Last modified on September 28th, 2020 at 12:18 am

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Marigolds

Marigolds are not only bright orange beautiful flowering plants but they have many uses and benefits. This flowering plant is common in many vegetable gardens. Certain species of this flower have impressive benefits hence you can consider growing some in your garden to use them in various ways. Once you harvest the marigold flower, you can dry it to use it for many medicinal properties. However, you must confirm that the specie that you grow is among those that are useful for their health benefits. In this article, you will learn of the impressive health benefits of marigolds. 

1. Helps Lower Inflammation And Free Radical Damage 

As the marigold flowers have active chemicals, this flowering herb is best to help with lowering inflammation and free radical damage. The extracts from the flower are useful to lower cytokine level, C-reactive protein, and also it protects cells from damage from free radicals. These are the main causes of cell deterioration and aging. Together with this, it helps to defend against infections of the genitals, skin, and GI tract that is caused by bacteria or by viruses. Additionally, research has shown that the marigold can help to fight growth bacteria in wounds and also helps to reduce symptoms associated with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. 

2. It Repels Bugs Naturally  

Not only are marigolds great for defending against infectionsbut they are amazing to naturally repel bugs. This is due to the pungent odor, volatile oils, and antioxidant content that they have. Also, you can use them in extract form in candles, bug sprays, and room sprays. As for the skin, use it as a lotion to help protect and prevent mosquito bites. This is beneficial to individuals that live in areas that are prone to mosquitoes and other bugs that irritate the skin. Alternatively, plant the flowers in your garden as the aroma from the flowers helps to keep the nematodes and other pests away from eating your crops. Therefore, they act as good companion plants. So, many gardeners love adding this flower to their vegetable garden for this benefit. 

3. It Helps With Skin-Related Issues 

Using marigold to apply to irritated skin or that with other skin issues like wounds, rashes, and burns is a practice that started since the historical times and is still present today due to its effectiveness. When you use it in this way, it helps to reduce redness, dryness, itchiness, swelling, and sensitivity. Other than this, it also can increase blood flow to affected areas, promote the growth of healthy new tissue. It helps to quicken the skin repair following damage or surgery, and it helps boost collagen production that helps to strengthen and firm the skin. Use it also with other natural lubricating products to hydrate and firm the skin to those with dry and flaky skin. Other skin uses that it helps with are diaper rash, to reduce eczema, soothe skin after shaving, among others. 

4. Has Natural Antiseptic Properties 

Using marigold extract to apply in drop form to the ear canal is well researched and helps to treat any bacterial infections and also decrease pain to the ear. Also, the drops help lower inner ear swelling and inflammation in a few days of use and some cases even without using any antibiotics. It also treats vaginal infections, as it also has antifungal properties. Therefore, when you apply a cream or an ointment that contains marigold probiotics and lactic acid to areas that are affected like the genitals. Try using it for at least four weeks and it will help decrease symptoms, itchiness, pain, dryness, and burning when urinating.  

5. It helps ease cramps and spasms 

Another benefit is that marigolds have antispasmodic actions. It helps with muscle spasms, stomach cramps, pains, and also with menstrual cramps. The way it helps reduce cramping is it improves the blood flow to the painful area, and also it helps lower inflammatory responses. To gain this benefit, consume the florets in tea. In this way, it helps improve liver pain, acid reflux, ulcers, and help ease digestion. Besides, those that apply it over the abdomen in an ointment form also benefit as it seeps in the muscles that are tense through the skin. 

6. Treats Conjunctivitis And Reduces Eye Inflammation

Research findings have shown that marigold extracts help in treating conjunctivitis and other eye inflammatory conditions. So, when you have eye issues using marigold extracts will be of great help as it has shown to have antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and immuno-stimulating properties. All these are effective in reducing eye infections. And at the same time, they help protect vision by guarding the delicate tissues of the eye from aging, oxidative damage, and also the effects of the UV light. Thus, people with various eye inflammatory conditions can benefit a lot from using products with marigold extracts. 

7. Reduces Hemorrhoid Pain 

Do you suffer from hemorrhoid pain often? Use marigold treatments as they help to boost tissue healing and also reduce swelling. Many people that use marigold treatments for hemorrhoid pain find it helpful when they apply it topically in the genital area to reduce the symptoms of the anal fissures. The effects of these treatments on bleeding wounds when you use it for at least a week helps to close the tissue wounds by up to 90%. Hence you can ask for these marigold treatments and reduce the hemorrhoid pain that you experience and also boost tissue healing. 

In conclusion, with the above health benefits of the marigold flower. Having it growing in your garden is not a bad idea after all as it is an edible flowering plant. As long as it is the right specie that you can have as a tea. In this way, you can get the immune-boosting benefits that help to manage sore throats and fevers as well. The calendula marigold is among the many that are preferred, and you can use it as drops, teas, ointments, and other forms that are available in the market.