Last modified on March 16th, 2020 at 9:38 am

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Airbnb Home Eco-Friendly

Airbnb rentals are becoming a more popular source of income for a lot of property owners out there. Not to mention that the market for affordable accommodations in a variety of locations is what is driving the success of Airbnb.

With that said, there are a lot of potential customers and potential property owners who are interested in its Airbnb rentals. In relation to this, modifying your vacation rental in a way that reflects sustainability will not only be good for business. It also reflects how much you care for the environment.

On that note, below are some easy and simple ways you can change up your Airbnb unit to make it more eco-friendly.

Use Sustainable Products

One of the simplest ways you can change up your Airbnb rental to make it more eco-friendly is simply by using more sustainable products.

If you have a lot of disposable items inside your Airbnb rental, then consider getting the biodegradable alternative to the product. That way, you are not contributing to the trash in the environment.

For example, instead of providing a disposable spoon and fork, have a set of utensils and cutleries in your kitchen instead.

Have a Recycling or Compost Bin

As much as you can, provide a recycling or compost bin in your unit. Label it clearly so that your guests will know that this is where they should ideally put in their food waste.

Also, for your recycling bins, it is best that you have different bins labeled depending on what is supposed to be thrown in there so that you are guests know which one is for which.

Another option is to encourage your respective homeowners’ association to have a recycling or composting facility in your area.

Use Eco-Friendly Lights

You might not know this, but the light fixtures that you are using in your house might be contributing to your home or your rental being energy inefficient.

If your rental is energy inefficient, it means that you are consuming a lot of energy unnecessarily, and at the same time, it is racking up your electric bills. Not only is this a waste in terms of your money, but it is also not a great way of using the earth’s resources.

On that note, you should definitely install eco-friendly light systems, particularly LEDs, instead of fluorescent lights.

Use Ecological Cleaning Products

According to Maid Sailors, leading maid service Airbnb provider, a great way you can be greener in your lifestyle is by using more ecological cleaning products.

There are plenty of commercial alternatives that are greener and safer for the environment as well as for the users.

If you have the time, then you might as well make homemade cleaning solutions that are able to clean all kinds of stains. There are plenty of recipes online that you can try.

Provide Canvas Shopping Bags

Although you can only control the things that you do yourself, it is also good to try and encourage others to make the change towards a greener lifestyle.

A simple way you can encourage your guests to be more eco-friendly is by providing a canvas shopping bag inside your rental where they could see it. That way, when they are going shopping, they do not have to get a plastic bag to come along with their new purchase.

You can use it as a giveaway, although you should encourage them not to keep it so that you can reuse it for other guests as well.

Rethink Disposable Containers

Another thing that you might be overlooking when it comes to the shift towards eco-friendliness is the containers that you are using. For example, you might be using a lot of disposable containers to store some items in your rental. Instead of using disposable containers, just use long-lasting containers that you can refill again and use in the future.

A simple change, but you will be glad to have made it because you are reducing the waste that you are generating overall.

Have Some Mindful Rules in Place

It is also a good idea to create signage in your Airbnb rental that can encourage your guests to be more eco-friendly. Get them not only rules but also the actionable way they can make that shift towards an eco-friendly vacation.

Everybody wants to be of help to the environment, but sometimes we just do not know where to begin. This is the reason why you should definitely consider encouraging your guests to make sustainable and greener practices as they stay in your Airbnb.

Make sure that you indicate that you are encouraging an eco-friendly stay in your Airbnb rental unit. That way, people come into the right mindset when they book your place.


Making your Airbnb listing eco-friendly is an extra step that you do not have to take. However, doing so can make you feel satisfied with the outcome.

If you are an environmentalist and advocate low-impact living, then changing your Airbnb rental to a sustainable accommodation is something that you should do.

Besides, some of these sustainable changes actually will help you save some money because they reduce the number of times you have to buy certain items. Additionally, it can be a unique branding strategy for your Airbnb rental unit.

Make this change soon, and you will be happy that you are contributing to the reduction of your carbon footprint in the world.