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Most Popular Psychiatric Service Animal Breeds

In the last centuries there appeared the idea of breeding dogs that may aid disabled people to handle their basic needs. Now even individuals suffering from mental health problems could get help and support from a purposely trained animal, namely a psychiatric service dog.

Do not confuse service animals with emotional support animals. Members of any dog breed could become emotional support dogs and console people in hard times. Psychiatric service dogs, otherwise, ought to be thoroughly selected among the most intelligent breeds and go through a special education process. They should be able not only to comfort owners but also to feel their mood changes and prevent dangerous behavior.

Great psychiatric service dogs are taught to perform specific tasks and to act properly during difficult situations. One of the most important factors that guarantee the success of the training process is a choice of a dog breed. So how exactly you can get a qualified furry assistant and what are the best psychiatric service dog breeds?

Getting and registration of a psychiatric service dog

If you already decided to take a service animal, keep in mind that you may train it on your own, but the process requires a huge amount of patience and energy. That is why people often find it easier to hire a handler or to take a qualified service dog from a specialized organization.

Whatever you have chosen, the next step is always the registration of your furry assistant. You actually do not have to legalize a dog that provides you with help and support. Even without a special certificate or a service dog jacket, basically, it still remains a skilled assistant dog. But what that statutory part gives you? Qualified and registered service dogs are allowed in public places and transport and even exempted from paying any extra fee, unlike usual pets.

Registration requires payment and a lot of paperwork, so it may seem difficult at first sight. The easiest way to get legal confirmation of your service dog’s status is to appeal to a specialized organization. You can learn more details about the process and its benefits and also register your psychiatric service dog on MyServiceAnimal registrar.

What are the most suitable breeds?

A great service dog should act in a sensible way and aid its holder all the time. It is especially true for psychiatric service dogs which have to always remain calm and attentive in order to save their owners from any harmful behavior. During the selection of appropriate candidates behavior, temperament and pedigree are the most significant aspects. That is why one may choose a dog of any kind.

But the thing is that in many cases a dog’s temper can be explained by its breed. Not all dogs can be educated and obedient enough, so it is recommended to choose certain dog breeds which are considered to be the best for this job. Hereinafter, you can learn about the most popular psychiatric service dog breeds and their main features.

Bigger dogs

  • Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrieverIf you ask about the perfect psychiatric service dogs, you will definitely hear that Labrador Retrievers are. It is a loving and cheerful breed that is quite easy to train. Physical abilities along with friendly and outgoing nature make Labrador Retrievers perfect service dogs. This breed is not fussy but requires an active lifestyle, so you need to walk with your dog regularly. Labrador Retrievers make excellent service dogs because they simultaneously become assistants and fiends for their handlers.

  • Border Collie

The dog kind initially created to help people with sheep herding is declared the most intelligent breed now. These amazing dogs go through service dog training without any problems. Full of strength and energy, they need both physical and mental stimulation during their education. Border Collies can be easily trained to perform tasks of any difficulty. These gentle dogs are especially good at feeling and preventing such unpleasant episodes, as panic attacks and the like.


  • German Shepherd

german shepherdThese large dogs are well known as great guard dogs and assistants in many life aspects. Unsurprisingly, this breed is a popular choice among the owners of psychiatric service dogs. Athletic and smart German Shepherds become wonderfully trained service dogs without trouble. They not only perform physical tasks but also apply complicated techniques, such as deep pressure therapy.


  • Golden Retriever

Golden retrieverThis kind of dogs was bred for hunting, so it is also a wonderful service dog breed. Its members are well-known for their calmness, intelligence, and ability to learn. Due to a strong body, they are able to provide people with both emotional and physical support. Golden Retrievers always have a strong willingness to satisfy their owners, so they could be very good service dogs.


  • Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dogThis breed stands out from others because of its physical abilities. They perfectly perform hard work and remain active for a long time. Though these animals are pretty susceptible to distractions, proper training makes them suitable for service dog work. Besides, Bernese Mountain dogs love their owners pretty much and always tend to satisfy and protect them. Members of this cheerful and strong breed can be really great service dogs.


Smaller dogs

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spanielThese small dogs were popular among European royal families for their tenderness and ability to bring relief. Long ago cavalier king charles spaniels were perceived as therapy dogs, so working with this breed you can get a really good psychiatric service dog. Though Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are not extraordinarily athletic, they are quite capable dogs and it may be considered a benefit.





  • Miniature Schnauzer

If you are looking for an even smaller dog, which is still perfect for being your therapy dog, you should definitely go for this breed. A huge dog lives in this tiny body, so Schnauzers are quite strong and active. Moreover, this tender animal is always willing to help and to become a really good service dog.

So what are the best service dogs?

If you decided to get a psychiatric service dog, you should think about which breed is better for you. There are plenty of suitable kinds, from huge Bernese Mountain dogs to tiny Schnauzers. These breeds differ in size and appearance but are united by a strong willingness to help. Of course, it is reasonable to look for your furry assistant among the best service dog breeds, but keep in mind that the best psychiatric service dog is the one you feel good with.