Last modified on May 18th, 2023 at 8:21 am

6 Genius Packing Tips To Help You Travel Like A Pro

Everyone needs to travel every now and then and some people far more frequently than others which is why effective and sensible packing can be very useful indeed. Sensibly packing can mean less weight in your luggage, fewer fees for larger suitcases carrying items you can probably do without as well as less breakage of electronics in the luggage or other damage sustained during traveling. Here are a few genii packing tips to make your life easy and stress-free when it comes to getting on a flight or planning a trip.

1. Pack Smart, Say No To Excess

Most people can create outfits from a few statements, neutral pieces. For special occasions, usually, one or two extra items will suffice, such as a pair of heels, a party clutch, or a much-loved black dress. Pack a few pieces and style your looks for each day beforehand so you don’t have to overpack and can reuse multiple items like trousers, skirts, scarves, or coats. If you are going on holiday and aren’t expecting too many formal events, you can use comfortable, soft, and smooth fabrics like t-shirts or shorts or chiffon. Furthermore, fabrics like cotton twill or wool or linen travel nicer than most because they don’t need to be re-ironed when you reach your destination as silk or other types of cotton might. 

When preparing for any trip, one of the essential considerations is selecting the right luggage. That said, packing smart is up to also the type of luggage you are choosing. Opting for a piece of medium-sized hard luggage made of lightweight materials can help you avoid unnecessary weight, making your travel experience more convenient and effortless.

2. Pack According To Timetable

You’re very likely to have a timetable or schedule you are working off of when you travel. Use this schedule to determine how you place the items you are taking with you. The first set of clothes you’ll need upon arrival should be on the top, the shoes also in the top side pocket as well as toiletries, etc., where you can reach them easily to freshen up. When you’re packing roll shirts and trousers to prevent creasing and always try to separate different types of clothes with dry cleaner or plastic sheets to prevent the transfer of lint or simply the threads getting tugged during transit. This strategy will help you keep your clothes in good condition and keep everything accessible in your luggage.

3. Heavy Goes First

Ideal weight distribution is a concept to bear in mind when you are traveling. If the weight of all the items in your suitcase is unevenly distributed, you could find smaller items get damaged, or the suitcase may not stand up very well on its own and be in danger of toppling over. Place all the heavier items and electronic appliances like flat irons in the bottom and place lighter items like clothes and socks on top. If you’re traveling with a portable blender for all your yummy diet-conscious smoothies when you land, you may want to place it at the bottom, too (although it should have a protective case).

4. Dividing Into Cubes Is Very Handy

The concept of using packing cubes (that are easily available anywhere traveling supplies are sold or online) is very helpful. These cubes are basically separate small bags that carry a range of items being clearly labeled on the outside, or the cube may be see-through, to begin with. The cubes make packing very organized so that upon arrival to the destination, you can simply pick out the bags and unpack them effortlessly. Cubes also help curb over packing and stuffing the suitcase and help you categorize and prioritize the items worth taking.

5. Items To Keep On You

Many items are best kept in your handbag or carry-on bag or suitcase since they are more prone to spillage, may be more fragile, maybe needed at regular intervals or in emergencies, or might be very valuable and should not be risked in the main luggage. Keep medicines or a first aid kit in your handbag along with smaller items like jewelry in protective pouches or boxes. Furthermore, try to keep items like laptops and tablets in a backpack you are carrying or in the carry-on luggage. As far as liquids go, try to invest in small travel-size bottles (under 100mls) and also keep them in the carry-on as opposed to the main luggage to avoid spillage and damage to clothes, etc.

6. Plan Ahead

Always pack a smaller bag to keep souvenirs in or any shopping you will do from your destination. It is also a good idea to keep laundry bags in your luggage or separate plastic bags for towels if you believe you won’t be using laundry services where you are staying and don’t want to mix dirty clothes with clean ones.