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Need a Bigger Boat? Here’s Our Top Best Ocean Fishing Boats

Are you someone who loves to sail the ocean waters and go fishing but can’t because you don’t have a good enough boat? 

You have already started looking on eBay to buy a boat and, you have no prior knowledge about it? Well, look no further because you have come to the right place; we’ll help you understand what you need to look for. 

When it comes to fishing boats, you can choose to invest in boats like a bass or jon boat or go for the more traditional ones like trawlers, center consoles, and walkarounds. 

We’ll talk about all that in our top picks for ocean fishing boats. So, let’s get started! 

Characteristics of Ocean Fishing Boats

When it comes to characteristics of ocean boats, there are many features you may or may not need to look at. From spacious decks and transom doors, rod holders, and fighting chairs, an ocean boat can be equipped with a lot of amenities. 

It’s likely you won’t need all of these characteristics on your boat, but it doesn’t lessen your chances of fishing either. Here are some characteristics you can lookout for. 

  • Fish boxes, built-in coolers and livewells – You can fill the boxes with live bait and also store all the fish you’ll be catching in it. 
  • Fighting chairs – These chairs can range from being straightforward chairs to handcrafted machines. Not only are they bolted to the deck of your boat, but they are super comfortable and safe too. Some of the features these chairs include are adjustable pedestals, footrests, rod holders and padded arms. 
  • Flybridge – You can use this to sit up high and spot fish more easily. Not to mention, you also get to take in the scenery around you and enjoy your fishing too. 
  • High-power engines – These engines are fast and can power through heavy chops. You can also get back to shore quicker if you spot any bad weather coming your way. 
  • Outriggers – These poles help to hold your fishing lines out and into the water, keeping it away from the boat. 
  • Non-skid decks – Nobody enjoys slipping on a deck full of fish guts and whatnot. Would you? 
  • Rod holders – The built-in cups help to hold rods even if they’re swiveling. 
  • Spacious decks – You’ll have room for your gears, the fish you’ll reel in, and the friends you’ll suddenly have after buying an awesome ocean fishing boat.
  • Transom doors – These doors give you effortless access to your boat’s stern for reeling in fish. 

Now, before you jump into looking at boats for sale after learning about these characteristics, let’s go take a look at the best ocean fishing boat models that are out there. Then you can buy one, we promise! 

Best Ocean Fishing Boat Models

If you’re not sure what kind of boat will be the best for you, have no fear! There’s something for everybody. Here’s some of our top fishing boats that might help you narrow down your own!  

Bertram 35

First, we have the Bertram 35 – it has a spacious deck with an outrigger fishing capabilities, rod storage, and a flybridge with a useful below deck. It’s luxurious, and you can have family, friends, or crew members on board with ease. 

Not only that, the deep-V hull can smoothly take on waves, and you can get offshore very quickly with speeds that go up to over 30 knots! 

Luhrs 340 Convertible Sportfish

The Luhrs 340 Convertible Sportfish is an absolute beauty that comes with a molded-in flybridge stair design. This is a great change from having metal ladders that are found in most fishing boats. 

Moreover, this awesome boat is incorporated with a bait prep station and insulated cooler box, a large mounted-in fish box, a live well, and a transom gate as well. 

Grady White Freedom 275 Dual Console

Dual console boats fall into the recreational category of boats. It’s not just a fishing boat; you can use it for just cruising around in fresh or saltwater. And that’s not all, you have the space for hosting your sunbathing friends on the bow seating while you chill out with your fishing off the aft deck. 

The Grady White Freedom also comes with a 165-quart insulated box, plenty of rod holders and a very large livewell. This boat comes with an additional 165-quart insulated box, plenty of rod holders and a fairly large livewell.

Whether you’re an angler, swimmer, or a diver, the transom door and swim platform can be a blessing for you all. 

Sailfish 320 Express

The Sailfish 320 comes with multiple rod holders, a high-performing hull, a 30-gallon livewell and two tackle stations. This boat is perfect for the Gulf, the ocean, and saltwater bays! 

Not only that, this beauty comes with speakers, spotlight, and shade. The inlets in the keys are not always clear to the eyes, but that spotlight helps a lot. 

Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless

The Boston Whaler is a favorite among whalers and rightly so. These boats are sturdy and reliable, and the 270 Dauntless comes with an optional hardtop with several rod holders. 

The top cover is a must-have for any boat as we all know how hot the sun can get sometimes. What’s even more great about this boat is that there is plenty of storage under the aft seat for holding buckets, rods, and any kind of gear in the leaning post. 

You can also take a freshwater shower after your fishing and wash off all the sea water! 

Albemarle 32 Express

Finally, the Albemarle 32 is a long-established boat and a favorite amongst many. 

Fitted and mounted with a non-skid deck and a fighting chair, it also has a cockpit, a tackle center with drawers, twin 50-gallon fish boxes, fresh water washdowns and a bait prep center! 

The cabin is a great addition for those who want to get away for the weekend with their friends and family and just have a good time chilling and fishing. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that we hope our article helps you to find the right boat that’s meant for you with all the features and characteristics you can hope for. Just don’t forget to boast to your friends after catching some nice fish!