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Top 10 Ways To Make Vans Non Slip

From skateboarding to snowboarding to surfing – Vans shoes are awesome footwear that provides what urban adventure seekers need.

Because of the versatility of these popular shoes, they have found their way into the workplace, for people looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wear during a long shift. 

Now that they’ve made it into the mainstream, there’s one feature that almost every workplace will require. Many require you to wear “non-slip shoes” when working, especially on floors that can be greasy or slippery.

But this is the common question: are vans non-slip?

The answer is yes! On the company website, Vans refers to some of their shoes as “Slip Resistant”.

But, we think there are a few more ways to make them even more sticky to prevent you from falling.

That’s why we have gathered all the ways to how to make vans non-slip

Let’s get right into it and see what we have for you here. We haven’t missed out on a single detail, so undoubtedly, you are going to love today’s discovery. 

How To Make No-Slip Vans Even Better!  Here are 10 Innovative Ways:

Apparently, Vans shoes are already slip-proof. But if you are not satisfied with how they come straight from the factory, there are a few modifications that you can make to improve traction on slippery surfaces. 

#1: Attachable Non-slip Soles

Adding non-slip soles to your Vans shoes can be a lifesaver. You can buy these at a reasonable price, and you are all set to go. All you have to do is to attach the extra sole on top of the existing sole of your shoe and watch the magic! 

#2: Slip-resistant Traction Spray-on Coating

Spray-on coatings also save a lot from slipping off of the ground. You can simply buy a spray coating to add some traction to the shoe sole and to protect yourself from falling. These are very easy to use; just spray it on the shoe sole when you go out and repeat the same procedure every time you use the shoe. 

#3: Puff Paint

It may sound childish, but this hack works incredibly well. Just paint acrylic craft paint under the sole. The paint will expand and puff up when it dries. Therefore the paint will resist any sort of slip-off by adding traction to the soles. 

#4: Scuff The Soles

This is another easy way to follow on the go. Rub the shoe sole on a rough surface like cement. After a few scuffs, the sloppiness of the sole will reduce, and you will have no more slipping issues. 

#5: Sandpaper

If you don’t want to scuff the shoes, you can take the help of sandpapers. Sandpapers are well-known to make any surface rough. And as rough as your van sole will become, the more unlikely it will be to slip off. To get the roughness, rub the sandpaper over your van’s sole. After a few rubs, you will notice the difference. 

#6: Rubber Glue And Salt

Take some PVC glue and mix that with salt. The mixture helps to create traction against any surface. All you have to do is just take a brush and coat your shoe sole with the mixture. After it dries off, you will get a complete slip-resistant van shoe. 

#7: Masking Tape

Here is another hack that you must try on the go. Take some masking tape and simply put those over your shoe sole. Make sure to keep the tapes on the inner sides so that these do not become visible from the sides. For a quick solution, this hack works magically. 

#8: Use Hairspray

If you don’t have access to traction-creating sprays at the moment, you can rely on your hairspray. Hairspray roughens up surfaces and helps you get better traction. Just spray plenty of hairspray on the sole of your vans, and it will work to get a slip-resistant sole. However, it is not a permanent solution to stick to. 

#9: Using A Nail File

If you don’t have sandpaper, a nail file will help you. In the same way that we have suggested using sandpaper, you can do that using a nail file as well. Take the nail file and scrub it on the shoe sole. It will create a texture and better traction. 

#10: Wear It More 

After a few wears, shoes automatically tend to gather more traction. So if the van is new, it might feel a little bit slippery. But if you wear it more, from time to time, it will be more slip-resistant. 

Are Vans Comfortable To Work In?

Vans shoes are mainly used for skateboarding – and it’s unlikely that you will spend a full 8 hours skateboarding like you would a full day at work.

If you want to consider Vans shoes for work shoes, it might not be such a great idea because these are not overly comfortable for many users to wear for a long period of time unless you add extra insoles. 

Can I Run In Vans?

No, Vans are not suitable for running. Vans do not support much support or structure for running. Consider running shoes if you need to run. 

DIY tricks to the rescue

Your trouble is solved now as you know how to make vans non-slip. From quick DIY hacks to permanent solutions, we have shared every possible way we know of to make Vans shoes non-slip. Now it’s your job to decide on which one you will rely on to make the best out of your Vans.

And Remember – With many new shoes, they may take some time before they are worn in enough to provide solid traction.