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Tent Camping In The Great Outdoors

When it comes to finding the perfect way to relax and connect with nature, there is no better option than camping. There are many different ways to camp, such as RV camping, tent camping, and even truck camping.

Tent camping is the closest way to connect with the wild while still having a shelter over your head to protect you from the elements. When staying in a tent, you don’t have utilities at your side like a kitchen or Television. However, these amenities can make your camping experience easier when RV camping. If you’re looking to step out into the woods and relax without the technology of the world, then tent camping is the perfect way for you! 

5 Tent Camping Tips 

If you’re a beginner when it comes to tent camping, it can feel overwhelming with all the information out there. The good news for you is that it doesn’t take much to prepare for your first camping trip, and we’ve put together this list of five essential tent camping tips to help you get prepared for your first camping adventure! 

Create a Checklist For Gear and Essentials

Before going camping, it is very important to make sure you have all the necessary equipment and essentials for your trip. Things such as enough food and water to last the entirety of your trip should be some of the things included on your checklist. 

Forgetting just one of your essentials can affect your trip completely and may even ruin the experience. To avoid this, it’s important to create a checklist and run through it before you leave for your camping trip. 

Here’s our camping checklist of the most important items:
  • Tent with rain cover and tent footprint 
  • Water 
  • Food and snacks 
  • Propane grill for cooking 
  • Propane heater (During colder months) 
  • Cooking utensils 
  • Eating utensils 
  • Firestarters 
  • Lighter or matches 
  • Bug spray 
  • Trash bags (So you never leave garbage behind) 
  • Portable chargers 
  • Flashlights 

Note: These items are just a few of our highly recommended items to have while camping. For a complete list of camping gear, check out this article where we interview 20+ camping experts to find out their must-have hiking and camping essentials!

Bring Fire Starters and Dry Wood 

One of the most important things to make sure you bring on your next camping adventure is fire starters and Drywood. Nothing will crush your spirits more than when you’re out in the woods camping and can’t get a fire started. Whether you can’t find proper kindling or all the wood is wet, not having a fire while camping is never fun. 

Fires are very useful when it comes to camping. They can provide heat and light when it is dark and also be used for cooking over during your trip. 

For those of you that ever find yourself in a survival situation, you can also use fire to boil water from rivers or streams to make it safe to drink. This kills any bacteria that can be in the water, which is something you need to do when drinking water from rivers or ponds. 

When it comes to fire starters, there are many different options on the market to choose from. These can be found in different sizes and made of different materials, all of which provide great sources of fire starters. 

Here are some of our favorites:
  • Duraflame Firestart Cubes
  • Weber Lighter Cubes
  • Meeco’s Red Devil Firelighting Squares
  • Midwest Hearth Fire Starter Squares
  • Bangerz Sunz Fire Starter Squares

Plan/Prep Your Meals 

I know this sounds like so much planning going on by now, but often the level of enjoyment you get out of camping is directly correlated to how much planning you put in beforehand. 

Planning your meals is totally optional, but doing it will take a big task off your to-do list at camp. You want to plan easy meals that can be cooked on a portable grill or over a fire since these will most likely be your only cooking options. 

Examples of simple and tasty camping meals:
  • Hot dogs or hamburgers 
  • Grilled cheese 
  • Walking Tacos 
  • Soups 
  • Precooked chicken (that only needs to be heated up) 

There are many different foil packs and simple camping recipes to find online or makeup yourself. These are just a few of our favorites that are easy to make and taste great! 

Keep Food In Coolers or Lock Box

When it comes to camping, many people share the same concern about animals coming into their campsite looking for food. The best way to avoid this is by keeping your food inside of coolers, storage bins, or lockboxes.

When the food is contained in one of these, it contains the smell of the food, so animals are not attracted to your camp. The same goes for leftover food or garbage that should be secured in a garbage bag that is tied shut.

Taking these steps will keep animals out of your campsite so you can enjoy your getaway with friends or family. 

Here are a few recommendations for lockboxes and storage boxes.

Bring A First Aid Kit

When it comes to safety when camping, there are many important things to remember. The number one rule of thumb should always be to bring a first aid kit with you when you go camping. From small cuts, you only need a band-aid for or a more serious injury. A first aid kit will always be helpful in these situations. 

Camping is a very fun activity that thousands of people do each year without any accidents or injuries. However, I like to live by the rule “better to be safe than sorry,” which is why I make sure I have my first aid kit with me every time I enter the woods on camping trips.


Tent camping is the best way to truly connect with the outdoors when camping. The experience created while tent camping is one you will always remember and love. From quiet summer nights sitting around the campfire with family or star gazing from the mountains, tent camping is full of endless opportunities. I hope this information has been helpful, and remember to check back and look over these tips before your next camping adventure.