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Greenspace for your Mental Health: The Benefits of Travelling in Singapore

When you travel to Asia, it is often surprising to see people who are undisturbed about the environment. From grocery stores offering you separate plastic bags for every item you buy to the beaches ending up covered in the trash after every party – the list goes on, and people are careless. Singapore, however, has been committed to ecology and offers many environmentally friendly initiatives.

It is a worthy idea to pick a faithful travel destination – not only caring for the country but also its people. Our world needs travelers who are sustainable and help lessen the carbon footprint on the planet. Green travel begins with choosing a decently correct travel destination – and Singapore has a lot to say and offer.

Passion made Possible

One of the most remarkable assets of a mighty nation is Singapore’s commitment to nature. Its incessant attempts to become the City in a Garden, a high-tech balance of verdant paradise and multiethnic urban living, has made its way as the best-performing country in Asia on the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). Making the most of its melting vessel of cultures, Singapore is finally getting some triumph and spark, as it rapidly becomes one of Asia’s hit-list destinations.

From enormous vertical gardens to splendid architecture and world-class rooftop bars, let’s find out how great to engage yourself in everything this city has to offer.

The City in a Garden

More like living ecosystems than commercial and corporate centers, the concrete jungles that once ruled the city’s skyline gradually give a home to green skyscrapers. Zealously working towards its City in a Garden vision, Singapore is investing money to become more sustainable and, well, green. When you travel in this city, head out of town for a while, and you’ll undoubtedly find sufficient walking trails, wildlife galore, and treetop jungle bridges.

For all nature lovers out there, here’s a guide to Singapore’s eco-destinations:

Tampines Eco Green

If serenity and peace are what your mind desires, this spot is the destination to be. No vehicles, not even bicycles, are permitted around the place. Tailored specifically for those with a love of rural atmosphere and slow-living, this park is reasonably tiny compared to a lot of other destinations as it gets the most out of its area with magnificent bushes that houses various ecosystems and a host of species.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Being a UNESCO World Heritage, the 74-hectare botanic paradise is one of the city’s most stunning attractions. This destination is home to the National Orchid Garden and an exceptional cover of dense primeval rainforest that homes to over 300 species of vegetation. Aside from these spots, other exciting places include the Ginger Garden, Learning Forest, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, and Swan Lake.

Gardens by the Bay

Popular as the “green lung” of the city, this 21st-century botanic garden is a 101-hectare wonderland of space-age biodomes, modern supertrees, and whimsical sculptures. Being home to a wide selection of species from all across the world, this dream destination will leave you stunned with its scale and scope.

Health Benefits from Small Nature Spaces

Modern life demands constant emphasis and focuses on tasks, and the energy people use to accomplish those demands can lead to mental overkill, carrying on irritability and failure to function well. With these routines that make us very busy, there is an essential need for intentional time-outs to be careful. The rewards of traveling are not a one-time thing – it changes the people physically, as well as psychologically. From getting rid of stress to cutting down the chances of developing illnesses, the health advantages of traveling are huge.

Enhanced Mood and Outlook

When walking in green space versus being in commercial areas, one can have better brain activity and lower frustration, which resembles meditation. Reflective walking in greeneries has been the most effective way of cumulative happiness. Studies by environmental psychologists show that being happy expands how a person thinks about and acts in the daily flow of life, generating positive psychological and mental resources.

Stress Reduction

Left unsettled, enduring stress can cultivate immune system issues. The involvement of nature is one remedy to stress, wherein the body’s affirmative reaction is bizarrely fast. Studies show that visual experience to the environment – in the form of grass, flowers, and trees – excellently moderates stress.

Healthier Mental Functioning

Based on the Attention Restoration Theory, exposure to nearby nature contributes to better mental health while cultivating one’s capacity to be productive. It also helps reinstate the mind from mental fatigue, as natural sceneries provide breathing space from the highly intensive attention needed for most tasks in the fast-paced world we are living.

Improved Creativity

Greeneries offer sensory contributions that can nurture ideation and restore mental health. A study of creative professionals shows that nature exposure enhances creativity by inducing new ways of thinking and promoting curiosity. Nature recharge supports creativity, as the reinstated mind becomes better at developing and analyzing ideas.


Thanks to its commitment to biodiversity and green space, Singapore is quickly becoming one of Asia’s hit-list destinations for practical, health-conscious and nature-lover travelers. These are some of the things you can find out on Tourist Secrets.

Far from being an insensitive concrete sprawl, the city-state is lavish with city parks, tropical botanical gardens, nature reserves, and sustainable biodiversity – in which green space has equal importance to high-rise commercial centers, and tourism has the same significance to traveler’s health. Travel changes people. It triggers growth and growth leads to a happier, healthier life – this is the genuine science of how travel makes our world a much better place.