Last modified on December 10th, 2020 at 8:58 pm

How a Focus on Well-being is Changing the Healthcare Industry

It is a proven fact that being connected to nature improves our health and wellbeing, and the movement towards reconnecting with natural spaces is growing. It is shaping the future of our cities and helping more people get outside and enjoying the fresh air while they exercise.

The movement, however, has also brought a shift to the healthcare industry. With fitness monitors that can be worn like watches, health tracking apps, and more, the need for medical care and monitoring to extend out of hospitals and clinics is there.

MedcareMSO has gone from just focusing on new hospital devices to a trusted name in medical billing and with firms like Healthcare IT available, the professionals are very much accustomed to getting things done quickly and efficiently. Because of a number of options on the table, a complete overview of the billing solutions are provided, including medical billing services and healthcare recovery assistance.

Medical product development is shifting from just focusing on new hospital devices to devices for all, and with firms like DeviceLab Engineering available, an increase in options is available for smaller companies that don’t have the R&D budget on their own.

The Arrival of 5G and Instant Communication

We are all familiar with a panic button. For the elderly, it is a device they wear around their neck that they can push if they have fallen over or if they believe they are having a heart attack, stroke, or another medical emergency. In the future, this sort of connection will be available to everyone. With secure and fast connection offered by 5G, periodical health updates can be sent to your doctor’s system. If a spike occurs, your doctor can then send an automated request for you to book an appointment.

When early detection is key to surviving and minimizing the impact of many diseases, this can save lives and help reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Personalized Healthcare

A custom approach to your health is always preferred, but until now, it was not realistic. With the arrival of more secure systems of passing on information (blockchain technologies) and with genetic profiles, healthcare professionals can see right from the start your entire health history. From latent genetics that makes it more likely you will develop certain diseases, to deficiencies you never knew you had. Regulation and further security measures will need to be implemented in order to maintain privacy and to secure this information, but the future of personalized healthcare looks bright.

Information Will Become More Accessible

If data can be securely extracted on a large-scale basis without compromising on the privacy of patients, it will allow for big data pattern recognition to occur and develop more comprehensive understandings of diseases and treatments alike. Currently the healthcare industry suffers from what is known as a “silo mentality”, or, in other terms, each hospital acts on its own, when collaboration is what is necessary to push the industry forward.

Adoption of Multiple Approaches

Finally, it is expected that we will see healthcare professionals provide a multi-pronged approach to treatment that caters to the health and wellbeing of patients. How mood and a person’s mental state works in conjunction with their recovery has been well noted, and a recovery regimen that uses medicine, therapy, and natural remedies like a recommendation to spend more time outdoors will be commonplace in the future.