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Environmental Conservation: 13 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

President-Elect Joe Biden whipped out his pen and signed the Paris Agreement within days of his inauguration, on 20 January 2021

This pact between nations demands commitment from world leaders to reduce carbon emissions to pre-industrial levels and end our dependence on fossil fuels by 2050.

Naturally, solar energy is a major player in this initiative. Are you wondering what all the hype’s about? 

Check out these facts about solar energy to help motivate you to join the fight against global warming.

1. Solar Energy Can Save Us From Extinction

There’s a reason behind this urgent need to reduce global warming. The Earth’s well-designed to deal with the normal carbon emissions that stem from life on its surface. 

In fact, the heat generated from these emissions bounces back to keep our planet snug in the icy depths of the universe. That’s usually great, except there were never meant to be so many carbon emissions.

This means the natural order of things is totally out of balance, resulting in freak weather incidents, unseasonal rain, excessive heat, and devastating drought. If we keep this up, plants will stop growing, animals will perish, and the human race will cease to exist. 

2. Solar Energy Is Clean

Solar energy doesn’t emit anything. The sun’s always beaten down on the Earth and is part of the natural order of things.

Even the manufacturing process involved in creating solar panels produces minimal carbon emissions when compared to the fossil-fuel industry. 

3. Solar Energy Saves Water

Burning coal, oil, and gas to generate electricity uses tons of water for cleaning machinery. Once it’s passed through these systems, it becomes polluted and unusable. 

Hydro-electric plants are a little more eco-friendly, but the huge dams built to generate this electricity disrupt water flow. They deprive habitats downstream of sustenance and displacing people, plants, and animals. 

4. Solar Energy Is ‘Forever’

Like fossil fuels, the sun won’t last forever, but it’s going to outlive mankind by billions of years. By the time the sun goes supernova and fizzles out, all life on Earth will be long gone. 

There is no way we could ever run out of solar energy in the lifetime of our planet. Fossil fuels will only last a few more decades, but if we don’t stop carbon emissions, we won’t get to see them run out either. 

5. Solar Energy Is Incredibly Powerful

Did you know that the energy we release from coal and oil is also solar energy? It’s just trapped in the fossilized remains of ancient plants.

It’s the process of getting this energy out of hiding that causes the problem, not the electricity itself. Solar panels simply cut out the middlemen in the process. 

One hour of energy from the sun is enough to meet the needs of the entire planet for a year and solar panels are a far better way to harness this amazing power. 

6. Solar Panels Don’t Need Direct Sunlight

One of the lesser-known facts about solar panels is that they still work on overcast days. Production might slow down, but they’ll still generate power.

The only time solar panels stop harvesting energy from the sun is at night. That’s why it’s important to create energy while the sun shines and store it in batteries for later use. 

7. Solar Panels Are Low Maintenance

Once you’ve installed solar panels on your roof, you can basically forget about them. You don’t need to switch them on and off or maintain them at all.

They keep doing their job without any interference from anybody. 

8. Solar Power Is Versatile 

Thanks to the dedication of those involved in solar initiatives, you can use solar power for anything. Apart from catering to all the energy needs of your home, you even get solar lighting for street poles and security lights. 

We can use solar to power our cars and, with a few modifications, even jet planes can run on solar energy. 

9. The Solar Energy Industry Is Taking Off

At the moment, jobs in the solar and wind turbine installation industries are among the fastest-growing careers worldwide. 

Most of these jobs require no degree and offer on-the-job training, so they’re suitable for anyone. As international efforts to stem global warming continue, we’re bound to see even more solar opportunities springing up. 

10. Solar Installations Are Getting Cheaper

As the industry expands, the equipment needed to install solar systems is becoming more plentiful. Now that these elements are more abundant, they’re getting cheaper.

Competition between supplies is driving prices downward too.  

11. Tax-Friendly Solar Energy Benefits

To prove their commitment to the cause, governments across the globe are offering fantastic incentives for homeowners and businesses who embrace solar. 

In some countries, you can get government-subsidized discounts on solar technology. In others, you enjoy huge tax benefits for installing solar. 

You can also feed your excess solar power into the grid and receive a credit on your utility bill if you’re still using some electricity from that source. 

12. More Cost Saving Facts About Solar Energy

Of course, one of the main benefits of solar energy is the enormous savings you’ll experience on your electricity bill. 

Some people opt for total independence from the grid, so they pay nothing for their energy at all. In this way, your solar power installation pays for itself within a few years. 

By keeping your business running during power outages, solar power also prevents you from losing money in these instances.  

13. Solar Powered Houses are Worth More

Due to the tremendous cost-saving and eco-friendly benefits of solar energy, everybody wants a solar-powered home. That means houses with solar panels sell quickly. 

Buyers are also happy to pay more for them because they know they’re going to save money down the line. 

We Envision a Brighter Future for All 

If we’re going to pull this off, we need all hands on deck. Can we count on you?

Learning the facts about solar energy is an important first step for you to get involved with this global initiative. The next is sharing these solar facts among family and friends.

If you need more reasons to protect our beautiful planet, or you’re looking for ways to get involved, browse our blog for inspiration.