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Designing Your Garden: Low-cost Decoration Tips to Beautify Your Garden


Remodifying and upgrading the exterior of your home is an excellent way to make a space that showcases your personality. You can find a lot of low-budget landscaping ideas you can do on your own without exhausting your wallet.

Making a modern and beautiful yard doesn’t have to be expensive. Even those classy and gorgeous layouts you can find in TV shows and magazines are achievable, all thanks to professionals and designers who find sustainable materials and plants. Today, you can use a variety of materials that are reusable, low-maintenance, and budget-friendly.

1. Consider the Space of Your Yard

The first thing you should do is assess your yard and think about how you intend to use it. Does it have a big space that you want to use for entertainment? Do you want to increase its appeal? Do you want it to be more functional and consider planting vegetables and herbs? Recognizing what you want will guide you in deciding the overall design of your yard.

2. Invest in Useful Garden Equipment

While it’s true that garden tools and equipment can be expensive, they will pay for themselves long-term as they will make the work easier, faster, and more effective. Great examples that you should think about getting are a lawnmower (consider one that has good engine power for an effortless lawn mowing), chainsaw, shovel, leaf rake, and a weed cutter. Learn about all of the benefits of reel mowers here.

A mini dumper machine is helpful if you have a huge backyard that needs more cleaning and maintenance. It will help transport any type of material that will greatly reduce the time and energy needed in completing garden work. Thick kneeling pads can also come in handy during long hours of gardening for better knee support.

3. Ask Family, Friends, and Neighbors for Cuttings

You can grow different plants and flowers from small cuttings of a different plant. Before going to the store to buy seeds and plants, ask people close to you that own attractive yards for some small cuttings. Some plants and flowers, such as succulents and the butterfly bush, grow beautifully from small clippings and will surely increase the appeal of the exterior of your home.

4. Choose Ornamental Grasses for Your Yard

Grasses add color, texture, and appeal to your garden. They are low-maintenance that helps enhance the look of your home’s exterior. Examples that you should consider adding to your garden include Fountaingrass, Zoysia, Blue Oatgrass, Flax, Feather Reedgrass, and Little Bluestem.

5. Consider Planting Perennials

Perennials are plants that return annually, while annuals only live for a single season. For an inexpensive flower alternative, fill your yard with perennials. They are a bit expensive but they are a good investment. You will only purchase them once and will continue to make your garden beautiful every year.

Some awesome examples include Veronica, Sage, Coneflower, Kangaroo Paw, Astilbe, Buddleia, Allium, and Baptisia. When deciding on the layout of flowers – choose whether you want a mixture of perennials with different colors or different flowers that share the same shade.

6. Use Household Items for Your Planters

It’s most likely that you already have what you need to grow your plants, flowers, and vegetables. This means you no longer need to purchase planters or raised beds from the store. Awesome low-cost planters that you may own already include old tires, wine barrels or crates, and pallets.

Group reused planters at varying lengths for dimension and depth and to create a focal point to your yard. Another budget-friendly way to repurpose your planters is by giving them a fresh paint. Choose colors that will harmonize the entire look of your garden.     

7. Choose Gravel to Add Accent to Your Garden

Gravel is an excellent and cheap material that you can use in areas of your garden where plants and flowers won’t thrive. Some of these spots are drainage problems and too much foot traffic. Gravel is durable and requires minimum maintenance and is capable of providing a modern look.

8. Use Native Plants

Using native plants mean they will require less maintenance. They are used to the type of soil you have in your area and they don’t require too much sun or shade. This means you can grow them much easier without needing too much of your time.

9. Make Use of Grass Cuttings

After mowing your grass, leave the grass cuttings where they are. Once they decay, they will transform into fertilizers and will provide great nutrients to the soil. This will help reduce the amount of fertilizer you’re going to apply, which will essentially cut your budget for garden maintenance. For a garden with trees and bamboo, you will need to use a proper tool to eliminate branches and pruning. Using a garden shredder will help you with reducing garden waste and save your time and effort, said

10. Use Unique Materials to Add to Your Garden

You’ll be surprised at how many you can reuse in your house. You can repurpose used materials like old copper, wood scraps, and corrugated steel. You can use these materials for your patio or fence. These will make your home’s outdoors unique, attractive, and will surely stand out!

11. Use Geometric Patterns for Ground Cover and Pavers

A low-budget idea that has great aesthetics is using ground cover and pavers. If your yard has bare earth or unused space, you can reuse broken pavers and make mosaic patters you desire. To create contrast, plant creeping sedum or moss between the lines connecting them.

12. Create Long-term Goals for Your Yard

Long-term goals mean you don’t have to complete everything all at once. This is especially true if you only have a limited budget for your garden project. You can increase your progress according to the season. Don’t forget that your garden is a continual project and may seem that it will never be a finished project. Just always remember their proper maintenance and along the way, you can add decors that you think will fit best.