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The Great Outdoors in Austin, TX

There are more than a thousand ways to explore Austin, Texas. More than before, the city of Texas has witnessed a shift from indoor activities to outdoor recreation, learning, fun, and exploration. With more understanding of nature and of the immense importance it serves, many people are venturing out to reconnect. In a bid to improve environmental performance, there is also a need to get outside and have some fun. Let us show you some exciting activities that you can do outdoors in Austin.

1. Take a cultural tour 

Schedule a cultural tour of the area to make the most of your visit. Besides, what better way to get to know the community than a dip into its cultural foundation. Walking tours all around Austin, for example, takes you to some of the most charming sites in the city. Then there is also the Austin Famous Ghost and Bat Segway Tour, Downtown Austin Tour, and so much more. You can also sign up to visit acclaimed hunted buildings, landmarks, and of course, the largest urban bat colony in the World.

2. Embark on a historical tour 

Another excellent way to learn about life in Austin is to look back at what life had been in Austin. What better way to do this than to join one of the many historical tours. The South Austin Museum of Popular Culture or the Texas Military Forces Museums are good places to learn about what had happened to appreciate better what you have now. Participate in the Historic Austin Segway Tour and glide through Downtown Austin with friends. The Paramount Theatre, Texas State Capitol, and many more sites are attractions that you will see on the way.

3. Join on art tours 

Street art and murals are familiar sights in Austin, especially in the Downtown area. The numerous outdoor art galleries and mural sights are ways that let you connect with the abundant outdoor life of Austin. Whether it is the spaceman with the flying pizza or till death do us part, each painting conveys the rich cultures of the neighborhood. Start with the Austin Mural Selfie tour and let your imagination travel wide without restraint.

4. Participate in dining experiences 

If all were about the scenery, then would be lots left to be desired on your trip to Austin. Top-notch restaurants around Austin serve the sumptuous of meals in the warmest of environments. If you want to experience what food tastes like in Austin, then you should visit the South Congress Avenue, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, or any restaurant for that matter. Most of the places offer American cuisine, local or foreign cuisine, seafood, and special diets.

5. Take a hike through the forest 

A hike through any of the tropical forest promises a Jurassic feeling filled with algae-covered swamps, flat trails, and murky swamps. Palmetto State Park is one of the many parks in Austin where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery and have fun.

6. Go camping or stargazing 

Set up camp or go hiking on a beautiful landscape. Pedernales Falls State Park is an excellent place to look for plants, birds, and local wildlife. You can also sign up for a deep on the sandy beaches or trek through rock formations and giant boulders. The most crucial factor is to go out there and connect with nature in your way. Let nothing stop you from sleeping under the open sky covered in a lightweight camping blanket with stars looking back down at you.

7. Throw a picnic 

Enjoy the neighborhood park, and enjoy sights around you on a picnic with friends and family. Since the city of Austin is not short on playgrounds, nature, preserves, and trails, it shouldn’t be hard finding the right spot for a picnic.

What is the best way to travel to Austin, Texas?

The best way to travel to Austin from any country is to apply for a travel Visa. With a visa, you can enjoy the beautiful and lush view around Austin. For citizens of countries covered by the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), the better way to travel is to apply for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). The ESTA qualifies citizens of any of the 38 countries covered by VWP to travel to the United States without a travel Visa. However, the visa must not be longer than 90 days and must be for either business or pleasure. It is easy to apply for ESTA visa online since your application is processed in not more than two days. Check ESTA visa status to find out if you qualify for the visa.


Take a dip in the clear and cold waters of Austin or visit the park and smell the flowers. You can also go for a hike, look at the starts, or watch the birds. As we said, there are more than 1000 reasons to get out and explore Austin.