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How To Make Living In An Apartment With A Dog Possible

Living in an apartment with a dog. That’s a dream—but one you can make possible. 

Dogs are man’s best friend. Although that privilege may seem reserved for the wealthy, as only they can afford a big house, it’s not true.

Living in an apartment with a dog is possible—even if it is a small one.

Here are some tips and tricks to help make living in an apartment with a dog possible.

Tips And Tricks For Living In An Apartment With A Dog

When it comes to our four-legged family, we are quite curious. There are many questions, and even the most experienced dog parent may not know the answers to every one of them. 

Some questions like “Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?” have direct answers, while you may need a little more guidance with others like how to have a dog in an apartment. 

Whether you are thinking of raising a puppy in an apartment or have a full-grown dog, we have some tips to make it possible.

1. Talk To Your Landlord

When looking for an apartment, talk to your landlord or the real estate agent about whether dogs are allowed. Also, if you are already living in an apartment and are considering adopting a dog, have a chat with your landlord.

Every apartment has a different set of regulations. While some are completely opposed to the idea of having these lovely creatures in the vicinity, others are not that unreasonable. 

However, some may still exercise control over the breed and size that you can keep and may also ask for monthly rent or some sort of pet deposit.

2. Choose The Right Breed

Some breeds can be labeled apartment dogs, while others not so much. Apartment-friendly dogs adjust well to apartment life and are content and happy. They do not resort to negative behaviors like chewing and barking when confined to small spaces. 

Did you know Milliee, the Chihuahua, holds the Guinness World record for being the smallest dog ever?

So, if you have a particular breed in mind, look up the internet for reliable sources that will help you make the right decision. 

3. Keep Peace With Neighbors

You need to remember the fact that many people will be sharing common spaces. If your pooch has an accident on its way out, make sure to clean it. 

Also, living in apartments means you are just one wall away from your neighbor. If your dog is a barker, your neighbor is not going to appreciate it. Look for breeds that are quiet and do not bark much. 

Dogs may bark excessively when they are alarmed, anxious, want something, or just want attention. 

However, if you already have a noisy one at hand, visit your vet for behavioral training.

4. Meet Your Dog’s Exercise Needs

It’s a myth that high-energy dogs can’t adapt to apartment life. As long as you meet your dog’s daily exercise needs, you will have a sweet-tempered pet, irrespective of its size. 

This must have made you wonder, how often should you take your dog out if you live in an apartment? The answer is that it really depends on the breed. If your dog has high exercise needs, walk him twice daily, or at least make it a routine to walk it once every day. Plan occasional trips to dog parks, hikes, and more to keep your dog happy. 

If you have a very busy life and cannot afford to take your dog for a walk, opt for breeds that have low exercise needs. 

5. Desensitize Your Pup

Dogs can be very sensitive and can react to people and strange noises. This can lead to excessive barking and the destruction of property. Your dog needs to adjust to its new environment as soon as possible for its own well-being.

Allow it to interact with people and give it some time to get used to the new surroundings. You can also take it to obedience classes if the issue takes too long to resolve.

6. Make Training A Priority

Training is extremely important, even when you have a big house. It helps define the rules and establish a hierarchy. An untrained dog is a nuisance, is difficult to control, and can develop a bad temperament. Because of this, maintaining a dog can become very difficult.

If you are wondering how to maintain a dog in an apartment, start training it as soon as it walks through the door. Be consistent in your training, and if you find any difficulties, you can always consult a professional. 

7. Provide Enough Mental Stimulation 

Living in an apartment with a dog is not that difficult; you just need to fulfill all its essential needs. While many may ignore mental stimulation, it is extremely important, especially when your pooch is alone. 

Will my dog adjust to an apartment? Yes, as long as you provide enough mental and physical activity.

Employ puzzle feeding to keep your pooch curious and searching for treats. 

A bored dog without proper mental stimulation will become destructive and disobedient. 

8. Hire A Dog Walker Or Daycare

Life with a dog in an apartment goes smoothly as long as your dog gets to regularly stretch its legs and enjoy the outside air. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to do so, ask a friend or neighbor to help or enlist the help of a daycare service.

9. Visit The Vet Regularly 

Once you have read all about pets for small apartments and raising a puppy in an apartment, you are prepared for apartment living with a dog. However, you need to make frequent visits to the vet. This is because living in an enclosed space greatly increases the risk of disease. Also, your vet can help you diagnose any behavioral issues that may arise if your pooch is not able to adapt to apartment living. 


Owning a pooch is a big responsibility, and when you live in an apartment, the requirements increase. However, it must not deter you from having a life-long companion. Look for a pet-friendly apartment and employ these tips to have a sweet and beautiful journey with your four-legged roommate.