Last modified on July 20th, 2020 at 3:22 am

8 Tips To Take Care Of Your Pets During The Lockdown

Because of the global pandemic of COVID-19, all of us are forced to stay inside to accentuate the flattening of the curve. So, is expected from our furry friends. To be honest, as much as self-isolation and the lockdown is difficult for you, it is equally difficult for your pets. This sudden and abrupt change in their routine means no more visits from the outside guests, and no more long walks in the garden. It can make them bored, stressed, and gloomy. So, here, we have come up with some tips that will help you take better care of your pets during the lockdown.

We understand that getting locked is not easy for you or your pets. But you should know that for them it is more stressful than you can imagine. So apply these tips, and give them the happiness they deserve.  

Give Your Pets A Safe Environment 

As a pet parent, the first thing that you need to do is have a safe spot in your home, dedicated to your pets. You might not know, but your pets enjoy their me-time too. It could be a quiet corner, a small room, a wooden crate, or that little space under the desk. Fill that space with some of their toys. You’ll notice that whenever your pet is tired and needs to be on his own, he will go to this safe place. Natasha, a pet-parent, who offers online services of assignment help Melbourne, says that there’s this quiet corner in her bedroom where her dog, Murphy usually sits, so she has put all his things there to make him feel comfortable. Make sure that the corner is neither too hot nor too cold.  

Ensure That They Are Getting The Requisite Amount Of Sleep

Usually, pets, especially cats and dogs, have a habit of sleeping during the day while the families are at work or the kids are napping. Now, when you are always around them, they are always stimulated. This hampers their routine, and they do not get the sleep that they are used to. It is normal for an adult cat and a dog to sleep for 14 hours a day. The kittens and the puppies need more sleep than that. So, make sure that the quiet place that you have dedicated to them is away from all the noise, and your cell-phone doesn’t wake them from their slumber.

Try To Keep Them Guarded Indoors

Another essential tip that you need to take care of is to ensure that you do not take your pet out during this pandemic for more than what is necessary. If you have an attached garden or a terrace, take them for a walk there. In case you do not have this, you can take them out for a short walk near your home. Do wear a mask and gloves while you go out. Sonya, an expert of finance homework help services, says that in this time, whenever she takes her pet out for a walk, she washes thoroughly before touching her pet without the gloves. It is also a good idea to wash your pet’s hands and legs after coming back home. Also, do not ever take them for a walk on a busier road where there will be runners, walkers, or cyclists.  

Workout With Them

Though you cannot give them long walks outside, it does not mean that they have to be inactive and cooped up. Usually, an inactive pet is more prone to anxiety and depression. Raina, a homework help expert who works with a platform where you can buy research paper onlinesays that she loves playing the go-fetch game with her dog to keep him active. You can also have him climb the stairs and run around the indoor garden.

They Need Mental Stimulation Too

Just like physical activity is important, mental activity also is needed for your pets. It is an essential care tip because it gives your pet something to do while they are locked in the home. You can teach your pet a new trick or play some mind games with them. James, an online reviewer, who did a TFTH Review recently, says that he usually hides the toys and the food of his dog, and asks him to sniff and find it. You can also put some food on their toys, so they get occupied in opening up the toys before eating the food.

Take Care Of Their Hygiene

Pet hygiene is important. Thus, it is important to increase the frequency of your pet’s bath, especially at this time. Now. that it is summer, bathing them every alternative day or every day is what you should seek for. Also, adopt few disinfection practices, too, every time you go out and come back home.

Keep Them Groomed

Grooming your pets is important, more so now. Though the grooming services and the pet salons might not be open in this time, there are a lot of things that can be done at home. For instance, you can trim their hair and cut their nails at home. Be very careful when using scissors or any other grooming equipment to ensure that you do not end up hurting them. Eva, an expert offering the best Django course online, says that she just gave her pet a nice haircut after watching a YouTube tutorial. You can do the same if you please.

Reduce The Food Intake By At Least 10%

Given that the amount of exercise and physical activity is reduced, you should also feed them fewer calories. Adopt a low-fat diet or cut down their portion size. Elina, an expert online reviewer, who wrote a TAE Reviewsays that since she is home all the time, she is often tempted to give her pet frequent treats, until one day when she realized that her baby has started putting on weight. Well, weight is not good for pets. It slows them down and makes them unhealthy. So, either keep them physically active or reduce their meal portions.