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Best Uses for Amazon Garden Kneeling Pads

When you think of kneeling pads, your mind probably goes right to gardening. What most people think of as gardening kneeling mats are actually very helpful and versatile items that can help anybody’s day go quite a bit easier.

They are great for outdoor and gardening uses, but you might be surprised to realize how multifunctional these simple kneeling pads are. There are a variety of different kinds of kneeling pads out there, although most all have a similar general design. Here are a few helpful uses to know about:

What To Look For In A Good Kneeling Pad


Many kneeling pads are around the same size, although it’s worth a little measuring to make sure you’ll be comfortable. The kneeling pad should be big enough to allow you to comfortably do some maneuvering and it should have enough room for you to shuffle knee positions.

If you’re not a small person, or you need more room to move about, it’s a good idea to look into an extra large kneeling pad.


Kneeling pads come in a variety of materials such as foam, plastic, leather, rubber, or there are even kneeling benches constructed of metal. The materials will affect how comfortable it is, how durable it is, and even what it’s best used for.

Kneeling pads for working outside should have a protective layer to make the pad waterproof, as should kneeling pads used for bathing small children. The materials will also affect the weight of the pad, so ensure you’re comfortable with the weight if you’ll be moving it frequently.

Thickness and Cushioning

There are plenty of reasons to consider a cushioned kneeling pad, least of all the extra comfortable use you get out of one. That said, a cushy pad isn’t just good for making you feel better; cushioned kneeling pads are actually more durable, so you’ll get a longer lifespan with one of them.

Kneeling pads do come in a variety of different thicknesses when you start looking, and you can find both very thin and very thick mats. Most kneeling pads, however, should be at least an inch thick to provide ample cushioning and protection.


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Uses of a Good Kneeling Pad

Cleaning Kneeling Pad

Scrubbing floors and trying to clean in low areas can mean having a sore back or sore knees. By using a kneeling pad when you’re cleaning, you can save yourself the trouble of suffering from either.

A cushioned kneeling pad will make all the difference in your cleaning routine, and you’ll find yourself much less reluctant to get to it.

Fitness and Yoga Pad

The last thing anyone wants is to feel sore after a workout, especially when it isn’t even your muscles that are aching. Using a kneeling pad to cushion yourself when doing floor exercises can help you get through your set without stopping because of sore knees and joints.

Kneeling mats can also be used to support your knees when stretching or doing yoga poses that require pressure on your knees or elbows.

Automotive Kneeling Pad

Doing automotive work can feel like a contact sport, and it can leave your joints feeling exhausted and sore long before the work is through.

Kneeling pads are a helpful addition whether you’re a professional mechanic or a hobbyist. They keep you cushioned and off the hard concrete.

Garage Kneeling Pad

A big obstacle to doing garage work can be the stress on your joints when you’re working on the hard floor. The concrete certainly isn’t kind on knees, and kneepads can get uncomfortable.

Having a kneeling pad in the garage allows you to comfortably get to lower areas for maintenance, sorting through storage, or even doing a spring cleaning.

Gardener's Kneeling Pad Seat

There are the typical, flat gardening mats that most people think of immediately. But there are also kneeling pad seats or benches.

These are extremely helpful for people with joint issues, since you don't have to kneel, but can also sit down on the bench if needed.

This way, you’re able to reach and garden without dealing with sore knees or having to bend over. These gardeners kneeling pad seats can be used whether you’re weeding, planting anew, or gathering your garden harvest.

Outdoor Kneeling Pad

Outdoor work can be taxing on the joints. This is not only because there’s often a lot of lower areas to get to, but also because the ground tends to be uneven.

Worse yet, you’ll usually end up with at least a stick or stone in your knee at some point.

A kneeling pad provides vital cushioning so you won’t even feel the rough bits underneath. It helps level out the ground you’re on too.

Prayer Kneeling Pad

Kneeling when praying can agitate sore or stiff knees, and a kneeling pad comes in handy. The mat can easily be stored and set aside in a convenient spot until you’re ready to use it again.

For people with hardwood floors, the benefit (and relief on your knees) will be instantly recognizable. Kneeling pads will also make the carpet floors more even and comfortable during prayer.


Kneeling pads are a must-have in every household, and they truly can be used on a daily basis. Having a kneeling pad around is a boon for anyone that needs to do physical work down low, or needs to kneel rather than bend down.

As you can imagine, that describes the majority of people. So if you're getting sick of having sore knees from hard floors, or hate how sore your elbows get during floor core exercises, it's time to look into a kneeling pad.