Last modified on September 13th, 2022 at 12:01 pm

6 Cleaning Tasks to Make Your Home Clean and Ready for Fall

With the fall season just beginning, many people are preparing their minds, bodies, and homes for the new season. One of the most important steps in making your home feel ready for the fall is cleaning it, and looking over key features of your home to either ready them for the new season, or close them up before the season begins. To assist you on the journey ahead of you, here are six essential cleaning tasks to make your home clean and ready for fall in 2022:

1. Make a List Before You Begin

To optimize your cleaning plan, and to stay efficient as you execute it, you’ll need a detailed list. This list should lay out every task that you want to complete, how long it might be expected to take, and what materials you’ll need to complete the task successfully. With this list in hand, taking on this huge cleaning journey will feel much more manageable. Without a list, you’ll almost certainly end up repeating cleaning steps, forgetting important tools, and ballooning the amount of time it takes to fully clean your home for fall. For pesky urine stains on furniture or carpets, make sure you take care of the problem immediately to keep the rest of the cleaning process comfortable.

2. Cleaning and Storing Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture helps to make the summer months incredibly relaxing. Much of it will become less useful during the fall, however, and for people in particularly cold climates, you might not be using any of the outdoor furniture at all. Do an inventory of your current outdoor furniture, and do cleaning on every piece. Once you’ve done so, you can be sure that they will be ready to go into storage, or that they’ll feel extra refreshed for the outdoor relaxation that you’ll be enjoying during this fall season.

3. Your Gutters Need Attention

Cleaning your home’s gutters can be a pain, but nothing will ruin your fall like ceiling damage from avoidable water buildup. Since leaves will be clogging the gutters throughout the fall season, you will need to perform this task every few weeks or so to ensure your roof is prepared for the fall time weather. Be sure to practice safety tips when cleaning your gutters, however, as falling off a ladder is one of the most common cleaning-related injuries that Americans suffer every single year.

4. Closing Your Pool

Nobody wants to close their pool, but unless you have a heating system and an easy way to clean it in cold weather, it’s best to go ahead and close up before the fall weather hits in full force. Make sure you treat it properly, cover it up effectively, and drain the water in the pool to complete the closing effectively. Depending on what type of pool, this process could look wildly different. However, some people are fortunate enough to have pools that can stay open all year long. If this sounds amazing to you, maybe it’s time to invest in a pool that can keep you relaxed 24/7, 365.

5. Schedule a Home Inspection

Unfortunately, many people only get a home inspection done when they’re selling their property, or when they are required to by law. By doing more regular home inspections, you can catch potentially expensive, frustrating problems well before they get out of control. Make sure to find a home inspector that you trust, and let them do a full look over your property before fall gets into full swing. By doing so, you can more effectively prepare the house for the upcoming fall season. This process can help you protect the environment as well!

6. Get Your Fireplaces Prepared

Fireplaces are an often underused house feature during the summer, which means that by the time fall rolls around, they are likely covered in dirt, dust, grime, and ash. Cleaning them up, and ensuring they are safe to use in the coming fall months, will let you enjoy the indescribable joy of a warm fire in your home. Just make sure you always practice safe fireplace usage to keep yourself and your neighbors safe from fire! Doing so will help you avoid damage to your home as well, so never skip or overlook this important fall-preparation cleaning step.
Make this Fall One to Remember

By following these six directions, you’ll make your home feel perfectly prepared for the fall season ahead of you. 2022 promises to have a slightly warmer winter than normal, but these steps are still relevant. Especially if you’re living in a colder climate, you’ll want to complete these six important tasks before the cold air becomes overwhelming to deal with.