Last modified on January 21st, 2021 at 12:03 am

The Ultimate Guide To Winter Wellness For Your Dog

As winter is here, you may feel a tad lazier and less attentive towards everything, even your pooch’s health. The holidays may make things even tougher to handle as you get busy with the festivities and end up ignoring your pets. But your furry companion needs all the more warmth and care at this time of the year. The weather is as tough for dogs as it is for people. You may have to go the extra mile with its wellness routine to ensure that the animal stays happy and healthy during the holiday season. Here is the ultimate guide to winter wellness for your dog.

Be extra conscious about routine check-ups

While you may always stay on track with the check-ups of your pet throughout the year, winter is the time to be extra conscious about not missing the vet visits. More often, the regular health conditions get worse during these tough months. So you need to keep a close eye on the symptoms of existing and new health conditions of your dog. Taking a proactive approach with regular vet visits is a good idea as it will help you detect and prevent problems before they get worse.

Go the Extra Mile With Weight Management

Winter is all about indulgences, and pets too tend to gain weight at this time of the year, just like humans do. Your pet may gobble up more on treats and you may be a little complacent about keeping a check on its diet. Moreover, weight management gets a little more challenging as you may skip walks due to the rain and snow. It is vital to go the extra mile to curb weight gain in the dog because the animal may end up with health issues as it becomes overweight. Manage its diet and have an indoor exercise routine to keep a check on weight gain.

Understand Your Dog’s Needs

Even as you know the pet well enough, there are some unique breed-specific needs you need to understand. Don’t assume that your dog will not feel cold because it has thick fur. Breeds like golden doodle have nice fur, but they still need insulation when temperatures plummet outdoors. New dog owners, in particular, should do some research on their dog’s needs and ensure that the animal is comfortable in sub-zero weather. Arrange warm clothing and have extra layers for its bed to keep it cozy through the season.

Check The Paws

Pet paws are susceptible to injuries such as cracked paw pads or bleeding as they step out for daily walks during cold weather. Check your pet’s paws regularly to detect the signs of injury or damage. Dry its feet after each walk and remove ice and chemicals. Trimming the fur between the pads would help in preventing a buildup of ice. Alternatively, you can cover its feet with booties for extra safety.

Keep The Animal Hydrated

As the temperatures plummet, it is easy to believe that your pooch will not feel thirsty as usual. But good hydration is vital to keep it healthy in all seasons including freezing winters, so make sure that it drinks enough water even when it is cold. Even if the pet is outdoors, keep its water bowl filled with clean water. Also, make sure that it isn’t frozen.

Just a little extra care for your dog in the winter can go a long way in keeping it safe and healthy through the season. You can also save a fortune on treatment and complications by ensuring good health. Moreover, a healthy dog is a happy companion during the holidays.