Last modified on November 23rd, 2020 at 7:20 am

The Top Five Renewable Energy Companies in the UK

We are at a point of no return. Our globalized civilization can no longer continue living unsustainably by burning fossil fuels to produce energy. There are all of the alternatives at our fingertips, and for many years people called them unsustainable. Now we are at a turning point. Renewable energy companies are becoming profitable not just because the market has shifted towards them, but for their commitment to eco-friendly standards and community.

There are many companies popping up all around the United Kingdom, but there are five that are becoming household names. Below are a few of these companies. Read on to see if you can benefit from switching to one of them.

Good Energy Group

The Good Energy Group has been around for a while. Since 1999 they have been tackling issues of unsustainable energy and climate change. According to the experts at the site MoneyPug, which is commonly used to switch energy suppliers. Now, they are moving into providing charging ports for electric vehicles and working with tech companies to come up with innovative solutions to large problems.

This port is called the One Point and they recently launched it in Cornwall. There are set to be overall a million electric cars on the roads in 2022, or three percent of road traffic, and to accommodate all of these new vehicles, charging ports are needed. The Good Energy Group has survived by tapping into the demand of the market. Also, they working to meet it in a sustainable way.


Octopus is another completely renewable-based company that invests in sustainable tech. They too are branching out into electric vehicles by devising a system where drivers can run their homes on their car’s energy during peak times. Called the Powerloop, this innovation is intended to relieve the national power grid.


Bulb is like the others in the way that their 100 percent renewable, but they have their own mechanisms that make them unique. Providing to homes and businesses, they offer a Refer a Friend discount of credit for you and a friend. They are also committed to social responsibility.

For every person who switches to Bulb, they donate two pounds to a charity project. The charity teaches inner-city kids how to grow their own healthy food while providing methods for them to implement the knowledge they learn.


Solarplicity is just that, solar energy. They don’t use anything else. The new company has been emphasizing community in their business model. For example, they offer a Community Energy Scheme for tenants, landlords, and homeowners.

Providing free solar panels and other incentives to underserved communities. Their small-scale projects are helping people who need it while providing a sustainable, profitable alternative to the standard energy methods.


Ecotricity is probably the most common green energy company in the UK. Starting in 1996, the company has provided energy to homes and businesses with 100 percent renewables and frack-free gas. Like the Good Energy Group, they have moved into making charging points for electric vehicles. They are competitors, but Ecotricity is ahead. You have probably seen their ports on the motorways. They are also selling green energy to homeowners, they have their eye on building a sustainable future. While the company invests in renewable infrastructure, they also build the UK’s first gas mill that is grass-fed.

These are the top five renewable energy companies in the UK, but they aren’t the only ones. There are many alternatives to these popular businesses that will likely get bigger as the options become plentiful and the need to transition to renewable energy becomes ever-present. We are already living unsustainably and cannot go on like this forever. The transition is inevitable, and these companies are trying to get in on the profit.

While it has been since an uphill climb to get into the renewable energy market, it is now seen as profitable. There is no way around it, we have to use green energy sources. When you combine the obviously smart thing with the morally right thing, you can get a company that has relative integrity. The only difference is that these companies are showing signs that they aren’t going away. Also, their socially conscious outlook can actually make them a lot of money.