Last modified on September 27th, 2020 at 11:09 am

9 Things You Can Do Now to Keep Your Dog Safer

As a responsible owner of a loving pup, ensuring the best possible safety to your pet is your first concern. You care about your dog, love him immensely, and provide him with thousands of products to ensure his comfort. But have you ever thought what if you lose him or he falls into danger all of a sudden? You may never imagine anything wrong can happen to your beloved pooch, but unfortunately, any risk can fall upon your pet within a blink of an eye, leaving you to feel bewildered! However, a bit extra precaution and safety measures can help you keep your loving pup safer and enjoy your time to the fullest. 

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Things to Ensure the Safety of Your Dog

Unless you adopt some safety measures, you cannot keep your canine safe, especially when the world is infested with risks and dangers! Let’s be precise and offer you some tips you can adopt now to ensure your canine is safe and secure.

Keep Your Canine Leashed

We know you love to let your dog run freely and leash him off, but it can be hazardous in some cases. Keeping the pup on a leash helps you control him better, especially when you are outside. You may have trained him to stay on the sidewalk, but the dog may walk onto the street all of a sudden. Moreover, it is against the law to keep your dog unleashed in public places, and authority can even pick him! 

Keep him Safe with Tags and Microchips

It’s overwhelming seeing people removing dog collars from their canines’ necks for no reason! Again, some forget to put on the collar after bathing the dog or get annoyed with its sound. But the truth is, making him wear a collar with an updated tag of his information is a must to ensure his safety. But a dog collar can break off, or the pup can slip out of it anytime! In such a situation, a microchip can be your savior. Don’t get terrified. Microchips are the best way to find your address by scanning the dog when you lose him. They are painless and don’t take more than two minutes to get inserted into your pet’s skin. 

Plan Ahead of Sudden Occurrences in your Home

Your canine may be very gentle and keep calm while the people he knows are around him. But a sudden visit of friends or any unexpected chaos can make your dog frightened, resulting in his running off! Take proper precautionary measures to avoid any risk of his escape and keep the pet with someone trusted till the house is calm again!

Train for Recall

No one knows when a critical situation can arise. If you train your pet to follow your voice commands, you can keep him in control always. He may go out of your sight, get distracted on a busy road, and lose his understanding of direction. Make sure you can handle such an unexpected situation by teaching him ‘recall commands.’ When you train him with emergency voice commands, he can understand your call and come back to you safely. 

Be Attentive When the Pet is in the Park

You love to take your beloved pooch to the park, walk along with him and have a chit chat with other dog parents, right? Your jolly pet may also love to greet other pets. It’s fun, but unless you guard and control your dog, he may find a way to slip off your hand easily and run away without you realizing it. So, while enjoying time with other dog parents and your pet in the park, keep a close eye on your pet and guard his activities.

Drive Safely with your Canine

You may love to enjoy a ride with your pup, but unless you take safety precautions while driving with him, both of you may face unexpected issues. Keep him restrained inside the car, and never drive keeping the pet in your lap. Never allow him in the front seat and restrict his movements with a barrier, crate, or car harness to avoid any potential accident by the distraction the pet can cause. 

Never Leave the Dog Alone in the Car

It is never a good idea to leave your dog alone in a car, especially if yours belong to a breed sensitive to heat that can lead to a heat-stroke in your pet. Don’t keep him inside even on a winter day as heat can get trapped, and the unattended car can function as a greenhouse chamber. Besides the chances of heat-stroke, leaving the pet alone in the car can make him anxious, resulting in abnormal behaviors.

Keep Dangerous Products Out of Reach

Ensure you keep all dangerous and toxic chemicals like cleaning products or insecticides away from the reach of your pet as dogs are intelligent enough to get into all places! Unless you are careful and store the products at a height the dog cannot reach, he can swallow them, causing severe health issues. 

Secure Your Garden

Your canine may love outdoor activities like jumping or digging in your garden. But it can be a nightmare unless you enclose the garden with proper fencing. Thus the pet cannot cross the border and escape easily. 

Some simple yet effective steps can keep your canine safer and help you avoid potential dangers.