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Going Lake Camping in Autumn: Top Ten Tips

The fall season can be a great time for camping. The weather is cool, there are less bugs, the changing leaves are beautiful, and the air is fresh and crisp. While many people enjoy camping during the summer, you may want to consider an autumn camping trip as a weekend adventure.

If you’re looking for a great campsite location, consider camping out by the lake. Lakes offer many great outdoor pastimes, including water activities and countless hiking trails. You can enjoy the lake views and go exploring through the woods. Camping by the lake can also bring great health benefits for you while having fun on your vacation.

But before you head out to the campsite, you need to get prepared. Ideally, you should create a camping checklist to ensure that you are completely ready for your trip. Make sure you pack  all the camping necessities and don’t forget about your shelter.

A tent is a great traditional option for camping, however they can be heavy and difficult to set up. This is a real set back if you’re planning on doing some wilderness backpacking. That’s where a camping hammock can be a really great option. Camping hammocks are lightweight, comfortable and easy to set up. They come in a variety of sizes and can be great for sleeping in, or simply as a fun activity during the day.

What to Bring on Your Lake Camping Trip During Autumn


One of the most important things you will need for your autumn camping trip is your shelter. If you aren’t renting a cabin at your campsite or camping in a motorhome or trailer, you’ll need a tent. In addition to your tent, you’ll need a good ground cover to keep your tent dry and clean. You’ll need sleeping pads or air mattresses for comfort.


In addition to your sleeping mats, you’ll need blankets and sleeping bags to stay warm at night. During the autumn months, nights are usually quite a bit colder than the day, so a good rule of thumb is to bring a sleeping bag that can tolerate colder temperatures than you expect to encounter.

A sleeping bag that can handle 0 to 30 degrees is usually suitable for a fall camping trip, but don’t forget to bring extras in case you need to double up. You’ll also want to bring along a good wool or down blanket to keep you warm on the extra cold nights.


If you’re tent camping, you’ll need a way to keep your sleeping area nice and dry. By using a plastic tarp under your tent, you can prevent moisture on the ground from seeping in. You may also want to consider purchasing a tent with a rain fly in case it rains. Nothing is worse than having everything soaked through during a rainstorm.


In many regions, fall weather can be extremely unpredictable and temperamental. The best way to prepare is by packing clothing that can be layered.

You’ll want to start with a good base layer that is lightweight and breathable, and preferably made from moisture-wicking material. Next, you’ll want some mid-layers to keep you warm on chillier days, including fleeces and sweatshirts. Finally, be sure to pack some outer-layer jackets that are breathable and waterproof to keep you protected from the elements.


Before heading out to the campsite, make sure your feet are well-prepared. A good pair of tennis shoes is adequate for the days you spend around the campsite. You’ll also want to make sure you have a good pair of sturdy, weatherproof boots to keep your feet warm and dry in a storm.

Be sure to pack an extra pair of shoes. That way, you’ll be prepared in case one pair gets wet or muddy.


Every camper should always have a first aid kit. Having a well-stocked first aid kit is absolutely vital. Ideally, your first aid kit should be stocked to treat any minor emergencies that occur while camping, and it should be well-organized and labeled so it is easy to use.


Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you’re limited to hot dogs and campground foods. If you look online, you’ll find many great recipes for meals you can make at a campsite on a portable grill. Using tin foil to make delicious “hobo pies” is a great idea to add some variety and customization to your dinners while you’re camping.

outdoor supplies

You’ll also want to make sure you have some good outdoor staples, including sunscreen and bug spray. While the temperature should be cooling down during the fall and there shouldn’t be as many bugs around, it’s still smart to be prepared just in case. No one wants to leave a camping trip with a sunburn and bug bites!

hiking supplies

It’s also not a bad idea to bring some hiking supplies with you on your trip. Even if you’re not much of a hiker, fall is a beautiful time to hike. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler and there are fewer mosquitoes and bugs. Lakes also aren’t extremely difficult areas to hike so any member of the family can take on the trail.

Equip yourself with some hiking boots, a high-capacity water bottle and some non-perishable snacks to take out on the trail. Make a day out of it and enjoy all the beautiful autumn sights.


Whether you plan on hiking or not, you’ll probably need a good backpack on your camping trip. A backpack will help you keep extra layers, your sunscreen and bug spray, and any other necessary items available and easy to reach. You may also want to consider finding a backpack that has a rain cover in case you experience foul weather.


One of the best ways to experience an autumn camping trip is to use a hammock for sleeping.  You can dispense with the bulky, heavy tent and all its trappings for a lightweight hammock.  This is an especially great option if you are doing shorter trips, or want to be able to have more flexibility in your campsite.  With a tent, once you have set it up, it can be time consuming to move to another location.



Size is important when it comes to picking out a camping hammock. The size of your hammock is going to impact your comfort. Hammocks typically come in two different sizes: single capacity and double capacity. However, you should understand that there is no standard for single and double sizes, so different brands often vary on their sizes.

Because of this, you should make sure to check the hammocks dimensions. Think about your own height and the height of your partner, if you have one. You should also consider choosing a double hammock if you prefer more security while hanging by yourself.


Camping hammocks come with a variety of different features. Which features you choose largely depends on what exactly you want in a hammock. Some hammocks come with sleeping pads, or you can use your sleeping bag.  If you like to lay out during the summer, consider a mosquito net to protect you from pesky summer bugs.


Probably one of the most important factors that is giong to determine which camping hammock you purchase is where and when you like to hang it. If you like hanging on a summer day in a park or at the beach, consider getting a hammock that is more breathable and comfortable.

However, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty hammock to take out into the woods, you’ll want something a little more durable and lightweight. You’ll most likely need a hammock that is a little smaller and easy to carry while backpacking through the woods.

Also think about things like rain shields, mosquito nets and insulation. If you’re an all-season camper, these add-ons aren’t bad to have.


Ultimately, quality is going to be important for a number of reasons. First of all, you’re going to be more comfortable in a higher-quality hammock. You’ll be able to get the features you want and the materials that are going to keep you comfortably.

But beyond that, a high-quality hammock is going to be far less likely to malfunction.


You still need to find a hammock that fits into your budget.  Keep in mind, though, that hammocks really don’t cost much.  You should be able to find a hammock that will keep you comfortable for a reasonable price.

Benefits of a Camping Hammock

Camping with a hammock has a multitude of benefits. Overall, hammock camping is much easier and offers the camper a lot more freedom in camping location and traveling ability.

First of all, you’ll be able to set up your hammock wherever there are two trees. That means that you don’t have to worry about finding a flat surface to pitch a tent. The possibilities are endless.

Another great benefit of hammocks is that they are very lightweight and much easier to carry around than a tent. If you do a lot of hiking, you probably know how difficult it can be to carry around a heavy tent on your back. With a hammock, you won’t have to worry about it.

Finally, hammocks are going to get you much closer to nature. If your goal is to sleep out in the open and feel immersed in the world around you, a hammock is going to get you there.


Everest Active Gear makes some really great hammocks designed for the camper who wants to relax in nature.

Everest Active Gear makes some really great hammocks designed for the camper who wants to relax in nature. This hammock is extremely heavy-duty with ultra-durrable non-rip nylon. The super strong tree-saver straps are hefty and are capable of supporting up to 400lbs, so you can even enjoy the hammock with a partner.

Everest Active Gear makes some really great hammocks designed for the camper who wants to relax in nature. This hammock is extremely heavy-duty with ultra-durable non-rip nylon. The super strong tree-saver straps are hefty and are capable of supporting up to 400lbs, so you can even enjoy the hammock with a partner.

For how heavy duty and durable the hammock is, it is actually extremely lightweight, with the entire package only weighing 2lbs. In addition, Everest hammocks leave very little impact on the environment, making them perfect for the environmentally-conscious camper.


  • Holds up well to weather
  • Great longevity and resistant to heavy use
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Heavy duty and durable yet its lightweight at the same time

This hammock from Everest has all the same features of the other Everest hammock with the addition of a mosquito net.

This hammock from Everest has all the same features of the other Everest hammock with the addition of a mosquito net. Its Diamond weave Nylon is resistant to rips, making it durable and great for long-term use. It also has a handy pouch to put your phone, keys and other belongings in.

The mosquito net is a great addition to the hammock because it can be used during the summer months when bug bites prevent time spent outdoors. The netting is heavy-duty so it won’t tear easily, and creates a closed-in, bug-free space without being claustrophobic.


  • Ultra-durable mosquito netting
  • Large size with heavy duty netting
  • Comfortable and not trapped feeling


If you’re planning an Autumn camping trip out by the lake, you’ll need to take a lot of steps to prepare. Make sure that you have packed appropriately and that you’ve done your research before heading out to the campsite. Layered clothing, warm sleeping bags, bug spray and waterproof boots are all great ideas for a fall camping trip.

If you’re looking for a comfortable outdoor pastime on your camping trip, consider investing in a camping hammock. There are many great affordable options out there, and they really aren’t too expensive. Camping hammocks are lightweight, easy to set up, and will get you that connected-to-nature feeling you crave on your fall camping trip.