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How To Use Clean and Renewable Energy While Reducing Monthly Electricity Bills

Save the planet and save yourself some money in the process too? Is there anything better? Clean energy such as solar power allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Going solar has two main advantages. First you will save a lot on your electricity bills in the long run.

Secondly, because you will be using the energy of the sun, your carbon footprint will decrease, doing your part to save the world. These are some of the reasons why the world is moving towards solar power and other clean energies. It’s go solar or go home. This technology has the potential to become part of every aspect of our lives, including our cars.

What is Solar Energy?

Our sun radiates a lot of energy. It’s this energy that gives the planet life. However, even after powering our entire planet, a lot of energy remains unused. This is where solar technology comes into play. As the sun energy radiates onto the earth’s surface, solar panels are used to collect this energy.

These solar panels take the sun’s radiant clean energy and convert it to heat and light energy for use in the home. The energy is stored temporarily and used for heating, lighting and in a multitude of home appliances.
Solar energy storage has always been a drawback to the proliferation of the technology. However, as the technology reaches a wider audience, more investment is being put into the field. This has made it possible for the industry to grow in leaps and bounds.

Tax incentives put into place by the government and states such as New Jersey have also made clean energy that much more attractive. And Mother Nature thanks us. As the clean energy industry grows, so too do the service providers, to help you choose, install and maintain your system. This is definitely the right time to go solar.

How Solar Power Works?

We have all seen solar panels in place on houses, buildings, and businesses. Everyone gets the idea that they collect sunlight and then use it as clean energy for the home, building, or business. But how does it actually work?
Solar panels are comprised of solar cells and are made of silicon. Silicon is abundant on the planet so there are no worries about over mining. When sun energy reaches the solar panels, energy is directed to external circuits connected to the solar panels. This energy will be used for appliances in the home, with no burning of fossil fuels, like conventional electricity. Thus, giving us clean reusable energy.

An added benefit derived from this process is the fact that solar cells can last for decades because electrons, the only moving parts in the cells, do not get lost or used up. This longevity means that even if it can be a little pricey when you invest in solar power for your house, you will reap long term benefits.

Benefits of Using Solar Power

Using affordable clean energy is a major benefit of using solar power. However, there are other factors and benefits to consider as well when you are about to install a solar power system in your home, building or business.
It’s Renewable Energy

The sun is a renewable energy source. This means that it not only can be used everywhere, but most importantly it cannot run out. The only way we could run out of solar power is if the sun was to die, and in that apocalyptic scenario a hot bath would be the last of our worries.

The same cannot be said of fossils fuels though. These have a finite resource and one that is running out. This means that we have to embrace clean energy now.

Reduces Electricity Bills

Can you imagine having as much heating as you would like through winter and not have to pay through the nose when the electricity bill comes? This is one of the realities when using solar energy. Your electricity bill will be reduced because you will be using less of the electricity provided by the grid. It is usually wise to keep connected to the grid, just in case, but this is quickly becoming unnecessary.

The best part is that states like New Jersey offer tax incentives and subsidies for people installing and using solar power. And in the case of you generating more power than you use, you can sell those extra units back into the grid. Yes, you will help generate clean energy for others, and get paid. How sweet is that?

Versatile Uses

The applications for solar energy and technology are diverse and keep on getting more and more diverse. Currently solar energy is used for heating and lighting. It is even used to run cars. That’s not to mention the applications in remote areas where the grid usually doesn’t reach. This clean energy can also be used to run water distilleries in water poor areas. Even some camping equipment uses solar energy and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Low Maintenance Costs

A drawback of many clean energies is the cost of moving off the grid and installing the new system. This is also true in the case of solar power. However, an upshot to the installation is the low maintenance cost of solar power systems. Most solar panels come with a 20 to 25-year warranty, and the service fees are also very low.

Technological Development

As we move towards more clean energy, technological improvements grow geometrically. We look to experts and service providers like Bill Hoey from NJ Solar Power, LLC to advance the industry and to advise us on better, more efficient ways to use solar power. This has helped the industry move forward over time.
Clean energies are a great benefit to not only the environment but to your home and pocket. There are some drawbacks to using solar energy, such as the cost and weather dependence; however, these drawbacks are overshadowed by the advantages and benefits of using solar energy.

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