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6 Ways To Spend Your Summer Holidays In Spain

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many problems, and it has probably ruined any traveling plans you had as well. Though we cannot travel right now, planning your next vacation is a great way to get through the long quarantine days. 

However, planning a vacation is not that easy; you need to find the right destination and plan a suitable itinerary; two of the most challenging tasks when planning a vacation. Well, don’t worry, because we have got you covered. 

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Hopefully, we will travel next summer, and one of the best destinations for a summer vacation in Spain. The fantastic country has a lot to offer, with its amazing festivals, breathtaking natural beauty, lively people, delicious cuisine, interesting history, and fascinating culture. 

Moreover, Summer is the time when Spain comes to life. The bright sunshine makes everything better and allows you to enjoy the exceptional beaches of Spain as well. Therefore, today I am going to tell you about six exciting ways in which you can spend your next summer vacation in Spain. So, keep reading to learn more.

Take Part In The Incredible Tomatina Festival:

Though several festivals are organized in Spain every year, one of the most iconic ones is the Tomatina festival. Organized during the last week of August, in the small town named Buñol, the Tomatina festival does involve tomatoes, and it is a food fight beyond your wildest dreams. 

On the last day of the festival, thousands of ripe tomatoes are brought into the city square by trucks, and people stay ready. When the event starts, the tomatoes are dumped in the square, and the fight begins. The ripe tomatoes are smashed at walls and thrown at each other until the entire town seems to be covered in tomato pulp. 

This festival is the most popular in Spain, and more than 40,000 people attend it every year. It is also officially recognized as the largest sanctioned food fight in the world. Therefore, you are certain to have a unique experience participating in this festival. 

Moreover, though the main food fight happens on the last day, the entire week before the festival is filled with great experiences, and the tiny town of Buñol becomes very lively. There are fireworks, celebrations, and a massive Paella cooking content in the city. Therefore, if you are visiting Spain in the late summer, you need to take part in this iconic and unique festival. 

Enjoy the Malaga’s August Fair:

If you feel festive after attending the Tomatina Festival, you should plan to attend the August festival in Malaga. This is also a very exciting activity to take part in while you are in Spain. 

On the evening of the festival, the streets in Malanga are lit up by 300,000 light bulbs and over 200,000 colorful street lanterns, making for an amazing sight. The streets have several food stalls, the music continues to play all night, and people wear colorful traditional dresses. 

Overall, it is a really fun experience, which gives you an insight into Spanish culture. 

Enjoy The History, Culture, And Art Of Barcelona:

City of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most amazing cities, and you need to check it out on your next vacation. Moreover, during the summer, most of the city’s popular spots aren’t that crowded either. 

If you are a fan of architecture, you need to check out the Cathedral of Barcelona and the La Sagrada Familia, which is a landmark church designed by Gaudi. Moreover, if you are looking for a place to cool down, you should head to Parc de la Ciutadella, a popular boating lake park with a waterfall.

If you want to do some shopping, you should head to La Rambla, Barcelona, a large, tree-lined pedestrian street in the city’s heart, with several shops and brand outlets. You should also visit the vibrant market known as Mercado de La Boqueria, where you can try several delicious Spanish cuisines. 

You can also buy some property in Barcelona and make Spain a permanent summer vacation destination. Check out some Spanish Homes online to find a listing that interests you. 

Roam Around The Historic City Of Cordoba:

Cordoba is one of the oldest cities in Spain, and if you find historical architecture and culture fascinating, you will love this city. With loads of well-preserved medieval marvels and architectural brilliance of the Moorish empire, there are many witnesses in this city. 

Check out the grand Mezquita mosque, one of the must-see landmarks in the city; however, it now serves as a Cathedral.  Moreover, you should visit the Medina Azahara, the remains of a 10th-century palace, and the Torre De Calahorra, a medieval gate tower on the ancient Roman bridge. 

To experience cordoba’s culture, you should head to the town square, which can be dated back to the 17th century. Formerly known as the Plaza de la Corredera, this ancient town square has several food markets, restaurants, and cafes, to enjoy a nice coffee at the end of your day. 

Check Out The Popular Shooting Destinations For The Popular Show “Game of Thrones”:

Did you know that a major part of the super hit TV Show, “Game of Thrones,” was shot in Spain? Most of the shooting locations are easily accessible, and if you are a big fan of the show, you should check them out. 

Firstly, you should check out Seville’s iconic Royal Alcázar, an ancient Moorish palace that doubled as the location for the palace and gardens of Dorne, in season 5 of the show and onwards. Moreover, the Girona old town and Arab baths were used as a location for the “Free City of Essos” in Season 6. 

Though the iconic and fictional city of Kings Landing in the series was filmed mostly in Croatia, you should check out the Girona Cathedral in Spain, which doubled as the “Sept of Baelor,” one of the largest buildings in King’s landing. 

Lastly, you should also visit the Basque Country in northern Spain. Here the isle of Gaztelugatxe doubled as the filming location for “Dragonstone,” the ancestral home of “Daenerys Targaryen.”

Enjoy The Breathtaking Beaches Of Costa Brava:

Summers in Spain is amazing, and it is the perfect time to enjoy the incredible beaches in the country. Though Spain is more famous for other attractions, its beaches are comparable to another destination globally, especially those on Costa Brava, which is located in the North of Barcelona, near the French border. 

Check out the Tamariu Beach, and experience its picturesque waters and long stretches of white sand. This beach also has several facilities, including beachfront bars and seafood restaurants. 

Sa Caleta beach is another popular spot on Costa brava, and it also has the remains of an old Spanish castle near it. If you are looking for a private and breathtaking beach to enjoy with your partner, you need to head to the tiny cove of Cala del Pi.