Last modified on October 15th, 2021 at 7:32 pm

5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Garden This Summer

With the approach of summer on the horizon (we’re just a couple of months away!), comes the excitement of being able to spend a greater amount of time outside. If you have a garden, you will probably want to get the full benefit of it. However, it’s not enough sometimes to just sit in the sunshine, especially if you have young children or are just very active people. In the following post, therefore, we have put together five creative and enjoyable activities to participate in your garden during the warmer months.


Britain is home to a wide variety of different birds of all shapes, sizes and colours. You probably have visitors to your garden regularly, even without trying. Particularly if you have flowers and trees. However, if you really want to attract some stunning birds to watch, investing in a hummingbird feeder is a sure-fire way to make it happen. A good bird food will also go along well with it. Hummingbirds, of all the birds in the animal world, are perhaps one of the most intriguing, given how quickly their wings need to flap together to keep them in the air. One of the smallest types of birds, but also one of the most courageous and that distinctive hum is pleasurable to the ears.

If you want to learn more about birding you may use an identification/field guide and a pair of good binoculars. Choosing a good pair of birding binoculars is however quite a bit tricky. There are some good reference sites (for instance, that may help you find the right pair of binoculars for your specific need.

Create an Obstacle Course for Your Children

Obstacle courses are a lot of fun. Rather than just being a race about speed and agility, obstacle courses require a lot of other skills. You and your children need to climb over and crawl under things. Can you make your own obstacle course though? Well, yes. All you really need is some bits and pieces that may already be in the garden or in your home. Chairs, slides, hula hoops and other items like that can all make great obstacles. You could even have a dressing up station where you must put on a different piece of clothing each lap.

Paint a Garden Picture

What could be more creative than getting a pad or sheet of paper and easel and drawing, painting or even both, whatever you see in front of you. You all could do it as a family. It’s a great way to get your kids out from behind their screens and doing something creative. It’s also interesting to see the different takes each of you have on the same area. Everyone will have slightly different drawing and painting styles. It doesn’t need to even be a competition, although that may prove to be a great incentive for children who are a bit hesitant to participate.

Build a Treehouse or Fort

If you have some large trees, and enjoy working with raw materials, you could take on the fun and rewarding challenge of building a treehouse. Your kids will appreciate having a special place to hide out that they can turn into a den and you’ll feel good that you’ve been able to create something fun for them that’s not cost the world.

If you don’t have suitable trees for that kind of structure, you could take the idea of a den and move it to ground level. Even if you don’t want to use any wood or have a permanent structure, you could use a tent or tarpaulin and make a special covered area at the back of your garden in the more shaded area.

Have a Homegrown Garden Party

Garden parties, cook-offs and BBQs are some of the best things to do when the weather warms up and the sun’s shining almost all the time. We’re sure you’ll be doing these plenty anyway, but why not give them a nice and intriguing twist? For instance, if you and many of your friends and family grow your own produce, whether it’s fruit, vegetables or even herbs and spices, you could make it a stipulation that anything anyone brings (including the food you prepare) must feature homegrown ingredients.

You could make it a rule that the recipe must really make the main homegrown ingredient sing. As well as benefitting from a healthier range of food to eat, you all have the benefit of really enjoying the fruits of your labour.

As hosts, excluding your own dishes and food, you could award winners and hand out prizes to give your guests a little motivation to get into the spirit of things. You may also add more detail to your garden by getting a good landscape service from North Shore Landscaping for a fresh new look.

So, when you’ve had enough of just sitting back and relaxing in your garden and want to do something a bit more creative and interesting, we’ve given you 5 great ideas to try out this summer.