost too. With that in mind, here are five efficient workouts that will benefit your body and mind.

Squats With A Resistance Band

This is a super-easy exercise that requires very little in the way of equipment. It works out your posterior subsystem including the lats, glutes, and hamstrings and it’s even a cardio workout too. Attach your resistance band onto an anchor – a column or tree would do the job – right at your stomach level. Hold the band at both ends then take one step back from your anchor. Squat down, keeping your arms extended fully. Return yourself to the upright position, bending your elbows so you pull the band in and keeping them close into your body. You should repeat this exercise three times, doing 10-15 reps each time.

Classic Push-Ups

Everyone thinks they know how to do a push-up, but actually, all too often they get it wrong. Push-ups are a great way to get your blood pumping. Push-ups are both a resistance and a cardio exercise and will get your core, chest, shoulder, and arm muscles working hard. If you can’t manage to do a push up from your toes, put your hands onto an incline or bench and lower down to there. This helps to engage the stabilizer and core muscles in the plank position. Make sure you hold your plank position by keeping your hands under the shoulders and keep your feet at hip-width apart. Bend out the elbows on either side and lower yourself part-way down. Then rise back up again. Repeat this three times, with 10-15 reps on each set.

Ankle Pumps

This practical exercise is excellent at working your calf muscles. When these large muscle contracts and releases it moves the blood through the arteries and veins of your lower leg preventing swelling and blood clots. All you need to do is stand comfortably then raise your heels, transferring your body weight onto the ball of your foot. Squeeze the calf muscles for a second. Repeat three times, with 20 reps in each set.

Punching And Twisting

If you’re looking for a cardio exercise that warms you up in no time and boosts your circulation, punching, and twisting is the way to go. It works for the big muscle groups in the arms, and this increases the blood flow. Extending and flexing the elbows works the arms while rotating the trunk targets the abdominal muscles. From a standing position, punch one of your arms out and twist your spine a little as you do it. Bring your arm back towards your chest and repeat with your other arm. You should repeat this three times, with 20 punches on both sides. Make sure you fully exhale after every punch. You can get even more out of this move by using a punching bag. You can find more information about picking the right punch bag for you by visiting This exercise is also great for your mental health since you can get out all your frustrations.

Go For A Jog

Jogging is an excellent exercise for both your mental health and your blood circulation. Don’t push yourself too far. If you don’t usually exercise, try just running to the end of the street and back at first. You can gradually increase the amount of exercise you do every day until you can run a mile or more. It’s a straightforward form of exercise, and all you need is a pair of sneakers!

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