Last modified on March 13th, 2020 at 12:31 pm

7 Simple Things to Do to Be an Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

Interestingly, most pet parents barely recognize the importance of going eco-friendly while handling their pets. Nonetheless, there are simple ways to help such parents lessen harmful waste on the environment. Here are some 7 things you can do and become an eco-friendly pet parent.

1.                 Select Eco-Friendly Firms

While purchasing your pet items such as toys, beds, and foods, purchase them from firms that are committed to reducing their pet items’ environmental footprint. Before purchasing from a firm that specializes in selling pet products, research the company properly and ask its associates to describe the company’s manufacturing practices and environmental values. For instance, the ideal company should offer a recycling program to encourage clients to bring back their outdated pet toys for recycling into new toys.

2.                 Reduce Plastic Products

Undoubtedly the most popular dog care advice available online for going green is to reduce the use of plastic. Long-term disposal of plastic products can be detrimental to the environment. As such, reduce the use of plastic products on your pets. Opt for ceramic and steel bowls other than plastic bowls. Moreover, purchase toys that are designed from recycled or renewable materials. Refuse to use single-use plastic bags when buying pet products by carrying reusable bags.

3.                 Go Chemical-Free

Although keeping your pets clean, free of ticks and smelling good is a genuine priority, most pet shampoos, repellents, sprays, and conditioners are laden with harmful chemicals, all of which can ruin the environment and poison pets as well. Use citrus extracts and other eco-friendly alternatives for cleaning and grooming your pets. Serious pet parents can even opt for a home-made washing solution that is devoid of vinegar, castile soap and other cleaning agents that are loaded with harmful chemicals. The more pet parents embrace chemical-free products, the lesser their pets are exposed to potential dangers linked with such chemicals.

4.                 Donate Old Pet Items

Refrain from disposing of pet products such as leashes, toys, bowls, collars, and clothing. You should give such products a second life simply by having them donated to a pet rescue organization or a local pet center. Ensure the pet products you are purchasing are in good condition. For example, fix any holes in your pet sweaters or pet beds before donating them. Donating is an excellent idea of reducing clutter brought about by used pet products to ensure it doesn’t degrade the environment in the long-run.

5.                 Clean Up Using Eco-Friendly Bags

It is mandatory for pet owners to clean up after their dogs, no matter how unpleasant a chore it is. After all, pet waste can harbor diseases and further pollute waterways. But cleaning up after pets can reduce the impact of pet waste on the environment. The best way to carry out this unpleasant chore is by doing it in an environmentally friendly manner that won’t ruin the environment. For instance, use eco-friendly bags while you are picking up after your pets. Such bags are designed for fast composting. Eco-friendly bags made using natural plant materials are always the best.

6.                 Go Eco-Friendly When shopping

While some places have banned the use of plastic bags in pet stores and other retail stores that specialize in pet products, there are still lots of stores that are yet to be subjected to these laws. These stores continue to use loads of plastic bags at their checkouts. Desist from purchasing your products from such stores. Instead, shop at stores that use reusable bags for their packaging needs. Alternatively, purchase reusable bags that you can use for shopping your pet products in places where plastic bags are widely used.

7.                 Use pet potties

 While most pet parents can do so many things to go pet-friendly, they rarely think about the choice of potties they use for their pets. But potties can boost your efforts of being eco-friendly, only if the right potties are used. For instance, purchasing a pet-waste composter can enable you to go green while making it easier for you to dispose of your pets’ waste. It further enables pet owners to dispose of waste without exposing them to edible plants. For pets like cats, using biodegradable pet potties is an awesome idea for pet parents striving to become pet-friendly.

Final Thought

Becoming eco-friendly should be a goal every pet parent needs to thrive for. There are countless ways parents can go eco-friendly without compromising on their pet’s safety and health. As a pet parent, embrace the eco-friendly ideas by making little changes everyday while encouraging other pet parents to do the same.