Last modified on October 23rd, 2020 at 5:13 am

Top 7 Advantages of Folding E-Bikes

With rocketing sales, the foldable E-bike is the new cool. According to a survey, approximately 40% of bicycles in the Netherlands are e-bikes. Plus, the manufacturers are experiencing a boost in sales as more and more people are switching to these innovative everyday commute solutions!

The folding ebike refers to the fusion of foldable bicycles and E-bikes. It merges the benefits of both these types to create a super-useful automotive gadget. Now, people can ride effortlessly using portable and compact bikes.  

Although the increase in demand is a clear indication of its advantageous nature, some people are still skeptical regarding whether they should invest in these new bikes. Do you find yourself in a similar situation? Well, then, continue reading to unravel the advantages of folding E-bikes!

Augmented Portability

Perhaps, the most dominant advantage of a folding e-bike is the added portability that it provides. You can carry it anywhere, everywhere, anytime!

Say you’re leaving for a camping trip or going for a short tour to another city. You can fold it & carry it with you in the trunk of your car! You need not compromise on the seating space. Neither you need to spend extra money on renting a bike when you reach your destination. With a foldable e-bike, you save on both money and space.

Moreover, its foldable design brings portability to your daily commute as well. You can carry it in an easy-to-handle transport bag. Plus, the lightweight and slim profile of the e-bikes also make carrying it around easier.

Easy to Maintain 

When it comes to maintenance, the traditional bikes demand lubrication, bolt tightening, drivetrain check, and whatnot. At times, users dedicate an entire day to bike maintenance so that it remains in good condition. 

Comparatively, E-bikes require only charging. All you should do is link it to the charging port, and voila! Your E-bike is ready to use. Occasionally, you can wipe the surface and components using a dry cloth.

Skip the Jam  

Along with super easy maintenance and phenomenal portability, e-bikes also promise the satisfaction of your boss. How so? 

Well, when the cars line with one another, blocking each other’s way at 8 or 9 am, you can easily maneuver through narrow spaces between them. All thanks to their slim profile.

With foldable e-bikes, you’ll never have to stop or get late to work due to traffic jams. You’ll reach on time, and hence, always be on your boss’s good-book!

Uninterrupted Rides 

As the name recommends, the E-bikes rely on electrical energy for operation. They have stored energy that allows a specific travel distance. While many might consider it as a limiting factor, it is certainly not.

When the charging runs out midway, you can always benefit from manual power. Hence, you can commit to more rides and commute without interruptions. 

 No charging, start pedaling! 

Increased Security 

Perhaps, the greatest threat faced by E-bikes owners is theft. The bulky and expensive E-bikes require space for storage. And, often, users leave it docked in the parking lot or streets. Consequently, these are a potential target of thieves and burglars.

However, the folding E-bikes allow you to fold it, make it compact, and store it anywhere you desire. You can put it in a dedicated carrier or even place it beside your workspace. Hence, foldable E-bikes offer increased protection and security.   

No License Restrictions! 

Unlike other vehicles, the foldable E-bikes utilize both manual and electrical energy. Plus, you have the feasibility to fold and store it anytime. Thus, it does not get considered as a power-assistance vehicle. 

Instead, it gets classified amongst regular bicycles. And, as bicycles do not require an authorized permit to use, the foldable E-bikes do not require too. You do not have to possess a specific government-issued license for it. Any individual can use the foldable E-bike, regardless of age.   

Good Aftermarket Value 

Lastly, a foldable e-bike will be of use to you even when it’s no longer of use to you. And if you are wondering that’s supposed to mean, allow us to explain.

Folding e-bikes have a great aftermarket value. The annual depreciation rate of a new e-bike for every passing year over 5 or 7 years would be 1/5th or 1/7th of the original price, respectively. And this is quite a low depreciation rate as compared to that of a conventional bike.

Hence, even when you no longer need your e-bike, you can use it to make some extra cash or get back a good percentage of the original amount that you invested in it.