Last modified on November 25th, 2020 at 1:28 am

How to Control Unwanted Nature in Your Home & Garden

As the spring turns into summer, you’re going to be using your backyard a lot more. There’s something extra special about getting to spend your days outside, enjoying alfresco dining, and finding relaxation in the nature around you. While you’ll cut the grass and weed the flowerbeds in preparation, will you be looking for pest control?

Why Do I need Pest Control?

Pest control works for more than just rodents and other vermin. Pest control can also look at an ant problem, earwigs, and snails. Pests that have a small annoyance rate, but usually aren’t classed as pests. If your lawn is being ruined by anthills, pest control can remove them for you, leaving you with a smooth, clear lawn for football practice or summer drinks.

Pest control will be able to tell you whether you need a single or a series of treatments. San Diego pest services recommended that you call in pest control four times a year – once in each season – to get the various life cycles of the pests that need removing.

What pests are in my garden?


Ant nests tend to come in three types: wood, soil, and opportunistic. Wood nesting ants, like carpenter ants, use dead wood – usually rotting – to nest in. Soil ants make ant hills and nests in soil. They are quite beneficial for the surrounding soil but can be unsightly on otherwise clear lawns. Opportunistic ants will make nests in anything that fits their needs.


Like ants, there are many species of wasp. Unlike bees, wasps don’t die after stinging, and they can go on to sting again and again. Wasps are attracted to human foods and will invade your barbecue when they smell food cooking. Swatting wasps will just annoy them and encourage them to sting more. If you kill one wasp, their dying bodies emit a pheromone that attracts others.

Their nests can hold around 1000-10,000 wasps. Wasp nests need to be professionally removed to prevent injury and stings to the householder.


The constant vision of cockroaches is the German roach. A brown, almost beetle-like insect. Roaches are associated with dirt and disease.

Roaches live in sewers and visit houses to feed. They will feed on starches and sugars and will quite happily visit your kitchen to eat crumbs on surfaces and tunnel through paper bags to get at the food inside. While visiting, the roaches will walk on anything – bringing in any germs and diseases they’ve picked up in the sewer.

Roaches breed extremely fast, so a couple of roaches can turn into an infestation pretty quickly. Pest control needs to be brought in as soon as you see signs of roaches.


Black widow, Brown widow, a brown recluse – all dangerous spiders. Spiders can hide in the dark corners of your home, shed, and yard. Pest control can take care of these eight-legged pests swiftly and safely to prevent bites and injuries to you and your guests.

To Conclude

Spring is probably the best time to call in your pest control company. They can begin treating your home and yard to make sure that you’re as clear and safe as you can be ready for the summer and barbecue season. Spending time in nature is highly recommended not only for our physical health but for our mental health, too. Don’t deprive yourself and your family of enjoying the blue skies and green grass, simply because a couple of unwanted guests have moved into your backyard! What’s more, there are many natural ways to prevent pests from returning, so make sure you look these up, too.