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Are Dog Calming Supplements Effective in Treating Puppy Separation Anxiety?

Everyone loves playful and energetic puppies and dogs that can keep the household cheerful, but the problem starts if the dog is hyperactive and over-energetic, which makes it very difficult for pet owners to control them. A hyperactive dog can not only become uncontrollable; it might be a cause for injury, too, as the dog might hurt itself and even injure others. Their activities can damage household items and add to the misery of pet owners who already have a hard time trying to keep it under control. Puppies especially have endless energy that can be worrisome, and pet owners look for ways to control it with the help of some calming supplements that quietens the dog.

Keeping pets relaxed

The temperament of pets reflects the condition of their mental health and is an important factor that influences how well the pet adapts to the environment and lives up to the expectations of the owner. Every owner wants to keep pets relaxed so that it does not go on an over-drive that becomes hard to control. Calming treats help to cool down pets and keep them relaxed.  Whenever the dog starts showing high-energy behavior that could turn dangerous and disrupt the peace at home, you can treat it with calming treats several times a day, depending on the need. To know more about which calming treats could be good for your dog, look up at the online reviews at

Separation anxiety in dogs

Stress is one of the reasons that can turn dogs restless and hyperactive as it is unable to manage it.  Whether it is a puppy or dog, it can suffer from extreme stress arising from frustration during the time it stays away from its owner and must spend time alone. Only when the owner is back that the pet regains its level of comfort as the stress goes away. This phenomenon is known as Puppy Separation Anxiety. The level of anxiety may vary, but the feeling of being terrified results in the dog behaving in a destructive or disruptive manner, which can even turn aggressive.

Treating puppy separation anxiety

Sometimes dogs might face accidents in the house because of hormone problems or infections or some other health conditions. When you observe the signs of puppy separation anxiety in your dog, you must first talk to your veterinarian to exclude any medical problems.

If the dog experiences mild problems, then you can give it some treats like a puzzle toy stuffed with goodies like peanut butter when you leave and remove it when you are back at home. In addition, leaving some of your worn clothes for the dog to smell could make it stay calm by feeling your virtual existence. This would keep the dog relaxed until the time you are back.

Calming treats might or might not work depending on the circumstances and the duration of separation. But if the dog demonstrates serious signs of stress, the calming treats will just not work, and you must get it slowly used to get accustomed to your absence.