Last modified on March 12th, 2022 at 10:18 am

3 Eco-Friendly Accessories for Your Electric Golf Cart

Technology has provided a platform for upgrading many different parts of the golf cart. Some more than others have been in the right direction towards a cleaner vehicle that’s better for the environment. 

As their popularity and legality as a viable SMV grows across the states in both rural areas and major cities, electric golf carts have a bright future not only for consumers but the environment as well.

Electric Charging vs Older Gas Models

Unlike the older versions, this one has provision for charging through the port, and you only need a power source to bring it to life. Furthermore golf cart batteries are evolving and becoming more efficient which means longer battery life and lower costs. Another benefit of electric golf carts vs gas is that electric are much quieter which is a plus in neighborhood settings or when someone is out on the course.

No matter how you use your electric cart, adding extra accessories or customizing it is bound to come up. With Green in mind, here are 3 golf cart accessories or add-ons.

Install A Solar Panel At The Roof

Under normal circumstances, you can only ride on your electric golf cart when the battery has some power in it. However, when time lapses, you will have to halt your activities and wait till it recharges. It can be challenging if you are in a location where you cannot access power. The best solution for this issue is to get a solar panel fitted at the top of the cart. 

That sounds crazy but it’s possible! It is built with specifications to suit your cart and will always charge the battery whenever the sun comes out. You will have an easy time going about your activities with peace of mind knowing you can get to most destinations. It is cost-effective since you do not have to worry as well about increasing energy bills. The panel will take care of your cart while you focus on essential things.

Recycle Old Parts and Batteries

This one isn’t so much about what you can buy for your electric cart as it is about what you can do as an owner to be more eco friendly. 

Batteries are one of the worst things for the environment when not probably disposed of. When you throw away your battery into the trash that goes to a landfill and the harmful acid makes its way directly into the soil. That’s why we recommend following the protocol for how to recycle batteries. 

More Efficient Golf Cart Battery

The battery of an electric golf cart can last up to almost ten years, depending on how you handle it. Technology is also advancing which means more efficient batteries such as Lithium Batteries vs the more traditional lead acid based. If you want to prolong this life span, you can ensure that you only charge it whenever the cart is not operational. Secondly, check on the leveling of water and adjust if necessary within a period not exceeding one month. The batteries, in this case, come from different suppliers, but once it becomes useless, how do you get rid of it? 

Any modern golf cart owner needs to know the advantages of electric golf carts over a gas golf cart. It is more important than ever to take care of the environment through simple and affordable methods.