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4 Of The Best Cycling Trails in Ireland

Ireland is an ideal location for all types of cyclists. The Emerald Isle of Ireland has everything. From short scenic routes for those wanting to enjoy a relaxed cycle, to challenging routes for the more confident cyclists out there. There are dozens of cycling trails just waiting to be explored. In this post, we’re detailing some of the very best cycling spots in Ireland. This will help you narrow down the best cycling trails suited to your preferences and capabilities.

Best Cycling Trails in Ireland

1. Killarney National Park Loop

Killarney National Park Loop is made up of three routes. One is a designated cycling route, and one is a walking route. Another one is marked as a red route, which is not safe for children.

All three paths will take you through the stunning views of the Loch Lein, which is the largest lake in Killarney.

This trail is ideal for those wanting to take their time and explore the offerings of the incredibly scenic park. In the three hours that it takes to complete, you will see some amazing sights, including Muckross House, Ross Castle, and Dinnis Cottage.

2. Tralee to Dingle Peninsula Loop

This trail is part of the stunning coastal touring route, Wild Atlantic Way. It can be completed in just one day if you prefer a challenge, or you can pace yourself and spread it over a number of days, making the most of your time there. The route is 122 miles long and can be rather strenuous for those who cycle less frequently. The trail is shaped in the figure of 8, and along the way, you’ll enjoy stunning views, including the breathtaking Dingle Peninsula.

3. Blessington Lakes, Wicklow Mountains, and Glendalough Loop

Located in County Wicklow, east of Ireland is the cycling loop of Blessington Lakes, Wicklow Mountains, and Glendalough. This route is approximately 75km long and can be completed within a day for those who enjoy a cycling challenge. Of course, if you’d prefer to make a holiday out of it and take the time to enjoy more of the sights to be seen along the way, you can break it into smaller chunks.

There is truly so much to see along this route, including some of Wicklow’s most popular locations, such as Lough Tay, Baltyboy House, and Valleymount Village.

The loop itself is circular, which means you can start your journey at any point in the route. And still, have the opportunity to witness the scenery along. With that in mind, the most popular starting points of this route are Dublin, Tinnahinch, and Glendalough.

4. Black Valley and Gap of Dunloe Loop

If you’re a keen cyclist and planning a trip to County Kerry, then the Black Valley and Gap of Dunloe Loop is a must-visit.

It is a stunning cycling trail that is best enjoyed when you take the time to really take in the scenic views that the trails offer. In total, it takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete fully.

Although short, this loop can be difficult for those with little to no experience with cycling trails. It can be a challenging trail, but extremely rewarding once fully completed.

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