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Kids Wanting Adventures? Try Gas ATV Riding!

Parents may get in a muddle when it comes to choosing new activities for their loved ones. Especially you can’t get around it when the holidays are about to arrive. If your kids are into biking or scooting, why not level up – ATVing is grabbing headlines, hands down.

As such four-wheelers are of a wide range of designs and sizes, you will pick the best one for your kid with no probs. So why is an ATV so awesome to be considered?

The All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a paramount choice for children and teens. The reason is that the wheeler encourages kid’s motor skill development and teaches them to control driving techniques like steering and braking. In addition, it helps to improve spatial orientation skills as well as introduces kids to the marvelous world of off-road riding.

Guy riding an ATV

Determining the Major Types of a Four-Wheeler

Nowadays, there are two main types of all-terrain vehicles for children. The little adventurers (toddlers) will be obsessed with riding a battery-powered ATV. The ride-on toy is deemed as an extremely safe and ultimately joyful wheeler. Moreover, electric ATVs provide rather low speed and kid-friendly control features. At the same time, they perform solid stability on the hard terrain and grass.

For kids who are old enough and who already gained some riding experience, you may consider a fuel-powered ATV, which provides more extreme off-road driving. A gas-powered ATV for kids has a bigger size and weight capacity than an electric four-wheeler. In fact, such a vehicle requires more skills to get operated.

Kids Gas ATV to Consider

The fuel-powered ATVs for children require prior experience of ATV riding. This is to avoid the risk of panic, losing control, and crashing. The bigger wheelers also require decent protection – safety gear – as these all-terrain vehicles could reach a higher speed.

It goes without saying the off-road recreation is getting more and more popular among riders of all ages. Thus, a brand-new ATV is an outstanding choice for a child to plunge into a family vacation in the open air. Besides, kids gas-powered wheelers perform stability not only on hard surfaces and grass, but they could be flawlessly driven in the mud, sand, and rocky conditions.

Speaking of ATVs for the youth, they can be different in size and weight load features. Such wheelers have a similar design to adult four-wheelers, which is a plus. Gas ATVs for teens are powerful enough, so your child can have a blast with their peer riders.  

Gas-powered quads for children come with a smaller design and lower speed than other types of ATVs. The difference of four-wheelers lies at the size of the engine, which is commonly measured in cubic centimeters or CC. Hence, the engine capacity of a kid’s gas ATV is 50cc and higher, while an adult ATV can go to 700cc, and even 1000cc or more.

Gas-powered ATVs for kids usually have 50cc – 110cc designs, and four-wheelers that come with 110cc – 150cc engine capacity are grasped as youth ATVs. Children generally start gas ATVing at the age of 8 and older. But it’s up to you at what age it’s better to let your buddy drive a vehicle, of course. The main thing is that you and your kid should feel ready to conquer a new ride-on toy.

ATV Safety Tips for Kids

Before your kid hops on a seat, check this guide to rest assured your child is protected enough to ride a gas ATV.

  • Choose the quad which perfectly fits your kid’s age and weight. Modern manufacturers commonly provide their customers with such information on their websites and product descriptions. Make sure the wheeler is NOT too small or big for your child, and it’s durable enough to be driven for long.
  • Do NOT let your smaller kids drive a bigger vehicle. Use an age-appropriate wheeler for each child. ATVs for teens and adults can reach higher speeds, which younger children may not handle properly. Watch your child carefully to avoid severe injuries.
  • Do NOT let more than one rider operate a one-seated four-wheeler. It could be dangerous and lead to an accident. If you have two children who want to take up ATVing, there are two-seated models available on the market. Moreover, some states have strict regulations referred to the number of passengers driving an ATV
  • If your kid is too small to get wild on an ATV on their own, do NOT let them ride with no supervision. Furthermore, check your local regulations, as riding with no parent’s control in public places may be prohibited in some states. For instance, children are not allowed to drive on roads in Idaho.
  • Teach your kid to wear safety equipment every time they ride a four-wheeler. The riding gear may consist of a solid helmet with goggles, gloves, elbow and knee pads, and riding boots. In addition, it’s recommended to wear long sleeves and sleek pants (or leggings) to avoid the clothes getting stuck in a vehicle.
  • Do NOT let your children drive a wheeler at night. Lots of kids enjoy having fun with their friends after the daytime, but that wasn’t the case here. Gas ATVs are typically off-road, do NOT mess up with other vehicles on busy roads.
  • Additionally, you can take your kid to ATV riding courses. They will be acquainted with the main riding techniques and safety regulations.

ATV Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your ATV can be a nuisance. Parts where and tear while dirt and dust gather around your vehicle. Similar to a car, routine maintenance prevents most problems from arising. We have found regular washing as well as covering your ATV when not in use, prevents dust and dirt residue. I recommend getting a waterproof cover which will allow you to leave your vehicle outside if need be.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, a gas-powered ATV is a tremendous gift for children that will keep them in the spotlight for sure. You may find it difficult to distract your kids from the screen time, and ATVing is a great chance to change the game.

Having said that, you should also bear in mind crucial safety tips on how to drive a fuel-powered quad safely, so you won’t regret the purchase. Once your little rider learns to ride an ATV, they will definitely love this ride-on toy. The next step you may consider is to invest in gas wheelers for the whole family to run jaw-dropping ATV races!