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Cave Beds for Cats you can Carry on a Trip

Cave Beds for Cats you can Carry on a Trip

Finally, your long-awaited trip is here!

However, you won’t be going alone. Your little, furry friend has pledged to be right beside you every step of the way.

But, we’ve got a little hitch, don’t we?

Your feline friend loves to sleep- well, a lot! Back at home, you’ve got a nice, basic cat bed that suits his needs. However, on this trip, you fear you might need something a little more enclosed- a bed that’s a lot more personal.

Hol’ up!

You probably need a…

Cat Cave Bed

Yes, it’s like what it sounds. A cat cave bed differs from a basic bed in various ways. Simply put, a basic cat bed is cushioned spot out while a cave cat bed is enclosed. While a standard cat bed would offer the basic need of the cat (sleep, you know!), a cave cat bed offers much more- a heightened sense of security while giving your feline friend the cushion he desires.

Yet, an obvious question rings: how do you pick a cat cave bed that’s one of the best cave beds for cats? What cat cave bed is the best?

Simple- read this article to the end, and you’d be as sure as professional!

Factors to consider when choosing a cat cave bed

A major factor to consider when choosing a cat cave bed is the material of the cat cave bed. 

Cat’s love wool. It’s a well-known fact that cats and their other feline friends have a strong attraction towards fuzzy materials, such as wool.

While cat cave beds come in materials such as cotton and other artificial materials, we believe that the best cave beds for cats are usually woolen.

Other factors to consider include:

· Size of bed

· Durability of the bed

· It’s affordability (of course!)

That said, here are our top 3 picks for cat cave beds:

Feltcave Felted Wool Cat Cave

Worried about what cat cave bed would be able to hold your 15-pound cat? Here it is.

Being made from 100% merino wool, it is the perfect hideout for your cat while still supplying the cozy feeling that keeps your feline friend warm.

As opposed to other products in the market, Feltcave felted wool cat cave bed is 100% handmade. Also, it comes in about 8 different colors. So, you don’t have to bother about the perfect combo for your house after your trip.

Added still, it goes for just $59.99!

Bow Meow Pet Cave

Ever imagined the existence of a 2-in-one bed- a bed that could serve both as a basic bed and a cat cave bed? Here you have it.

And this is why Bow Meow Pet Cave is one of our best cave beds for your cat. Because it is soft and very plush, it keeps your cute, feline friend warm and snug all day long. 

Don’t even break a sweat wondering how you’d wash this bed: the outside of the cave can be hand-washed, while the removable pillow can be sorted out by the washing machine.

 It’s also important to shop for the perfect cat harness before your trip. 

Twin Critters Anglerfish Cat Cave

Let’s loosen up and have a little more fun, shall we? This cat cave helps us do just that! It doesn’t get more fun than the Twin Critters Anglerfish Cat cave.

Its design says it all! And, that’s why it’s among our best.

If your cat is a playful one, you should check this out; you’d really love it!

In Conclusion

Just like every human, cats love to have their personal spaces and a great sleep time. A good cave bed can help you achieve this. Focus on understanding the intricacies of your cat, get a great cave bed that suits him, and your cat is on his way to having a fulfilling sleep life!