Last modified on March 18th, 2020 at 4:33 am

How to be Ethical and Eco-friendly when Shopping for an Engagement Ring

How can you identify an ecofriendly engagement ring? An engagement is a sign of lifelong commitment to your partner. Therefore, you need a ring which is ethical and eco-friendly in nature. Many couples are becoming very conscious today when shopping for an eco-friendly and ethical engagement ring.

The following are facts that you need to adhere to when shopping for an eco-friendly and ethical engagement ring.

1.What if you go for a Lab-grown diamond?

Lab-grown diamond rings are man-made diamond or synthetic diamond rings. It is created by crystallizing carbon into a brilliant diamond. A lab-grown diamond ring is identical to mined diamond both physically and chemically.

When you buy a synthetic diamond for an engagement ring, you will be sure about the source of the diamond. Why? Synthetic diamond is conflict-free and eco-friendly.

Mining a mineral like diamond usually distorts the environment unlike lab-grown diamond which prevents sourcing diamonds from mines. Moissanite is a lab-processed diamond which is a good alternative to a mined diamond.

2. Source your ring from an Eco-friendly Company

A little research won’t hurt when you inquire about your ring’s source of raw material. Get to know more about your company source of diamond and metals. Does the company obtain their diamond from conflict-free countries? You also need to ensure the miners use low impact mining method to reduce wastes which is dangerous to the miners and the environment. The mining companies need to ensure that mining practices, human rights, labor rights, and products are eco-friendly and conflict-free.

3. Antique

For the socially conscious couple, a vintage engagement ring is a great choice. When buying a vintage ring you are guaranteed that it is ecofriendly and has no effect to the environment because vintage rings are recycled. Are you thinking of proposing to your partner? Visit the nearest vintage shop or dealer and look for an amazing ring that will create a fabulous impression to your partner. A vintage ring has a historic significance and a story from a different era in time which is romantic.

4. Get an Eco-friendly metal or stone

Many metals like gold, platinum and diamond produce large waste materials during their mining process. These wastes are hazardous to the miners, people living near the mines, and the environment at large. Don’t buy rings made from these metals; choose those from metals or materials which have low impact on the environment and the community living around the mining sites. Some companies use bones or fossils to make unique rings this is ethical and eco-friendly! 

5. You can buy a recyclable engagement ring

Recyclable rings are the best option for couples who don’t like buying new rings. For you to buy a new ring; there is a need to mine metals so that rings can be manufactured. Therefore a recyclable ring is a better option for couples who need new rings frequently. Recycling used rings curbs negative impact on the environment.

Once a ring has been recycled, the metal and stone are usually redefined and polished back into pure element. Additionally, it maintains the same high quality as newly mined metals. Your partner will be happy with the quality of the ring is superb after it has been refined.

6. Purchase a Handmade engagement ring

A designed handmade engagement ring is unique and attractive. Once you understand your partner’s style, you can measure your ring size and dedicate your time to create a handmade engagement ring. You may source the services of a jeweler to make this ring. However, you need to source for ethically recycled metals and stone as materials that will be used to make the ring.

7. Source for Engagement rings that observe Labor protection rights

You need to buy an engagement ring made from countries that have environmental and labor protection rights like Canada and Us. You can also have an option of getting the ring from the paid artisan in safe working conditions. For example, diamond from Canada mines is traced from mining to the whole process of polishing the ring. Although the ring may be costly, you are sure it is an ethical engagement ring.

Final note

New couples need to make the right decision when choosing your engagement ring to help other people. Eco-friendly and ethical rings cause little harm to the environment. Do not buy from sources that do not protect child labors, have unsafe working conditions and those that uphold environmental sustainability, fair wages, and human rights.